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Dark matter: An invisible glue that may not even exist. admin Aug 10, 2022 1201
Gravitational wave 'radar' could help map the invisible universe. Asa Stahl Jul 4, 2022 258
IIS students get a peep into mysteries of the universe. Jun 16, 2022 223
Flagship Chinese space telescope to unravel cosmic mysteries. May 6, 2022 891
Cosmic robbery could explain lack of dark matter in some galaxies. Feb 21, 2022 440
New atomic clock loses only one second every 300 billion years. Feb 17, 2022 704
MYSTIC REG predicts your week... Jan 30, 2022 422
IN PRAISE OF DARK MATTER. Slaughter, Lauren Goodwin Poem Jun 22, 2021 245
Dark Matter and Vera Rubin. Lamb, Annette Jun 1, 2021 2783
Neil deGrasse Tyson: what is dark matter and dark energy? CM Guest Columnist May 12, 2021 210
Neil deGrasse Tyson: what is dark matter and dark energy? May 12, 2021 200
Cosmic Consequences of Kaniadakis and Generalized Tsallis Holographic Dark Energy Models in the Fractal Universe. Jawad, Abdul; Sultan, Abdul Malik Apr 20, 2021 7152
PS7.25bn telescope gets to heart of dark matter. MARTIN BAGOT Apr 20, 2021 232
Launch of most powerful telescope set to unlock mystery of dark matter. Apr 20, 2021 169
Launch of most powerful telescope set to unlock mystery of dark matter. Apr 20, 2021 169
Super telescope team in dark matter mission. MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Apr 20, 2021 187
Super telescope Brits in dark matter mission. MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Apr 20, 2021 184
On the Electromagnetic Vacuum Origins of Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Astrophysical Jets. Marongwe, Stuart Apr 12, 2021 5209
Mysterious 'Speckled' Glow Suffusing Milky Way's Centre Could Be Spawned by Dark Matter: Study. Report Mar 29, 2021 348
The dark energy and matter that drives economic performance: Innovation, like dark matter, can t be measured well, but regional science is getting closer. Slaper, Timothy F. Mar 22, 2021 3336
Modification of Gravitational Field Equation due to Invariance of Light Speed and New System of Universe Evolution. Yang, Jian Liang Mar 20, 2021 9863
MYSTIC REG; predicts your week... Jan 31, 2021 414
Wigtown's book event will go with a 'big' bang; Science theme for online fest. SHARON LIPTROTT Jan 29, 2021 537
Analysis of Bianchi Type V Holographic Dark Energy Models in General Relativity and Lyra's Geometry. Gusu, Daba Meshesha; Santhi, M. Vijaya Jan 19, 2021 6926
Light Speed Invariant Solution and Its Enlightenment of Field Equation of General Relativity. Yang, Jian Liang Nov 29, 2020 10205
DUNE Prospect for Leptophobic Dark Matter. Naaz, Sabeeha; Singh, Jyotsna; Singh, R. B. Nov 27, 2020 8569
New theory for the origin of 'Dark Matter'. Oct 21, 2020 218
Can Nano-Materials Push Off the Vacuum? McCulloch, M.E. Oct 1, 2020 1119
The Fascinating World Of Fractals. Lynn H Sep 19, 2020 525
No longer in the dark surrounding matter? SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Sep 4, 2020 642
Could Higgs boson decay into dark matter. Aug 11, 2020 176
An invisible substance that permeate the galaxy. Apr 6, 2020 212
Critical Phenomena of Charged AdS Black Holes in Rastall Gravity. Zou, De-Cheng; Zhang, Ming; Wu, Chao; Yue, Rui-Hong Mar 1, 2020 7289
predicts your week. MYSTIC REG Feb 2, 2020 414
Scientists Believe Dark Matter Could Send Planet-Killer Asteroids To Earth. Inigo Monzon Jan 24, 2020 429
Scientists Hoping To Find Self-Destructing Dark Matter Using Gamma Rays. Inigo Monzon Jan 23, 2020 367
Scientists attempt to measure temperature of dark matter. ANI Jan 16, 2020 435
Taking Temperature of Dark Matter. Jan 16, 2020 488
