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Dataware launches LegalPro.

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Office of Management Services Systems and Procedures Exchange Center has published SPEC Kit #204: Uses of Document Delivery Services. This SPEC Kit is an important contribution to the available literature on alternative library service methods and contains survey results on the use of document delivery services in 90 ARL libraries.

Included are a comprehensive bibliography and sample documentation on various topics such as pilot projects, selection policies, library flyers, document delivery services flyers, annual reports, evaluations, and statistics.

This significant publication presents document delivery services as a viable response to shrinking library budgets, multiple serials cancellations, and perceived weaknesses in the traditional interlibrary loan system. This survey also covers reasons for use, charges and costs, service and quality, and end-user ordering as a method of reducing staff workloads.

Uses of Document Delivery Services was compiled by Mary E. Jackson, ARL Visiting Program Officer, and Karen Croneis, head of Departmental Library Services, Washington University, as part of the OMS Collaborative Research/Writing Program.

SPEC Kit #204: Uses of document Delivery Services (ISBN: 0160-3582, 126 pp.) is available from the ARL for $40 ($25 ARL members).

The Systems and Procedures Exchange Center (SPEC) Program was established in 1973 to identify expertise and encourage its exchange among library staff through an ongoing survey and review process. Originally instituted as an information source for ARL member libraries, the SPEC Program has grown to serve the needs of the library community worldwide. The ARL Office of Management Services has served the library community for over 20 years with programs and publications geared toward improving performance in library management.

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Title Annotation:brief article; Dataware Technologies; LegalPro Windows Interface
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Date:Apr 1, 1995
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