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David Wells.

Byline: David Wells

Do you want to finish early today or would you prefer to finish on high note? You can say no to something that seems a little too much effort what with it being a Friday and all, or you can see the gifts behind the offer.

By running a few things past your mates you get a better idea of where you want to go next, but remember any decision has to be yours to make. If you're a single Taurus this weekend is a great one to change that status.

A weekend for DIY, oh how we laughed, come on Gemini you're better off getting someone else in to do it and go and do what you do best which is flit about seeing mates and having fun. If you can pull that off, well done you.

You may get caught up in an argument this weekend, one that really has no right or wrong and therefore no resolution or to put it another way it's a matter of one person's opinion over another's. State your view then leave it.

You're not as hectic as you have been, in fact this is your first full weekend without Mars in your sign so maybe you should take advantage and play the sleepy lion for a bit? Slow it down Leo, it helps you take stock.

Mrs. Moon is in your sign for a couple of days and as she wanders through she will be suggesting some home time but that doesn't mean home alone time. Have mates round for something to eat, a catch up does you good.

A twinkle in someone's eye tells you they are more interested than sticking around than taking the last bus home but are you so up for it? If not say so before the penultimate bus, decide if it's all change or all the way.

You're caught between a rock and dancing the night away as your peers make you an offer you don't want to refuse but it's fish for tea and if you're not home in time it will be in the cat. And? Make up your own mind Scorps.

How many times have you thought about changing jobs or moving up the corporate ladder only to be stopped, it must have built a 'why bother' button into your psyche? Things are different, get bothered and now.

You may not be able to change someone's mind but you can change your attitude towards them. That alone could have a huge impact today as they see they aren't center of attention anymore; and change their plans!

We're all concerned about stuff and that hasn't changed for centuries, there will always be something but in a multi-media world they seem like bigger problems. Switch it off Aquarius, deal with things closer to home.

Someone has mistaken you for someone who cares if they win or lose when all you want to do is your best and to accept what others do as theirs. A race isn't a race if one of you isn't running. Let them puff up and puff out.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 18, 2011
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