ESA Preparing To Launch Euclid Mission To Study Dark Energy. Inigo Monzon Jan 9, 2020 402
NASA's annual astronomy meeting to include new discoveries of astrophysics. Jan 3, 2020 141
NASA's annual astronomy meeting to include new discoveries of astrophysics. Jan 3, 2020 154
Modeling Dark Sector in Horndeski Gravity at First-Order Formalism. Santos, F.F.; Neves, R.M.P.; Brito, F.A. Dec 31, 2019 4570
Top Space Oddities Explained By Expert. Jan Cortes Dec 27, 2019 359
Scientists Discover 19 Dark Matter-Free Dwarf Galaxies. Athena Chan Dec 5, 2019 431
Dark Matter And Exoplanet Discoveries Win Nobel Physics Prize. AFP News Oct 8, 2019 758
Observables in a spatially flat Planckian universe. Sapar, Arved Report Sep 1, 2019 4363
Stability of the Universe Model Coupled with Phantom and Tachyon Fields. Sharif, M.; Mumtaz, Saadia Aug 31, 2019 7173
Dark matter may be older than Big Bang: Study. Aug 17, 2019 433
Dark Matter May Be Older Than Big Bang. Aug 11, 2019 619
Vast Ancient Galaxies: Dark Matter Clues. Aug 10, 2019 831
Astronomers claim 'treasure trove' of ancient galaxies sheds new light on dark matter; The galaxies are also intimately connected with supermassive black holes and the distribution of dark matter. Aug 8, 2019 718
Dark Matter Gets More Mysterious: May Be Older Than Big Bang. Aug 8, 2019 431
Fragrance of fear. Jul 21, 2019 1182
Investigating Sterile Neutrino Flux in the Solar Neutrino Data. Ankush; Verma, Rishu; Sharma, Gazal; Chauhan, B.C. Jun 30, 2019 8314
Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2019 kicks off next week. Jun 24, 2019 234
Omani researchers to take part in Lindau Nobel Laureate meet. Jun 24, 2019 217
Giant Magnetic 'Ridge' Connecting Galaxy Clusters Discovered. Jun 7, 2019 365
NASA Discovers Isolated Galaxy Overflowing With Dark Matter. Jun 5, 2019 391
Dark Energy in Spherically Symmetric Universe Coupled with Brans-Dicke Scalar Field. Singh, Koijam Manihar; Samanta, Gauranga C. May 31, 2019 5357
Scientists set to reveal first true image of black hole. Apr 10, 2019 685
Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole. Apr 6, 2019 794
Searching in the dark: Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest research in the hunt for dark matter, one of the biggest mysteries in physics. Rowbury, Jessica Apr 1, 2019 1506
NASA Reveals Dark Matter Mostly Comprises The Milky Way. Mar 11, 2019 391
Scientists solve weighty matter of Milky Way mass. Mar 8, 2019 316
A perpetual mass-generating Planckian universe/Igavesti massi genereeriv kosmoloogiline mudel. Sapar, Arved Report Mar 1, 2019 6462
Mimicking dark matter with non-linear optics: Humberto Michinel and Angel Paredes at the Optics Laboratory of the University of Vigo in Ourense, Spain, discuss optical approaches to studying 'hidden' energy. Michinel, Humberto; Paredes, Angel Mar 1, 2019 786
Physical and Mathematical Consistency of the Janus Cosmological Model (JCM). Petit, Jean-Pierre; D'Agostini, Gilles; Debergh, Nathalie Jan 1, 2019 4833
'Dark Fluid' Could Be The Missing 95 Percent Of Universe. Dec 6, 2018 468
Dark Matter Hurricane to storm past earth, say scientists. Nov 13, 2018 344
Small Satellite to Answer Big Question. Dickinson, David Nov 1, 2018 177
Best Long-range Test of General Relativity. Young, Monica Oct 1, 2018 357
Pulsar Test Limits Existence of "Fifth Force". Howell, Elizabeth Brief article Oct 1, 2018 273
Early Opaque Universe Linked to Galaxy Scarcity. Aug 15, 2018 682
Cosmic Recipe. Humbert, Francis Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2018 209
NASA's HaloSat To Hunt For Universe's Missing Matter. Jul 19, 2018 519
A Galaxy Without Dark Matter? Carlisle, Camille M. Jul 1, 2018 491
