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David Wells.

This may be your last chance to get something off your chest and nobody is talking those stray grey hairs. You're not usually slow to speak up so it must be something that you know will be challenging? Take this opportunity.

Family secrets aren't all confined to that embarrassing moment with Uncle Bob and the orange, sometimes they can be good things that just haven't surfaced yet? Or maybe it's all Uncle Bob? Either way; a day for an outing.

What you want isn't in line with what's expected of you Gem but expected by whom? It seems it's a question of loyalty for you at the moment, loyalty to your own desires or the hopes of others. So who wins? A lucky day for you Cancer and it's linked with who you know rather than what. Surprising events need to be cashed in on and if you're too shy you will loose out. Shy bairns don't eat; in other words front and get your share.

You're the big brave sort Leo, able to deal with things other people would shy away from and a healthy self-image helps with all of that. There's no but, no sarcastic comment just a reminded that you can deal. So deal.

With your ruling planet Mercury in your sign things are getting easier but here's a heads up; he is reversing from tomorrow. You're still in poll position but you will have to take today's advantages to put yourself further ahead.

It's insulting to be told you can't do something when you're clearly more than capable but how do you let someone know without treading on their toes. You can't; so tread away and if they don't like it they can fox trot off.

You're about to enter a period when your ruling planets, yes you have two, are going to get head to head. For now think about what or who needs to move faster for you to meet your goals. No goals? Get some quickly.

You appear to have some choices to make, choices at work would be the busiest place but no matter where they are don't let them be ruled by old habits. Break out of a cycle and set up some new routines for yourself Sagittarius.

A helping hand at work will gain you ten times in return and all you have to do is go out of your way to do a little extra, not in your usual routine but someone will be grateful and it won't go unnoticed. Be generous with your time.

You may think you're in control of a situation but is that the truth? Maybe you're fighting for control, which isn't actually the same thing but what if you were to just let go and let things sort themselves out? Just saying Aquarius.

By the end of this week your ruler Neptune leaves your sign, he's back early 2012, so what sort of send off are you planning? Resolving any confusion in a one-on-one would be a good idea? A heart to head chat is in order.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2011
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