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Database and Network Journal Editorial Features 2000.

Vol. 31 NUMBER 1

Software Quality:

Automated Software Inspection enables new levels of software quality ... Reasoning Inc.

Business Management:

30% Financial Packages Inadequate -Desktop Conferencing buried below board level

CRM: Seven Step Guide to CRM- Business Models speed up CRM Implementation

Internet Focus

Safe Interact Foundation in UK-Webland: European Interactive Academy for New Media and Interact launched-PC Satellite System-New Alerting Service for Researchers

E Commerce:

Free Web Analysis from Optimal-Electronic Proposals are necessary-Dangers of Multi-Channel Retailing and Distribution-Sales Force not taking advantage of Internet.

Software News:

Project overruns cost UK firms 1bn [pounds sterling] or more-Legacy Renovation Market Report-SME and Call Centre Research Findings-Open Source Extends to Technical Software-Visual-i SE joint development-Renting scalable financials applications applications over the Internet-Testing, UK Software in State says Mercury.


IT News

IT-Starter or Non Starter Ignorance over Data Law-Salaries for IT Professionals Rise

Software Policy

Automated Software Inspection in Practice

Internet Focus

GTS acquires Netcom Internet-Ton Jansen to drive Safe Internet Foundation-Global Interact Market Place for Energy Industry-Internet initiates Norths Tourism Revival-National Trust Website-Netcom Internet Best Ever-Web based Applications major testing challenge-Competition for Interact Entrepreneurs-Free Source Code for IPDR-Dial up delays hike home Interact costs-'Click4Call' new Internet Service-HiWay Security Service.

E Commerce

E-Commerce and the Euro Website-Using the right words

`Information Gap' online `business to business' market-Ensure for E Commerce Insurance-Virtual Credit Card for Mobile Commerce-E CommerceMultilingual Service-CRM, eProcurement and IT Service Solutions-Obstacles which prevent a British Microsoft.

Software News & Products

What are the Proper Roles for ODBC and OLE DB?

MGI Pure DIVA integrates TV, Video, Internet, and DVD--75000 TPS on Zero Latency Demo-OMG adds Fault Tolerance for CORBA Applications-3 Com

Software Licensed for Windows 2000-European IT Services Market grew to $106bn in 1999-CORBA and Windows 2000-Britons suffer PC Rage-OutSourcing Web Site Design increases Security Risk-AntiVirus League Table-SGI Releases Foundation for Enterprise Linux Applications.

Software Costs out of Control?

Buying a Software Company-Accountancy Software Companies can't deliver [pounds sterling]/ Euro VAT Reports.--GO-Joe connects DNA Researchers Worldwide-Viewlocity and BMC initiated alliance in South Asia-US Security Products Suspect-EU develops tools for e-signature compatibility testing.


Software News & Products

Accounting Software-Time for a change

The Rich get Richer

The 1998 Data Protection Act--Nine out often businesses unaware of how it affects them.

Windows 2000-A New Enterprise Platform-New Workflow Report-BASDA new EMU Accreditation for Base Currency Conversion-indirect Software Sales Channel growing towards $40bn market by 2003-PC Sales to grow 16.4% in 2000-'Information Overload' facing UK's Largest Companies-Data on IT end users-Companies missing easiest way of filling skills gap.

Software 2000 Notes

CRM Top Business Priority for 2000-Strong Growth for UK Enterprise Portals market through 2000. E Commerce-Remedy Corp supports Windows 2000-Panda AntiVirus for Windows 2000-BMC awarded Cert for Windows 2000 Server-Aspect Customer Relationship Portal and DataMart Certified for Windows 2000-Legato Data Replication for Windows 2000-Cap Gemini and Microsoft Team up on E Business-iPortal Suite for Windows 2000.


Security Policy Management in the Interact Age-Business and Information Security-New e-risks unmanaged-A Guide to Preventing Intrusion-Content Security Policy Guide-Free Kaspersky daily antivirus database updates-CEOspace-24 hour Antivirus

Protection for Windows 2000 users-UK IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme-SIM generated digital signatures-Internet Security Education Programme.

Internet Focus

Interactive Web Advertisers League reveals Consumer Computing and Electronics below average-One fifth surf regularly today, half will by 2003-ITU agrees on Key IP offers Free Internet Shop Fronts-MultiLink


Change credit card law to protect web customers-Online Partnership for E Complaints XML at Heart of Government eCommerce-Dirty Data' undermining CRM and eBusiness investments-ITU joins MoU on E-Commerce-TANTAU Licences Wireless E-Commerce Software to Compq-UK Gev.e-Procurement Initiative-Component Based Development: The eBusiness Silver Bullet-Software Spectrum and IBM Target Second Generation Web Sites-MATRAnet Partnership with PhoneMe.

