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Dark Company.

Dark Company

written by Natale Ghent

Doubleday Canada, 2015

978-0-385-66733-3 (pb) $15.95

978-0-307-36819-5 (eBook) $10.99

for Grades 9 and up

Fiction / Fantasy / Dystopia

Seventeen-year-old Caddy is haunted by visions that take her to a desolate place where dispossessed souls struggle to be heard. When her father goes missing, she searches for him and is abducted into a cabalistic society called The Dreamers, who "dream" to sustain the light against the dark energies that threaten to take over the planet. As she falls deeper and deeper into the world of the Dreamers, Caddy discovers layers of deceit and treachery. She realizes it's up to her to find a way to overcome the dark and prevent the light from being extinguished forever.

In her gripping new young adult fantasy novel, Ghent paints a picture of a resource-starved, near-future world on the brink of economic ruin and war. Food and money are scarce, the continents are fighting over what little is left and hope is dwindling.

While Caddy is being pulled deeper into the Dreamers, Meg, another girl from her school, is transformed into a light being named Skylark. She is eventually overtaken by darkness and becomes a servant to the demonic entity known as "Speaker," whose goal is to destroy the Earth.

Good versus Evil is a popular theme in literature, and Ghent offers a unique twist on the topic, explored from the alternating perspectives of Caddy and Skylark. The girls are extremely different, and each has a particular role to play in the fight. Caddy is more closed and secretive, while Skylark is unable to fully suppress her emotions and let go of her human past, and as a result becomes more vulnerable to darkness. While the story does feel overly complicated at times, the book raises a number of questions about how darkness is created and spreads.

Overall, this is a fascinating read that definitely begs for a sequel.

Rachel Seigel

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Author:Seigel, Rachel
Publication:Canadian Children's Book News
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2015
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