Cosmological Cold Dark Matter and Dark Energy Match Icosahedron Symmetry. Tselnik, Felix Jul 1, 2018 1414
Galactic Test for Existence of Dark Matter. Jun 27, 2018 777
Universe's Ordinary Matter Finally All Accounted For. Jun 21, 2018 585
New Experiment to Understand Dark Matter. Jun 18, 2018 1024
Signal from First Stars Suggests Primordial Chill. Schilling, Govert Jun 1, 2018 378
A Whale of a Mystery. Tyson, Peter Editorial May 1, 2018 445
An Astrophysicist Is Unlocking Secrets to Dark Matter. Apr 17, 2018 551
Search continues for the truth about dark matter. Apr 7, 2018 443
Hunting for Dark Matter in Smallest Galaxies in Universe. Apr 7, 2018 675
Mysterious dark matter continues to have scientists scratching their heads. Apr 6, 2018 337
Back in the dark over dark matter; SCIENCE. Apr 6, 2018 156
Why groundbreaking research by Durham University has made dark matter become even more mysterious; Around 27% of the universe is dark matter, which cannot be seen, while normal matter such as planets makes up about 5%. Apr 6, 2018 446
Dark Matter Interactive Or Not? Apr 6, 2018 480
Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter. Scott, Donald E. Apr 1, 2018 3993
On the Possible Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Belyakov, Analtoly V. Apr 1, 2018 3296
Astronomers find the 'impossible': a galaxy without dark matter. Mar 29, 2018 652
Distant galaxy void of dark matter found. Mar 29, 2018 394
Scientists baffled as they discover a mysterious 'ghost galaxy' with no dark matter; The galaxy, which is as large as our Milky Way, contains around 1/400th the amount of dark matter that astronomers had expected. Mar 29, 2018 583
Expanding The Search For Dark Matter. Mar 22, 2018 530
Black hole army behind gamma ray excess summer ash. Mar 14, 2018 309
Milky Way Shot Out A Mysterious Gamma-Ray Signal. Mar 14, 2018 591
Telltale fingerprints. Mar 4, 2018 1115
Wide and Sharp Dark Matter Map. Mar 3, 2018 1235
A rare signal from the early universe sends scientists clues about dark matter. Mar 1, 2018 1091
A Symplectic Cosmological Model. Petit, Jean-Pierre Jan 1, 2018 1835
Thermodynamics of Ricci-Gauss-Bonnet Dark Energy. Iqbal, Ayesha; Jawad, Abdul Report Jan 1, 2018 7073
Light WIMP Searches Involving Electron Scattering. Vergados, J.D.; Moustakidis, Ch.C.; Cheung, Yeuk-Kwan E.; Ejiri, H.; Kim, Yeongduk; Lee, Jeong-Yeon Report Jan 1, 2018 8836
Impact of Cosmic-Ray Physics on Dark Matter Indirect Searches. Gaggero, Daniele; Valli, Mauro Report Jan 1, 2018 21079
Quantum Vacuum, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Spontaneous Supersymmetry Breaking. Capolupo, Antonio Report Jan 1, 2018 6019
Novel Neutrino-Floor and Dark Matter Searches with Deformed Shell Model Calculations. Papoulias, D.K.; Sahu, R.; Kosmas, T.S.; Kota, V.K.B.; Nayak, B. Report Jan 1, 2018 12070
Simplified Dark Matter Models. Morgante, Enrico Column Jan 1, 2018 12445
Ghost Dark Energy in the DGP Braneworld. Zadeh, M. Abdollahi; Sheykhi, A. Report Jan 1, 2018 5230
Z' Portal Dark Matter in the Minimal B-L Model. Okada, Satomi Report Jan 1, 2018 10215
Dark Matter in the Standard Model Extension with Singlet Quark. Beylin, Vitaly; Kuksa, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2018 7712
Neutrino Mass, Coupling Unification, Verifiable Proton Decay, Vacuum Stability, and WIMP Dark Matter in SU(5). Sahoo, Biswonath; Chakraborty, Mainak; Parida, M.K. Report Jan 1, 2018 16481
The Discreet Charm of Higgsino Dark Matter: A Pocket Review. Kowalska, Kamila; Sessolo, Enrico Maria Report Jan 1, 2018 13706
Heavy Sterile Neutrino in Dark Matter Searches. Divari, Paraskevi C.; Vergados, John D. Report Jan 1, 2018 9172
