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Datebook: September 2008.

2008 Risk Management and Finance Summit for Nonprofits

September 7-9, Minneapolis

The year's summit will draw nonprofit leaders and professional advisors (such as lawyers, CPAs and insurance professionals) to discuss all aspects of industry nonprofit governance, management and leadership-including risk management, fundraising risks, governance, organizational planning and evaluation, and human resource management.

Contact: 202.785.3891

Association for Operations Management International Conference & Expo

September 14-16, Kansas City, MO

This year's event offers a primer to operations professionals looking for solutions to global supply chain, sustainable operations, forecasting and demand management.

Contact: 301.694.5243

Anderson Kill & Olick's 11th Annual Policyholder Advisor Conference

September 18, New York

This annual event covers major developments affecting the insurance loss environment, including the subprime crisis.

Contact: 212.278.1400

National Disaster Summit

September 18, Philadelphia

The one-day National Disaster Summit (which takes place in a different state every month) focuses on business continuity plans, business risk analysis, implementing disaster plans and emergency response among other issues in disaster preparedness.

Contact: 310.377.0862

Directors and Officers Liability and Insurance

September 18-19, Seattle

This two-day workshop will help risk professionals obtain a more in-depth knowledge of D&O coverage, claims, and loss mitigation. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the complexities of D&O coverage and learn how to reduce the risks of claims. Credit for the RIMS Fellow designation will be given.

Contact: 212.655.6035

Advanced Forum on Cyber Risk Insurance

September 18-19, Philadelphia

The second Annual Advanced Forum on Cyber Risk Insurance will cover underwriting, claims and coverage strategies for managing privacy/security, data and network risk and liability. The conference will present information on limiting liability for third party acts or omissions, asserting the true costs of a data breach, understanding how cyber risk pricing and products are changing, and properly identifying, assessing and underwriting risk.

Contact: 888.224.2480

Workers Compensation Management

September 22-23, Dallas

This workshop focuses on managing workers compensation exposures and claims administration principles. Today's techniques for managing risks will be discussed, ranging from managed care concepts to an aggressive return-to-work program analysis. Administration assistance through vendors will be examined, and attendees will receive checklists to aide the selection of outsourced services. Credit for the RIMS Fellow designation will be given.

Contact: 212.655.6035

Managing Risk in Global Operations

September 23, New York

Billed as "Defining New Strategies Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)," this Economist Conference will focus on avoiding FCPA investigations. The event aims to bring together top executives tasked with ensuring that their organizations have adequate programs in place to identify, manage and mitigate risks with respect to the FCPA.

Contact: 212.544.0627

Developing and Implementing a Captive Insurance Company

September 25-26, Toronto

This RIMS workshop will teach the essentials of captive consideration, formation and implementation. The workshop will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to form a captive insurance company. Credit for the RIMS Fellow designation will be given.

Contact: 212.655.6035

Wilderness Risk Management Conference

October 1-3, Jackson, Wyoming

This conference, sponsored by the Wilderness Risk Managers Committee, offers informative courses and workshops in risk management skills for outdoor programs, land managers, lawyers and insurance representatives.

Contact: 800.710.6657

Alternative Risk Financing Techniques

October 6-7, Boston

This workshop is designed to provide practical information for turning adversity into opportunity using alternative markets. Credit for the RIMS Fellow designation will be given.

Contact: 212.655.6035

Enterprise Risk Management

October 6-7, New York

This two-day interactive workshop will cover the essentials of enterprise risk management and provide attendees with the necessary foundations to begin the process in their own organizations. The course will also examine ERM benefits, obstacles and best practices.

Contact: 212.635.6035

International Safety and Security Conference: Resilience Summit 2008

October 14-15, New York

This year's Resilience Summit will focus on enterprisewide risk management for senior management. The conference includes courses and net working opportunities with experts in the field of business continuity, risk assessment, safety and security.

Contact: 888.333.3073

CFO Rising West 2008

October 14-17, Las Vegas

The third annual CFO Rising West conference and exhibition is designed to help professionals leverage financial best practices and gain insight from other finance executives. The conference's slogan is especially poignant: "In a year of economic and political upheaval, financial decision makers are right to ask, 'Where are we headed?'"

Contact: 888.767.5924

World Workplace 2008

October 15-17, Dallas

World Workplace 2008 is the annual conference of the International Facility Management Association, providing a collaborative forum for facility managers and those in related fields to discuss and evaluate trends in facility management.

Contact: 713.623.4362

International Symposium on Energy Risk Management

October 22-24, London

In a time when the energy crisis is in all the news, this fifth annual symposium aims to gather executives--the "energy players"--to address how to develop optimal energy risk management strategies, to deliver profit, maintain competitiveness, meet regulatory requirements and stabilize operations.

Contact: +44.020.7981.9800

Financial Information Management (FIMA) 2008

November 11-13, London

At least 400 senior financial data practitioners are expected to attend the sixth annual Financial Information Management conference, where they will discuss key initiatives and future projects that enhance data quality and reduce operational risk.

Contact: 44.20.7368.9413
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