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DataGone -- Virtual `data shredder'.

PowerQuest Corporation, have announced the availability of DataGone 2.4 in Europe. DataGone, a software solution that permanently removes data from hard disks, removable media and diskettes, enables businesses to purge sensitive and confidential information from computer systems by overwriting every byte of data.


A common misconception is that the data deleted either through the Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin or through a complete disk reformat is permanently gone. However, any number of data recovery tools can recover data even after the user has deleted data or reformatted the hard drive.

Users can choose any of five methods for overwriting data, which include writing zeroes to the disk or more meticulous methods, such as writing combinations of ones and zeroes and multiple overwriting with random patterns and zeroes. Once the data has been destroyed, users can use DataGone to verify that the information has been permanently removed from the storage media. DataGone requires 8MB of RAM, an Intel/X86 compatible processor, a 3.5-inch floppy drive and any DOS 5.0 or higher. Because DataGone is a DOS-based programme, the mouse will be inactive, but the arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to make menu selections.

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Title Annotation:PowerQuest now distributing version 2.4 in Europe
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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