Gauge-Singlet Vector-Like Fermion Dark Matter, LHC Diphoton Rate, and Direct Detection. Gopalakrishna, Shrihari; Mukherjee, Tuhin Subhra Report Jan 1, 2018 11843
Neutrino Mass and the Higgs Portal Dark Matter in the ESSFSM. Khan, Najimuddin Report Jan 1, 2018 9250
Neutral-Current Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering off Xe Isotopes. Pirinen, P.; Suhonen, J.; Ydrefors, E. Report Jan 1, 2018 7972
Bianchi Type-I Dark Energy Cosmology with Power-Law Relation in Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation. Katore, S.D.; Kapse, D.V. Report Jan 1, 2018 5869
New Physics Landmarks: Dark Matter and Neutrino Masses. Queiroz, Farinaldo S.; Valle, Jose W.F.; Mambrini, Yann; Arcadi, Giorgio Editorial Jan 1, 2018 773
'Cosmic Lantern' Could Help Us Further Understand the Fate of the Universe. Dec 25, 2017 511
Impact Of Neutron Star Merger On Dark Matter Theories. Dec 19, 2017 536
Universe's baby picture wins $3 million. Dec 15, 2017 707
During The Search For Dark Matter This Satellite Found Strange Signals. Nov 30, 2017 496
Moving Stars and Dark Matter Halos. Nov 28, 2017 735
New Theory Questions Existence Of Dark Matter, Dark Energy. Nov 22, 2017 525
Dark Matter Particle Search Narrowed Further. Nov 16, 2017 591
Search For Dark Photons Narrowed Down. Nov 9, 2017 515
Dark (and mysterious) matter. Kellogg, Tom Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2017 138
Wobbling Galaxies: New Evidence for Dark Matter Makes It Even More Exotic. Oct 27, 2017 576
Dark Matter In Galaxy Clusters Hints At Unknown Physics. Oct 26, 2017 544
China launches X-ray observatory. Dickinson, David Brief article Oct 1, 2017 281
Galaxy Clusters Offer Clues to Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Aug 29, 2017 1127
The Distribution of Dark Matter And Energy Hasn't Changed Much Since The Big Bang. Aug 6, 2017 549
Universe's Dark Matter Accurately Measured. Aug 4, 2017 1056
Dark matter matters. Britz, David Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2017 291
In the dark about dark matter. Moustakas, Leonidas Aug 1, 2017 4191
Vera Rubin's universe: by looking at things others didn't think were interesting, the astronomer often labeled the "mother of dark matter" forever changed our picture of the cosmos. Yeager, Ashley Aug 1, 2017 2617
New Faint Dwarf Galaxy Discovered. Jul 4, 2017 524
Syfy announces the launch of the third season of Dark Matter. Jul 2, 2017 249
Less dark matter in young galaxies? Young, Monica Jul 1, 2017 335
Milky Way Is In A Cosmic Void. Jun 7, 2017 482
A physical model universe without dark energy and dark matter. Sapar, Arved Jun 1, 2017 7885
Using Bubbles To Find Dark Matter. May 24, 2017 714
CERN's CAST Experiment Didn't Find Solar Axions. May 2, 2017 546
Milky Way mass still contentious. Young, Monica Brief article May 1, 2017 163
Dozens Of Facts About Space And The Solar System [PHOTOS]. Apr 29, 2017 14413
Quasar Pair Reveals Small-Scale Ripples In Cosmic Web. Apr 28, 2017 539
Computer Simulations Bolster The Case For Dark Matter. Apr 24, 2017 519
Simulated Galaxies Provide Fresh Evidence of Dark Matter. Apr 22, 2017 396
Light Bent by Curves of Space-Time Around Galaxy. Apr 21, 2017 731
Scientists Detect Diffuse Hydrogen Gas In Milky Way's Halo. Apr 19, 2017 453
New 'Image' Reveals Dark Matter Bridge. Apr 13, 2017 520
Scientists Use New Horizons To Measure The Universe's Brightness. Apr 12, 2017 442
Energy is the expansion. Consiglio, Jacques Report Apr 1, 2017 3534
The Newtonian constant G and the Einstein equations. Colenbrander, Bernard G.; Hulscher, Willem S. Report Apr 1, 2017 1418
In Galaxies Far, Far Away, Dark Matter Does Not Matter Too Much. Mar 16, 2017 590
Dark Matter Experiment Enters Final Stages Of Construction. Mar 13, 2017 512
