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DataDirect Technologies Adds Distributed Transaction Support to DataDirect Connect for .NET.

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Recent .NET World Tour Confirms Need for Support of Microsoft

Distributed Transaction Coordinator and Growing Adoption of .NET for

Enterprise Apps

DataDirect Technologies Inc. has announced DataDirect Connect(R) for .NET 1.1, newly updated data connectivity components that enable software developers to access enterprise data using .NET, Microsoft's newest platform for building, deploying, and running XML Web services and applications.

DataDirect Connect for .NET 1.1 adds support for distributed transactions for Oracle and Sybase, and updated support for several Oracle data types.

A recent seminar series sponsored by DataDirect Technologies confirmed the growing interest in .NET and its use as an enterprise platform. According to seminar keynote presenter John Meyer, a senior industry analyst from Giga Information Group, adoption of the .NET platform is growing and a wide range of organizations are now using .NET for both internal and external applications.

This growth is fueled in part by productivity gains provided by Visual Studio .NET and other .NET development tools. Seminar attendees were advised to adopt .NET Server and Visual Studio .NET for the lowest transaction cost and highest scalability available on Intel processors.

The .NET platform relies on standard data connectivity components called "data providers" that implement the ADO.NET interfaces, enable connectivity and offer various data services to the application. DataDirect Technologies was the first vendor to provide .NET Managed Data Providers using 100% managed code: DataDirect Connect for .NET.

DataDirect Technologies has enhanced DataDirect Connect for .NET with support for distributed transactions on Oracle and Sybase databases, using the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) as the transaction manager.

With this support, DataDirect Connect for. NET allows developers to implement Serviced Components that require distributed transaction support and use ADO.NET Data Providers.

The MS DTC can be used to update multiple databases and files from a single application, update geographically distributed databases, and update databases that have been partitioned for scalability. MS DTC uses a two-phase commit protocol to ensure that all the resource managers commit the transaction or all abort it, thus ensuring the integrity of the data involved.

In addition to support for the MS DTC, DataDirect Connect for .NET 1.1 now supports several additional Oracle data types, including Timestamp, Timestamp with Local Time Zone, Timestamp with Time Zone, the National Language character types, and ROWID.

Other new features include support for ODBC/JDBC escape sequences, such as outer joins, scalar functions, and date, time, and timestamp literals; support for retrieving connection information from Oracle's TNSNames file and the Sybase Interfaces file; and support for Oracle 9iR2.

The quality of DataDirect Connect for .NET has been greatly enhanced through the company's relationship with Microsoft, who has provided DataDirect Technologies access to the Microsoft test suite for ADO.NET Data Providers.

These tools, in addition to DataDirect Technologies' own test suite, allow DataDirect Technologies to more rigorously test DataDirect Connect for .NET for a wide range of uses to provide optimal user performance.

About DataDirect Technologies, Inc.

DataDirect Technologies is the leading provider of components for connecting software to data, providing standards-based technology that ensures consistent behavior and performance across diverse environments such as J2EE, .NET, Web, and client/server.

With the most comprehensive support for ODBC, JDBC, ADO and XML, DataDirect Technologies helps developers bring software to market faster by speeding development, integration and deployment. No matter what the standard, platform, or data source, DataDirect Technologies ensures the easiest experience connecting software to data.

DataDirect Connect is a registered trademark of DataDirect Technologies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Dec 3, 2002
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