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Dave Reister.

REISTER'S UP IN CANVAS? Finally! He asked me about it two years ago and I flaked. Never got to it, felt bad about it, but now the time has come. Reister's stuff is gritty, the kind of stuff you'd expect from a guy who skates. He's not a pretentious pinky drinking sensitive guy artist; instead, you're liable to see him last man standing. Nobody calls him Dave to the best of my knowledge (maybe his parents?), and it seems as though his years in Flagstaff, AZ--where they call hippies "goats" because of their herdlike behavior and goatees and snowbrucers are everywhere in their $500 outfits drinking lattes--have enabled Reister to cut through the bullshit.
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Title Annotation:CANVAS
Author:Lundry, Wez
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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