Black Hole Mergers May Yield Clues About Dark Matter. Feb 23, 2017 574
Is Dark Matter Responsible For Andromeda's Gamma-Ray Excess? Feb 22, 2017 443
Dark Matter: The Galactic Mass Murderer. Jan 20, 2017 478
Dynamical System Analysis of Interacting Hessence Dark Energy in f(T) Gravity. Mandal, Jyotirmay Das; Debnath, Ujjal Jan 1, 2017 10898
Mimetic Gravity: A Review of Recent Developments and Applications to Cosmology and Astrophysics. Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Vagnozzi, Sunny; Myrzakulov, Ratbay Jan 1, 2017 39483
Bose-Einstein Condensate Dark Matter Halos Confronted with Galactic Rotation Curves. Dwornik, M.; Keresztes, Z.; Kun, E.; Gergely, L.A. Jan 1, 2017 9676
An Experiment and Detection Scheme for Cavity-Based Light Cold Dark Matter Particle Searches. Bukhari, Masroor H.S.; Shah, Zahoor H. Jan 1, 2017 8809
Interacting Dark Matter and q-Deformed Dark Energy Nonminimally Coupled to Gravity. Dil, Emre Jan 1, 2017 10352
Cosmic Microwave Background as a Thermal Gas of SU(2) Photons: Implications for the High-z Cosmological Model and the Value of [H.sub.0]. Hahn, Steffen; Hofmann, Ralf Jan 1, 2017 6303
Irreversible Thermodynamic Description of Dark Matter and Radiation Creation during Inflationary Reheating. Su, Juntong; Harko, Tiberiu; Liang, Shi-Dong Jan 1, 2017 17714
Dark Matter and Dark Energy Cosmologies and Alternative Theories of Gravitation. Reddy, Dandala R.K.; Odintsov, Sergei D.; Harko, Tiberiu Jan 1, 2017 827
Classical and Quantum Gravity and Its Applications. Hendi, Seyed Hossein; Corda, Christian; Mazharimousavi, S. Habib; Momeni, Davood; Sepehri-Rad, Masou Jan 1, 2017 741
Dark Matter Astronomer Vera Rubin Dies At 88. Obituary Dec 27, 2016 588
Double darkness: shadows of two failed searches loom over physics. Siegfried, Tom Dec 24, 2016 1033
CERN Telescope Looks For Axions And Chameleons. Dec 19, 2016 589
Galaxy Survey Sheds New Light On Dark Matter. Dec 8, 2016 401
Origin of the Milky Way Disk of Satellites: Collision of Two Disk Galaxies/El Origen del Disco de Satelites de la Via Lactea: Colision de Dos Galaxias Disco. Pacheco, Omar Alfonso Bohorquez; Miranda, Rigoberto A.Casas Dec 1, 2016 1994
Dark matter searches come up empty: physicists broaden efforts to identify bulk of universe's mass. Conover, Emily Nov 12, 2016 1549
'Emergent Gravity' Theory Negates Dark Matter, Energy. Nov 9, 2016 491
Axion Mass Estimate Boosts Hunt For Dark Matter. Nov 3, 2016 455
Sterile Neutrinos Still A No-Show. Oct 8, 2016 652
Dark matter, the correction to Newton's law in a disk. Heymann, Yuri Report Oct 1, 2016 3863
LIGO find offers dark matter hint: massive black holes detected last year could be primordial. Conover, Emily Sep 3, 2016 559
Cooling stars hint at existence of dark matter particles. Conover, Emily Brief article Sep 3, 2016 147
No sign of dark matter. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Sep 3, 2016 148
Scientists find one galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter. Sep 1, 2016 288
Has Milky Way's 'Blowout Bash' Been Found? Aug 30, 2016 510
Scientists Discover 'Dark' Milky Way. Aug 27, 2016 507
A Galaxy Full Of Dark Matter. Aug 26, 2016 517
In a galaxy not far away... dark forces. Aug 26, 2016 139
Fifth Force of Nature? Clarifying Dark Matter. Aug 16, 2016 587
WIMPs Or Axions? What Is Dark Matter Made Of? Aug 13, 2016 576
'Nothing' May Reveal A Lot About The Universe. Aug 12, 2016 520
World's Most Sensitive Detector Fails To Shed Light On Dark Matter. Jul 22, 2016 538
Brain Map Identifies Nearly 100 New Regions. Jul 21, 2016 478
Getting to the heart of the dark matter. Jul 16, 2016 498
130th Annual Academy Meeting: Presidential Plenary Address by Arden L. Bement Jr. "Connective Pathways in Science". Bement, Arden Lee, Jr. Jun 27, 2016 2156
