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Dave Bautista Had A Swear Jar On 'My Spy' Set For Co-Star Chloe Coleman.

Las Vegas- After hearing his unmistakable laugh in "Guardians of the Galaxy," STXfilms chairman Adam Fogelson said he knew he wanted to work with actor Dave Bautista. The two did just that with the upcoming family action-comedy "My Spy," which was previewed on Tuesday at the studio's CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas.

In the feature, set to debut later this year, Bautista co-stars alongside Chloe Coleman of "Big Little Lies" fame as an unsuspecting duo. The first trailer shows Bautista's JJ, a dismissed CIA operative, being found out by Coleman's 9-year-old Sophie. The two go on to form an unlikely bond as he teaches her everything he knows about secret intelligence.

Fogelson compared the film to that of 2007's "The Game Plan" with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Kindergarten Cop."

On stage, Fogelson revealed Coleman had a swear jar on set for her co-stars. While Coleman said she raised $155 during production, Bautista claimed to have given much more to her cause. "I gave you like $200 bucks myself," he said.

And, after encouraging Bautista to curse during the presentation, Fogelson even helped Coleman add another few extra dollars to her fund.

On stage, Bautista revealed his dislike for the idea that filmmakers should never work with animals and children and revealed that as a producer, he helped hire Coleman for the project. "I love kids and I love animals," he said. "It doesn't get any better than that."

STXfilms revealed the studio has more projects in the works with Bautista which will be announced shortly.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Apr 3, 2019
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