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Data acquisition/control.

Two Daqstation models have been enhanced, including the CX1000 and the CX2000. Both models now include independent ramp/soak programs, DIO monitoring and control, expanded math capabilities, as well as excellent measurement, recording and networking features, according to the company. The combination of menu driven screens and function keys is said to enable user control and measurement parameters to be easily entered into the CX. Data from externally wired Modbus compatible controllers and devices can also be easily monitored and logged through the use of a pre-built screen combined with the built-in serial interface. The embedded control loops in the CX enable the user to perform a variety of control algorithms such as single, cascaded and PV switching with independent program profiles. Combining these features is said to minimize panel space, wiring and cost. The CXI000 features a high resolution 5.5" color TFT display, with up to six universal inputs, two embedded control loops and built-in serial interface to four external controllers. The larger CX2000 utilizes a 10.4" display, up to 20 universal inputs, six embedded control loops and built-in serial interface to 16 external controllers. Each embedded control module is provided with universal control outputs and DIO terminals for two control loops. Additional DIO extension modules are also available. Standard on-board data storage choices are 1.4 MB floppy disc, 100 MB ZIP drive or 160 MB ATA PCMCIA memory card for both models. (Yokogawa Corporation of America, 2 Dart Rd., Newnan, GA 30265)

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Date:Jun 22, 2003
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