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Database safety fears; LETTERS to the EDITOR.

IN RESPONSE to the letter from Sarah Jones regarding ContactPoint. It is clear that Ms Jones has completely missed the point that was being made. As a parent, I am appalled that all this data is collated by the state without the parent or carer being informed. It is also common knowledge that the school family has also not been informed of ContactPoint.

Is Sarah Jones a parent? Does she not feel concerned that Gover nment agencies lose data on a daily basis, would she not be concerned if this data fell into the hands of the wrong people? Of course she would, and that is why we have raised the issues about ContactPoint, not because we want to score cheap political points, but because of our concern for the young people in the city.

For the information of the public, this database will be accessed by 500,000 people, the school environment already carries data which could be utilised, but the Gover nment decided to introduce something which includes the young person's weight and height at birth. How is this going to prevent the horrific case that Ms Jones refers to? My advice to Ms Jones and parents throughout the land, is to research ContactPoint and come to your own conclusions; my conclusion is that this database does not hold the personal respect of educational and social work practitioners, who I have trusted my children's well-being with, and in time this will be used to replace yet more frontline educationalists.

In conclusion, can I remind Ms Jones, in a country where free speech and democracy is a given, never underestimate the power of the authority that imposes database collation in secret.

Cllr Warren Bradley, Leader of Liverpool City Council
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 25, 2009
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