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Data learning.

Neural networks have had a monumental rise to prominence over the last few years. The technology is not new, but it's only been recently that its potential has started to be realised. Manufacturers, as with most aspects of society, are busy assessing the capabilities of deep learning and how artificial intelligence can be built into production lines. On page 12, Bosch's Wolfgang Pomrehn describes the company's plans for using AI to reduce the engineering effort required to add a new product variant to a manufacturing line - Pomrehn thinks that by using AI the cost of re-engineering a production line to incorporate new products could be cut to a quarter of what it currently costs.

Aerospace companies also have AI on their radar. The University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is testing instances of deep learning technology on behalf of its clients, including Rolls-Royce, Boeing, BAE, and Airbus. Kieran Edge at the AMRC's Factory 2050 facility explained that the AMRC is tasked with validating a lot of new technology that aerospace and other firms want to bring into its production processes, and this includes machine vision and deep learning. The article on page 6 explores some of the projects underway at Factory 2050.

Recruitment, inspiring the next generation of engineers, machine vision training, and new standard activities are also covered in these pages - all important topics for the future of machine vision.

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Title Annotation:Leader Greg Blackman
Publication:Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
Date:Dec 10, 2019
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