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DataDirect Connect for SQL/XML.

DataDirect Connect for SQL/XML, is a standards-based software tool that allows SQL queries to create any desired XML structure using the SQL/XML extensions that are part of SQL 2003.


Many applications exchange data as XML, but most corporate data is stored in traditional relational databases. Because XML and SQL represent information in very different ways, developers often spend significant effort converting information between the two. DataDirect Connect for SQL//XML, developed to address this problem, allows Java applications to build XML documents directly as the result of SQL queries, or to extract information from XML documents and update relational data. Developers are freed from writing code to bridge XML hierarchies and sets of relational tables, or learning the complex and ad-hoc XML database extensions to relational databases.

DataDirect Connect for SQL/XML provides a standards-based approach:

It is compliant with SQL/XML, the XML extensions in the proposed SQL 2003 standard that include the XML data type, and provides access to SQL/XML results using standard JDBC API calls. Using DataDirect Connect for SQL/XML, developers can write applications that work across any major database (including older versions) without recompilation.

The solution includes a graphical query builder for creating, changing, and testing SQL/XML queries. This lets users display SQL/XML statements in a graphical tree structure or in a text view that shows the complete text of the statements.

SQL/XML is a small extension to SQL that allows a SQL query to create any desired XML structure. For a SQL programmer it requires little new learning, and it allows existing databases to be used as is, with full support for the SQL language.
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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