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David Wells.

Take a look at what you have, what you want and what has to happen to bridge the gap. It's a day for fresh starts and for you Aries that's all about money, health and respect for your point of view. Have, want, fill the gap.

A new Moon in your sign is your once a year Birthday gift, it can keep on giving for a very long time to come and all you need to do to take advantage of it Taurus is to be honest about what you want. Show your self.

You could withdraw, keep your feelings secret, but would that get you anywhere? Actually, today it might be just what you need but you must use time to consider recent events and what they have really been telling you? Being protective over your friends is a good thing but are you being so protective they are hiding under your shell rather than you just being supportive? Maybe you're being a little too protective? Let go but stay close.

You're reading a situation better than yesterday and as a result those that matter are noticing you more. A new Moon offers recognition for a job well done and you don't have to try too hard at all, but if you did? Bob on.

Breaking away from routines, getting out and about and making the most of your lunch break if that's all you can manage. Get away Virgo, leave some space between day to day stuff and you, a day to be inspired.

An intense day for you Libra, a day when you might want to find a face pack and a good book but you know you have to sit down and sort out a few things with your other half, bank manager or maybe your boss; cash discussions.

We all have to put things into perspective and we often turn to those close to us for help with that, but what happens if you need some perspective on the one you turn to for help? They are still number one, be honest.

Daily routines need sorting out, whether it's who looks after the kids or what time the bus runs the detail of your life is under scrutiny today. It may be dreary but once sorted you can get back to more interesting things. Promise.

You won't be able to hide how you feel about someone today, that new Moon is going to make sure of it. If this is about a new romance it will clearly do you some favours, if it's about someone who bores you? Even more so.

When you're giving into the pressure of others you're not a happy bunny Aquarius and that's probably clearer when you're dealing with family than at any other time. Smile, a day to grin and bear it and make changes tomorrow.

Having a gut feeling about things is to be encouraged, I am the first to cheer someone on if they feel something is right for them, but I always counsel checking facts before making any leaps of faith. Check your facts Pisces.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 3, 2011
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