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Daughter Sindh.

Byline: M KHAN SHAHANI-Karachi

Umme Rubab Chandio, a 21-year old was born in Mehar (Dadu district). She is a law student, a social human rights activist, a fighter for justice and a public speaker who has earned the title of 'Daughter of Sindh'.

Chandio started her fight against Sindhi feudal lords when she was 18 years old after the murder of her uncle and grandfather.

Presently, she only has one aim in life: to bring justice to her family to get the murderers by hanged.

She managed to gain not only the public's attention but also has become a source of hope, courage and motivation for other oppressed people to raise their voices against the cruelties of feudal lords.

She is fighting against her strongest enemies without any social power. Our country is not comfort zone for lower and middle class people.

It is a country of lords and upper class. In Dadu, this painful accident (murder) took place some three years back, on 17th January 2018. The dispute broke out in between 3 leaders of Chandio family.

Umme Rubab Chandio has been seen coming in courts barefoot for the last 3 years for justice but Alas! No justice has been served. She is a brave daughter of Sindh, fearlessly fighting and undergoing woes against her enemies.

Life has been a bed of thorns for this innocent girl. May justice prevail. The limit of sorrows is lesser than happiness. Insha'Allah one day she will succeed.

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Author:M KHAN SHAHANI-Karachi
Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 6, 2021
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