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Data management.

2Web Technologies has released XL2Web, a new software tool that converts Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and models into interactive Web applications and Web services in minutes without the need for programming. The New York City-based company offers "a fast, secure, version-controlled means of Web-enabling and distributing interactive spreadsheet models for financial analysts, researchers, risk managers, market makers, financial planners, insurance agents and others involved in complex analytics," it said in an announcement.

Potential applications include development of interactive trading models, financial statements, securities and derivatives pricing personnel, and personalized client portfolio tools, all enabling end users to investigate various "what-if" scenarios. The software can also be used to permit fast development of online calculators and other interactive Web content, using Excel as the authoring tool.

The XL2Web platform supports complex, multi-page Web applications with virtually all Excel functions, including multiple worksheets and workbooks, charts, images, cell formatting, data tables, data validation, GoalSeeks and support for proprietary and third-party function libraries. End users can access any XL2Web-enabled model from a Web browser without browser plug-ins or the need to install Excel, making it usable remotely or with Blackberrys and other specialized devices.

XL2Web's ability to rapidly convert spreadsheet assets into Web-based applications and Web services without IT programming eliminates the costs and duplication of effort involved in recoding a spreadsheet for Web use. The software also overcomes the limitations of the Excel platform by enabling:

* Easy spreadsheet distribution, allowing models and updates to be disseminated to any number of end users via URL instead of emailing the files or publishing them in flat form.

* Protection of intellectual property, because financial formulas and other proprietary information that can be easily accessed in the raw Excel file remain locked behind the firewall.

* Version control, preventing end users from using an old version of a given model, because deployment is now centrally controlled and server-based.

* Scalability for highly complex calculations and scenario analyses, freeing spreadsheets from the desktop for use in more powerful server environments such as Linux and Unix.

* Integration with existing Web pages or enterprise applications such as analytics libraries, business data and ERP applications, without recoding.

XL2Web is available under a licensed model for large organizations that require deep integration with proprietary software, and in two hosted models for firms with basic and more advanced needs. Hosted pricing begins at $100 per month. Corporate license pricing is based on the number of XL2Web publishers and XL2Web JEngines deployed.

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