Universe expanding 5-9% faster than we thought. Jun 3, 2016 245
854 Ultra-dark galaxies discovered. Jun 1, 2016 441
Scientist suggests possible link between primordial black holes and dark matter. May 25, 2016 535
Scientist Suggests Possible Link Between Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter. May 25, 2016 1132
Dark Matter Dwarf Galaxy Found Lurking In Space-Time Warp. Apr 15, 2016 406
Galactoseismology \guh-LAC-to-siz-MAHL-ah-je\n. Grant, Andrew Brief article Feb 20, 2016 273
BLOKEOSCOPE. Jan 31, 2016 405
Study Finds Link Between Architecture Of Galaxy Clusters And Dark Matter. Jan 27, 2016 535
Cosmos and life meet in unusual proposal. Grant, Andrew Book review Jan 9, 2016 426
On the absorber in gravitation. Consiglio, Jacques Report Jan 1, 2016 5139
Durham University researchers play part in space discovery; Astronomers from Durham University helped find proof of gas in the Cosmic Web. Dec 3, 2015 412
Hunting For Dark Matter In A 'Dead' Galaxy. Nov 20, 2015 448
Gigantic protogalaxy in the cosmic web. Carlisle, Camille M. Nov 1, 2015 425
Nuclear Membrane Repairs 'Dark Matter' of DNA. Oct 31, 2015 488
Magnifying the cosmos: using general relativity to see deep into space. Crockett, Christopher Oct 17, 2015 2967
September-October 1940: dark matter. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 220
Dark galaxies suffuse coma ... Young, Monica Brief article Oct 1, 2015 198
Eight more galaxies found orbiting the Milky Way. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Sep 19, 2015 161
Dark matter: mapping the (not-so-) invisible. Young, Monica Sep 1, 2015 442
How slippery is dark matter? Young, Monica Aug 1, 2015 514
Black Holes May Make Ideal Dark Matter Labs. Jun 26, 2015 804
More than 800 dark galaxies found. Jun 24, 2015 273
Brainbox Clara a natural in front of camera. Jun 12, 2015 361
Galaxy clusters formed as "fireworks". Jun 1, 2015 547
China to launch dark matter probe by 2015-end. Jun 1, 2015 181
Garden sheds light on dark matter; Uni at Chelsea Flower Show to explain universe with petal power. May 17, 2015 298
Fresh Theories about Dark Matter. May 16, 2015 551
Map pinpoints location of invisible dark matter. Grant, Andrew Brief article May 16, 2015 205
Split galaxy offers dark matter clues: division of stars, invisible mass hints at self-interacting particles. Grant, Andrew May 16, 2015 569
Space-based particle hunting. Letter to the editor May 2, 2015 217
Durham University astronomers' work could shed light on dark matter; Scientists from Durham University believe they have seen the mysterious invisible cosmic component behaving in a way never seen before. Apr 14, 2015 505
New Milky Way neighbors discovered: finding dwarf galaxies boosts efforts to understand dark matter. Crockett, Christopher Apr 4, 2015 774
Eyes on the invisible prize: Sam Ting won't be rushed to solve the mystery of dark matter. Grant, Andrew Mar 21, 2015 3297
Dark galaxies discovered in coma cluster. Young, Monica Mar 1, 2015 273
A more precise picture of the cosmos: Planck fine-tunes estimates for universe's age, composition. Crockett, Christopher Dec 27, 2014 415
Some galaxies are short on stars: faint spheres could aid understanding of dark matter. Crockett, Christopher Dec 13, 2014 613
Milky Way enigma explained: lighter dark matter may have led to fewer satellite galaxies. Crockett, Christopher Oct 18, 2014 416
Light shed on galaxy's far side: 'variable stars' could help map Milky Way's dark matter. Crockett, Christopher Jun 14, 2014 633
Galaxy's gamma-ray glow may expose elusive dark matter. Grant, Andrew Brief article May 17, 2014 201
