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David's drill kit.

If I leave home without my Ryobi 90-piece drill bit set, I'm in big trouble. I build and install cabinets for a living, and I never know what I'll run into when I get to the job site. This kit has nearly everything I need, from oddball driver bits, stop collars, a set of hole saws, masonry bits, brad point bits and on and on ... I say "nearly" because I have had to tuck a few extra items into it, like a bit extender, a set of pilot countersink bits and some Vix bits, so I end up with a 97-piece set instead of a 90-piece set: I'd say Ryobi pretty much hit it on the head when putting this set together. The pieces are good quality (no junk), and you save a ton of money buying the kit vs. buying a small set of this and then a small set of that. I bought mine for $30 at The Home Depot.



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Title Annotation:STUFF we love; Ryobi 90-piece drill bit set
Author:Radtke, David
Publication:The Family Handyman
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Date:Mar 1, 2012
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