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Darfur 'inexcusable,' say Africans.

THE ALL AFRICA CONFERENCE of Churches has expressed dire concern over the escalating violence in the Darfur region, west of Sudan, where renewed fighting is forcing aid workers to flee.

"As Africans and Christians, we are appalled by the reports of random, indiscriminate killings, especially since ethnic and religious hatred is reported to be at the root of aggression," said the Bishop Mvume Dandala, the leader of the African church grouping.

Dandala, a Methodist from South Africa, described the continued violence as "inexcusable" while underlining his desire for a peaceful settlement of the devastating conflict.

ACT-Caritas, an alliance of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Christian Orthodox relief agencies across the globe, recently reported that armed militias have driven more than 55,000 people from their homes in South Darfur.--ENI
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Title Annotation:religious violence
Publication:Presbyterian Record
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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