Cosmological constraints on mirror matter parameters. Ciarcelluti, Paolo; Wallemacq, Quentin Jan 1, 2014 4756
The WArP experiment: a double-phase argon detector for dark matter searches. Zani, Andrea Jan 1, 2014 12434
MicroBlack holes thermodynamics in the presence of quantum gravity effects. Soltani, H.; Kamali, A. Damavandi; Nozari, K. Jan 1, 2014 7246
Black component of dark matter. Grobov, A.V.; Rubin, S.G.; Shalamova, V.Yu. Jan 1, 2014 3887
Searches for dark matter with superheated liquid techniques. Pullia, A. Jan 1, 2014 4279
Probes for 4th generation constituents of dark atoms in Higgs boson studies at the LHC. Khlopov, M. Yu.; Shibaev, R.M. Jan 1, 2014 4467
Milli-interacting dark matter interpretation of the direct-search experiments. Wallemacq, Quentin Report Jan 1, 2014 7294
Interaction between dark matter and dark energy and the cosmological coincidence problem. Nozari, Kourosh; Behrouz, Noushin; Rashidi, Narges Jan 1, 2014 6792
Halo-independent comparison of direct dark matter detection data. Del Nobile, Eugenio Jan 1, 2014 9000
The annual modulation signature for dark matter: DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 results and perspectives. Bernabei, Rita; Belli, Pierluigi; Cappella, Fabio; Caracciolo, Vincenzo; Castellano, Simone; Cerulli Jan 1, 2014 7042
Gamma-ray effects of dark forces in dark matter clumps. Belotsky, K.; Khlopov, M.; Kirillov, A. Report Jan 1, 2014 4534
Big bang nucleosynthesis in visible and hidden-mirror sectors. Ciarcelluti, Paolo Report Jan 1, 2014 5482
Dark atoms and the positron-annihilation-line excess in the galactic bulge. Cudell, J.-R.; Khlopov, M. Yu.; Wallemacq, Q. Report Jan 1, 2014 3310
Astronomical signatures of dark matter. Gorenstein, Paul; Tucker, Wallace Report Jan 1, 2014 7656
Candidates for dark matter bite the dust: sensitive experiment finds that earlier results were artifacts. Grant, Andrew Nov 30, 2013 549
Homing in on mystery particles? Carlisle, Camille M. Jul 1, 2013 475
Experiment finds hints of WIMPs: three potential signals of dark matter detected. Grant, Andrew May 18, 2013 776
Cosmic rays hint at dark matter: space station--based instrument confirms past experiments. Grant, Andrew May 4, 2013 679
Light in dark: scientists may be on the brink of identifying a mysterious form of matter. Siegfried, Tom Jan 12, 2013 2156
Dark matter in the discovery age: using a variety of experiments, scientists might be on the verge of cracking one of their most perplexing mysteries. Hooper, Dan Jan 1, 2013 2330
How particle physicists learned to stop worrying and love WIMPs. Jan 1, 2013 599
Capturing dark matter with DNA: Physicists propose biobased detector for elusive particles. Lewis, Tanya Dec 1, 2012 461
Dark matter / invisible thread revealed. Craft, Stephen P. Oct 1, 2012 336
New Study Claims 'Sun is Surrounded by Dark Matter'. Brief article Aug 12, 2012 319
Dark matter filament illuminated: Astronomers image one strand in a shadowy cosmic web. Powell, Devin Brief article Aug 11, 2012 267
Dark energy BOSSes around the universe. Young, Monica Aug 1, 2012 433
Dark matter / "train wreck cluster" causes stir. Young, Monica Brief article Jul 1, 2012 309
Cumulative-phase-alteration of galactic-light passing through the cosmic-microwave-background: a new mechanism for some observed spectral-shifts. Tank, Hasmukh K. Jul 1, 2012 3352
Dark matter nothing to fear, if it's there or not. Siegfried, Tom Editorial May 19, 2012 405
Dark matter, where art thou? New study finds dearth of invisible substance in the solar system's neighborhood. Drake, Nadia May 19, 2012 801
New maps of dark matter. Apr 1, 2012 1830
New maps of the cosmic dark probing galactic distortions reveals web of invisible matter. Drake, Nadia Brief article Feb 11, 2012 202
