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Darling speaks to Berkeley MBA students.

Executive coach June Darling spoke at the Berkeley-Columbia executive MBA program on Aug. 8 in Berkeley, Calif. The MBA program is known for its high profile guest speakers, which typically include CEOs or founders of companies in Silicon Valley or from Wall Street.


Darling spoke to the group about managing and developing their talent and putting themselves into places where they could make the greatest contribution, be successful and be happy. Her talk synthesized the research on success and happiness into a model which could be used to guide decisions about talent development and career changes. She also discussed approaches to identifying and developing strengths and values to increase motivation and performance. She emphasized positive outcomes of knowing oneself and growing oneself, which include the increased ability to lead others.

Darling is the owner of Summit Group Resources, a professional coaching company based in Cashmere. Her presentation can be viewed at her Web site.
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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH PEOPLE; June Darling
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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