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Das Commonplace Book von John Colyns: Untersuchung und Teiledition der Handschrift Harley 2252 der British Library in London.

Ulrich Frost, Das Commonplace Book von John Colyns. Untersuchung und Teiledition der

Handschrift Harley 2252 der British Library in London, Europaische Hochschulschriften,

14: 186 (Frankfurt; New York; Paris: Peter Lang, 1988). 395 pp. ISBN

3-8204-8838-3. No price given. This detailed account of John Colyns's

Commonplace Book consists of an extensive description of the manuscript and a

catalogue of its ninety-three items of contents (including ownership signatures),

with plates of the watermarks and samples of its different scripts. Each catalogue

entry consists of a transcription of the piece (thirty are edited here for the first time)

or, in the case of the longer or better-known items, an incipit and explicit; a minute

account of scribal peculiarities; references to the standard indexes and editions of the

item; and general notes that include metrical descriptions of the poetry, lists of

related texts elsewhere (running to five pages for the Chronicle of London), German

glosses of the less usual words and phrases, and all kinds of miscellaneous

explanatory information including a diagram of how to play the Lots of St Thomas

of Canterbury.
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Publication:Medium Aevum
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1992
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