VOL.31 No 4

Connecting with Java Software News:

Award for EBIS-XML initiative--CORBAS interoperability launched-Graphon and China's RedFlag Linux Solution-Classrooms History by 2002-OMG Adopts Common Warehouse Metamodel Spec.-Software Piracy unimportant?-E-Business Project Pressures Threaten UK Companies Software Quality-Record numbers at Europe software testing forum.

Management News

New Managed Testing Service-Spotting browsers from buyers-70% Banks not ready for T+I-UK Customers Neglect Customers-ASP Chooses Sonic-Virtual Communities Conference-Univ of Wales Invests 1m [pounds sterling] in Software Design-WAP Progress in SA-Mobile Computing Server-Wireless Asset Management-iE Integrator 2.1

IT Management

IT Managers Straggle to reach boardroom-How to save 15m [pounds sterling] in Business--Report2Web-eFIZ

Embedded Systems

The Road Block and the Breakthrough to Pervasive Computing

Internet Focus

Central and Eastern Europe at Gate of New Economy-A Million Internet Addresses at one Web site.-Product Complexity Hinders Insurers-Free Test Service-W3C Building a Better Web Recruitment Agency-BlueU.c0m Distributes Red Hat Linux Training-Demon Expands Netcool Suite-UK Sites Used as `Internet Postman'

E Commerce

West Europe CRM Market to Exceed $1bn in 2000-BASDA Certifies eBIS-XML Software-Evolving to eCRM-Free Automated Software Inspection Service-IT Consultants Offered Gateway to Business Revolution-Free Software For Dot-Corn Shares-Less than 40% of Web Sites Offer On- Line Back-up - UK `One Size Fits All' Approach to Web-OnLine Offers Not Targeted to Customer Needs.


Defending against viruses in home appliances and mobile phones An Interact-worm invades from infected web page-Top ten viruses repoted to Sophos in June 2000.

VOL.31 Number 5

Software Tools Tools Free to Education-Electronic Communications ActProgress Awarded

US Patent for SmartObjects-Development Software for Wearable Computers.


Managing Information in the Networked Knowledge Economy Information Taxonomy Review-Free Internet/Intranet RailPlanner.


Web e-nabling turns old legacy systems into new `Killer Apps. Managed Security Service-WAP support for ACE-New Masters Degree in E-Commerce-F Cubed E Stategy Product--EntireX integrates e-business with XML-Asia Overtaking Europe E-Commerce-Next Generation eContent Solutions.

Security Supplement

Security Issues for ASPs

Shortfall in ISV Understanding of ASP-Biometric smart card most secure authentication- IBn Smart cards shipped in 2004-Anti-Virus product for NT

Sophos warns on password security

Interact Focus

E-Mail: Proven "Killer App." for the Mobile Interact On-Line Travet Surve

BTnet Start ADSL--Nominal Rate Web Hosting--Pay Problems forecast for Internet Services -Demand for Internet Skills ontinues to Rise-Get Active Community Invovement

VOL.31 Number 6

Memo to the readers

Software Review-Release 12 from Mathworks


CRM Services Using WAP-Easier Modelling of Hardware Platforms-CRM Research Reveals High Level of Understanding-Solidworks Supports Windows Millenium-OMG to pursue C# Interoperability.


netMarketplace Integration Framework-UK Companies Lack Web Testing-Only 14% of UK Companies Respond to E-Mails-UK E-Business Neglects Testing.

IT News

UCITA: What it means for corporate UK-Neural shows "Shakespeare did write Henry V111"-OMG to Advance Integration Standards-Platform Technology Committee (PTC) Standards Efforts-World Class performance in the Computer Software Industry!-Developers Guide to Building Software Quality-Hi-Tech Sector Shows Continued Confidence in Export Markets-Accountancy Services Criticised-Portal B for customised Knowledge resource-Online Order Fulfillment Process- Brio and Citrix application portal-SpaceIT Enables Spaces Management- Java Messaging Solutions-PC Anywhere Supports Windows Millenium Edition-Open Architecture Linux Operating System-Alteon, Intel and Sun Join Content Bridge Alliance-Free Railplanner.

Security Notes

Palm Virus not to spread-Symantec Support for Windows-Top ten viruses for Sept 2000-Porn out of the Office-Computer Programme Developed ToAttack Fraud-Claims abuse in Dentistry-First Anti-Virus Residing on Palm-Online Security fears for Interact Shoppers-Users need not fear latest, script viruses-SystemWorks 2001 Outperforms Windows ME and Windows 2000 Utilities.

Internet Focus

Free Web Based Remote Monitoring Tool--GroupOne Registry Applies for `Dot-one', to Offer Numerical Internet Domain Names-Web Niche Portal for the Wealth MarketE-mail server software firm in Europe-Attenda Gives Web Developers a Licence to Host-3D Instant Website-E-Repository.
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