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Dataprobe Providing Federal Aviation Administration -FAA- with 7,000 Circuit Protection Switches for Critical Air Traffic Control Communications.

PARAMUS, N.J. -- Dataprobe completes first phase of communications network protection for the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) program as Part of Harris Corporation Team

Dataprobe Inc., leading manufacturer of innovative technology solutions for networking, systems, and site management, announced today the successful deployment of approximately 1,000 circuit protection switches for critical voice air-to-ground communications as part of the Harris FTI team. Harris is the prime contractor and system integrator for the $1.9 billion FTI program that is improving telecommunications and operations functions at more than 5,000 FAA facilities nationwide.

Dataprobe provided Harris with automatic protection switches to be used over four-wire analog voice lines. Dataprobe customized their standard switch to meet the FAA's demanding specifications. In Phase 1, Harris will outfit FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) and Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facilities with these switches through which to direct all air traffic communications. Future sites will include Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) locations.

Dataprobe's circuit protection switches ensure connectivity within communications networks when a system or communication line failure occurs. The circuit protection switches can toggle communication between redundant communication lines or equipment for air traffic control. If there is a failure on line A, Dataprobe's switches automatically re-route communication through line B, allowing constant communication for critical applications. Mark Graham, FTI Chief Systems Engineer at Harris stated, "Dataprobe's unique line of products allowed them to tailor a solution to meet the FAA's requirements. There is no other product on the market that functions exactly like the Dataprobe voice protection switch."

David Weiss, President of Dataprobe, stated, "The FTI contract is extremely important not only for the FAA but also for all of us who travel by air. This project is going to affect all air traffic; commercial, civilian and military flights. It has been very rewarding to work so closely with the Harris Corporation in providing the FAA with a superior product that helps them protect the link between pilots in the air with their controllers on the ground. We are looking forward to more great success with the next phase of this project."

About Dataprobe's Circuit Protection Switches

Dataprobe's circuit redundancy, line and equipment protection solutions help maintain connectivity within operations when a system failure occurs. By providing multiple paths for these operations and by switching them between redundant circuits within a network, Dataprobe's products maximize uptime of operating systems and help keep critical communications running smoothly and successfully.

The product line offers A/B switches for redundancy and back-up protection, spanning a variety of applications in four specific areas.

--Remote Switch Control Solution - Allows for remote control of single, dual or multi-circuit A/B switches via web, telnet interface, serial data transfer, internal or external modem, and Dial Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) telephone system

--Automatic Fault Detect and Switch Solution - Monitors and detects system failures and when programmed, responds and re-routes all data to back-up equipment

--Equipment Redundancy Solutions - Automatic, remote, or manual switchover of one communication line between multiple equipment units, providing safe equipment back-up during a failure

--Line Protection Solution - Equipment is automatically switched between two communication lines, creating back-up for line protection applications

Additionally, Dataprobe offers specialized switching systems for dial back-up of analog and digital circuits and can develop custom switches for unique applications when necessary. These switches are a cost-effective and easy-to-use technology, making them ideal solutions for businesses with critical communications and operations.

About Dataprobe

Dataprobe is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology solutions for today's demanding remote site management environment. Since 1969, Dataprobe has been providing communication managers, OEM developers and direct consumers with innovative remote technology products that help make their jobs easier, businesses more successful and overall work environment more productive. In listening to their customers' needs, Dataprobe provides specific product customization and devoted customer service.

Dataprobe offers an innovative product line to meet the high demands of the remote technology industry including remote reboot and power control, remote switch and relay control, alarm reporting and site monitoring. The company recently launched the iBoot, a compelling solution that remotely monitors, manages and controls corporate and personal computing devices and other electronic equipment.

Led by industry veteran David Weiss, Dataprobe, serves over 4,000 customers worldwide in the remote technology market sector. The company continues to lead the remote site management industry by leveraging their core expertise combined with their skilled research, engineering, sales and customer service professionals.
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