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David Copperfield.

SOTY '04 Danny Way is off visiting the Great Wall of China, seeing how he can jump over it. Then, Way and Backlip bandmates Dustin Bath, Nathan James, Trevor Christ and Renee-Renee are off to Australia for a tour. The Backlip CD is now done and there is said to be a whole new wheel deal coming that also involves Hosoi and others.

Glamour, drama and trauma were all evident at the Hollywood premiere of Getting Nowhere Faster. The woman-oriented event was presented by Element in association with 411 and Villa Villa Cola. Cara Beth Burnside, Amy Caron, Jen O'Brien, and Vanessa Torres all skate well in the aforementioned vehicle. Some other peculiar episodes in Getting will arouse both interest and suspicion. Are these wardrobe malfunctions or what? These female skate crews are subjected to misfortunes like being chased by giant talking dolls and having skatepark ghosts stalk them. Perhaps acting awards are in the offing. Skate surrealism meets beats in the best glare send-up since Muska debuted Paris Hilton.

Has the Animal Chin director's cut morphed into another larger, more universal Stacy Peralta video project?

Mofo has retired from flogging cock rings and puss pulls in quick order to passionately pursue publishing his heroically hybridized skate-culture-business gazette Hardtrade. He's been working with a broad brace of notables and seems to be marshalling a diverse information dispensing force. Maybe you could expect Bryce Kanights, John Lucero, Billy Runaway, Welinder, Keith David Hamm, and a couple of Transworld-plants to be in on the genesis of this offense generating mechanism. Mo has also served as narrator on the Scarred for Life Duane Peters video project, which was scripted by Hamm.

In a return to the age of spectacle, expect to see Tony Hawk and the Boom Boom Huck Jam cast tricking live at the Super Bowl. Following this tune up gig, the Birdman, Kevin Robinson, Jesse Fritch and Lincoln Ueda will perform in Orlando at the Universal Studios theme park. Hawk, in demonstration of solidarity with the common folk, was recently seen in Rome hanging with Gwen Stefani, the Cure's Robert Smith, Andre 3000 and Eminem.


"If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time."--Mofo

"Progression is the challenge that drives me."--Danny Way

"I've flatlined, I've been counted out in a coma, and I've been tortured by Pesto. So dying in a horrific car accident Down Under doesn't present any fear."--Jake Phelps

"Let's see ... Bon Scott's grave, the Outback and Jake driving down the highway to hell. I knew enough not to get into the car."--Luke Ogden

"It takes somebody who's not afraid to fall down a lot."--Andy Mac

"We train like we live, only harder."--Chenzo

"I think it's amazing, but I don't know how those dudes don't get hurt."--Christian Hosoi on modern street skating

"To him, when it's a tie it's like he won."--TV

"I've skated Iraq twice."--Dane Phelps
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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