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David Wells.

Byline: David Wells

You appear to be restless Aries, not sure of what to do next perhaps and when an Aries is restless they get spiky. Be sure not to get so spiky that those around you keep their distance, you need their advice more than ever.

Being outspoken isn't a problem for you, you can let those who need to know know exactly what you're thinking when you have to. But sometimes it's about keeping schtum until the timing is right; give it until tomorrow.

A good day to do some investigating, to look closer at what's going on and how you can improve the situation with your finances being top of the list, but if you feel there are other things not running the way you would like... ? Mates appear to be a little restless, so what's going on? Maybe they have something to tell you that's making them nervous or maybe they are just the nervous type? Bake a cake, invite them round and put them at ease.

You're warming things up on the love and front and the warmer you make them the more someone seems to be sweating, attractive. Maybe you're rushing things a little Leo, perhaps it would be better to cool things? It's a good thing to spend some time with old friends or even an ex, listening to stories of the good old times will remind you of not only how far you have come but just why the good old days aren't really relevant any more.

You appear to be facing a challenge Libra, someone wants to know what your intentions are and just how you intend to make some of your decisions work in practical terms. Practical term? How we laughed! Seriously.

Being born under your sign brings an intensity that others don't share, it means sideways comments and observations you make can play on your mind for days; if you let them. Alternatively you could use another skill and front up? It seems you have more than your fair share of annoyances at the moment Sagittarius, delays at work and in your romantic life coupled with some money pressures. And? No magic fix, but fix it you can and fast. Quick smart.

It's a bit like groundhog-day for you at the moment and no matter what you try to do it seems some situations are on a loop. Don't worry Capricorn things are set to bump out of this repeating situation and very, very soon.

Those close to you might commenting on just how wound up you appear, not that it's them winding you up it's just stuff, you know stuff, it's what you say when people ask what's wrong. Could you more specific? Paying attention at work is a given isn't it? So, are you present or is your mind wandering when it should be getting on with the task in hand? Focus, it's nearly the weekend but before that business needs taking care of.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2011
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