Discovery of uniformly expanding universe. Cahill, Reginald T.; Rothall, David Jan 1, 2012 3152
Dynamical space: supermassive galactic black holes and cosmic filaments. Cahill, Reginald T.; Kerrigan, Daniel J. Oct 1, 2011 3087
New evidence for WIMPs reported: Minnesota experiment finds possible signs of dark matter. Cowen, Ron Brief article Jun 4, 2011 248
XENON100 finds no dark matter: detector puts new limits on elusive material's properties. Cowen, Ron May 7, 2011 274
What is the universe made of? In the dark in the dark. Witze, Alexandra Apr 23, 2011 1078
Dynamical 3-space: cosmic filaments, sheets and voids. Cahill, Reginald T. Apr 1, 2011 4062
Dynamical 3-space gravity theory: effects on polytropic solar models. May, Richard D.; Cahill, Reginald T. Jan 1, 2011 3699
On the failure of particle dark matter experiments to yield positive results. Messina, Joseph F. Jan 1, 2011 1376
Gamma rays may signal detection of dark matter in Milky Way's core: Fermi telescope data analysis matches other experiments. Cowen, Ron Nov 20, 2010 684
Scientists go to dark side, but it's for a noble cause. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Aug 28, 2010 394
Nearby galaxy is a very dark place: holds record for concentration of mysterious missing mass. Cowen, Ron Aug 28, 2010 357
Mining for missing matter: in underground lairs, physicists look for the dark stuff. Cowen, Ron Aug 28, 2010 2877
Modified Newtonian dynamics at low accelerations as an alternative to dark matter. Prozesky, Andri Report Aug 1, 2010 6873
The light of life still eludes us. Braffman-Miller, Judith May 1, 2010 3250
The smaller the galaxy, the more dark matter. Brief article May 1, 2010 174
Physics of rotating and expanding black hole universe. Seshavatharam, U.V.S. Apr 1, 2010 7214
Epsilon Aurigae solved at last? Apr 1, 2010 1868
Shedding light on dark stars: bizarre stars powered by dark matter may have been the first to form after the Big Bang. Than, Ker Mar 1, 2010 1749
Closing in on dark matter? Feb 1, 2010 1331
Dark matter particle found, maybe: mine experiment yields evidence of possible WIMP detection. Cowen, Ron Jan 2, 2010 377
Cosmology with dark energy and dark matter. Mishra, Ravi Kant; Singh, Amritbir; Pandey, Arunesh Kumar Report Aug 1, 2009 3268
Shedding new light on dark matter: two instruments may have seen telltale signs from the strange stuff that makes up the bulk of the universe's mass. Schilling, Govert Apr 1, 2009 1649
Pamela spots the dark stuff, maybe: orbiting observatory records excessive positron production. Cowen, Ron Sep 27, 2008 426
The quest for dark matter: astrophysicists know where it is, but not what it is. To find out, they're trying to catch the elusive stuff in the laboratory. Panek, Richard Aug 1, 2008 2609
On the origin of the dark matter/energy in the universe and the pioneer anomaly. Ungar, Abraham A. Jul 1, 2008 5158
From dark matter to light: new models of galaxy formation show the gastro in physics. Cowen, Ron Mar 22, 2008 1994
Dynamical 3-space: alternative explanation of the "dark matter ring". Cahill, Reginald T. Oct 1, 2007 2719
Deep survey yields first results: COSMOS has mapped the 3-D distribution of dark matter. Naeye, Robert Apr 1, 2007 416
Battlefield galactica: dark matter vs. MOND. Schilling, Govert Apr 1, 2007 2964
A lesson in what we don't know: knowledge can be enlightening but so can mystery. Shaberman, Ben A. Apr 1, 2007 681
Messages from the dark side: astronomers have detected gamma rays that might come from dark matter smashing itself to smithereens. Schilling, Govert Dec 1, 2006 1874

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