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Davao records 54% compliance rate on COA recommendations.

The City Government has only complied with 19 out of 35 recommendations of the Commission on Audit (COA), according to its latest annual audit report for calendar year 2017.

According to the agency, only 54% of the recommendations were implemented, while 16 out of the 35 were only partially implemented.

One recommendation remained partially implemented from the 2014 audit, while another had been instructed by the audit agency as early as 2013.

The COA noted that the city had complied with the following audit recommendations for 2017:

- That the city accountant follow-up the supporting documents from the Department of Interior and Local Government so that transactions be recorded in the books and reflect the correct balances of cash and related accounts in the financial statements;

- That the city disclose in the Notes to the financial statements all funds received as donations since they are regarded as public funds rightfully under the controllership of the city government of Davao;

- That the city ensure that all cash advances are liquidated on the prescribed period, as well as update the audit team of the action taken as regards the liquidation of cash advances of the City Tourism Operation Office (CTOO) earlier called out in the 2016 audit;

- That the accounting office and the City Mayor's Office coordinate with non-government offices to immediately liquidate transferred funds, with threat of penalties for delays;

- That the city physically count properties and materials semi-annually and submit the report of supplies and materials issued to the General Services Office for proper consolidation and submission;

- That concerned officials strictly adhere to advertising and posting requirements of bidding documents and disbursements;

- That officials post warranty securities;

- That the city ensure the use of programs, activities, and projects under local disaster funds;

- That the city and the Department of Agriculture submit pertinent documents and reports showing that bottom-up-budgeting projects started 10 working days upon the receipt of the fund;

- That the city seek permission to continue agriculture projects beyond the agreed period;

- That the city adhere to the MOA approved by the city council;

- That the city expedite implementation of BUB projects;

- That the city enjoin the avoidance of unnecessary expenses under BUB projects;

- That the city treasurer advise the local school board about the actual status of funds available for projects;

- That the city accountant present in the special education fund utilization report a reconciliation of actual receipts versus budget;

- That the city uphold the law on the special education fund;

- That the city discontinue the charging of honoraria of alternative learning system teachers under the special education fund;

- That the Local School Board submit an explanation on the alleged payment of unnecessary double compensations.

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Publication:Mindanao Times (Mindanao, Philippines)
Date:Jun 28, 2018
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