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Datacolor Debuts Latest Color Calibration Innovation at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show.

ColorFacts Professional[TM] 7.0 Calibrates Displays to Deliver Optimum Viewing Experience for Home Theater Display Devices

LAS VEGAS & LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. -- Datacolor, a world leader in color technology, today introduces ColorFacts Professional[TM] 7.0, the latest addition to its award-winning line of color calibration solutions.

Datacolor will also be offering professional training on how to generate revenue through color calibration. The classes are held during CES at the Sahara Hotel, in the Lion A/V Suite #2244, with Lion's team of color technology experts. Training sessions take place at 10 AM and 2 PM daily, January 8-10. Additional Datacolor products can be found at the WYNIT booth (LVCC South Hall 3 Booth #30359).

Available immediately, ColorFacts Professional 7.0 will ship with Datacolor's Spyder Platinum Colorimeter. Together, they provide an easy-to-use professional color calibration system for optimizing all front projectors, RPTVs, Direct View TVs, Digital DLPs, LCDs and Plasma video displays to industry standards. With the integrated hardware and intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface, ColorFacts Professional 7.0 reduces the time required to accurately calibrate almost any display and produces high-quality images, lifelike colors, more detail, and an overall better viewing experience. ColorFacts Professional 7.0 calibrates displays to show images as they were intended and is vital for all professional calibrators or AV installers who demand the best tools available.

ColorFacts Professional 7.0 calibrates the display in the entire video chain - all the way from DVD to screen. It realizes the film director's original vision by calibrating to the same industry standards that were used in the media creation. Displays calibrated by ColorFacts Professional show a higher-quality image with more detail in the picture. ColorFacts Professional produces more natural and lifelike color, revealing details that might have otherwise been lost.

"We're extremely excited to offer professional calibration technicians, home theater installers and high-end AV dealers the newest ColorFacts Professional line of calibration devices," says Mark Hunter, Datacolor's Technical Director of Home Theater Products. "ColorFacts Professional 7.0 is the most complete color calibration solution on the market and is a must-have for anyone who is serious about color."

ColorFacts Professional 7.0 is designed to be fast, accurate and easy-to-use and supports many different types of display devices, hardware instruments, color systems and reference illuminants. The system is designed to hide the complexity and mathematics of color science behind an easy to understand interface. With an intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface, ColorFacts Professional reduces the time required to accurately calibrate almost any display. It enhances realism by extending highlight and shadow detail.

ColorFacts Professional is targeted primarily to professional video technicians for use in the Corporate and Home Theater markets.

ColorFacts Professional 7.0 features and benefits include:

* C3 remote - Software allows a direct connection to over three dozen different displays to eliminate human error

* Signal generator integration - RS232 connection automatically drives the generator; reducing the risk of errors--over 10 supported devices

* Upgradeable system - ColorFacts hardware and software is completely upgradeable so your calibration system will never be outdated

* Multi-display or video wall display matching- Match color and luminance simultaneously to cut video display calibration time

* Richer reporting for installers - Custom Reports are automatically graphed and can be viewed on-screen, saved as files or printed for your customer

* Historical and real-time data - With each click of the remote you get immediate feedback which saves lots of time

* Calibrate the display to the entire video chain - Calibrating all the way from DVD to screen will deliver the most amazing and vivid home theater experience

* Feature-rich software - Full control over cuts and gains, primary, secondary and gamma analysis and gray scale tracking from black to white

* Intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface - The Pro's tools for quick accurate calibration to ISF standards

The ColorFacts Professional 7.0 Product line consists of several product packages:

1. Datacolor ColorFacts Professional[TM] 7.0

2. Datacolor ColorFacts Professional[TM] 7.0 with an a- la-carte menu

--Options are available such as a signal generator and Datacolor CERTIFIED[TM] training

3. Datacolor ColorFacts[TM] Professional 7.0 upgrade path for owners of ColorFacts 4.0/5.0/6.0

About Datacolor

Because color matters, leading businesses, creative professionals, and consumers worldwide choose Datacolor's innovative technology solutions to consistently achieve the right color. A Swiss-held company, Datacolor's strong worldwide presence encompasses global manufacturing and operational facilities as well as an international strategic network of sales and support offices. For more information about the company and its products or services, visit
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Date:Jan 9, 2007
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