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Darboven's Bavarian beauties open new roasting plant.

Germany's coffee market continues to expand. Two Munich-based coffee roasters--Burkhardt & Imhof and J. Eilles--opened their new roasting plant in Sauerlach (near Munich) in mid-April.

The new plant contains the most modern technology concerning quality optimization and work safety. Much has been invested in environmental protection, especially in noise prevention. Because of the plant's special energy needs, it was economically possible that the Sauerlach township as a whole be connected to the Bavarian gas supply net.

Both Munich companies are sisters of the Hamburg coffee roaster J.J. Darboven since 1974 and 1987, respectively.

Founded in 1873 and having acquired the title of a purveyor of the Royal Bavarian Court, the J. Eilles OHG boasts that the legendary Bavarian King Ludwig II, builder of the fairy tale-like castle of Neuschwanstein, has already been its most prominent customer. The company produces a high premium gourmet coffee, traditionally delivered to upper class restaurants and the hotel business. Since the beginning of 1993, distribution has been started in food stores on a nationwide scale.

Besides its gourmet coffee, Eilles is famous for its exquisite teas, offering more than 100 different mixtures, along with high class confectionery, wines, and brandies. The company's total turnover in 1992 amounted to more than US$ 15 million. Eilles also operates shops of its own and employs some 175 employees.

Under its trade mark "Burkhof Kaffee," in which parts of the two founders names are merged, the 65 year old Burkhardt & Imhof sold some 2,300 tons of roasted coffee in 1992. However, it's not only coffee, but also tea, drinking chocolate, alcoholic mix drinks, and a complete tea and coffee servicing program for restaurants and the gastronomy that they are offering.

The total turnover accounted for some US$ 30 million in 1992. The company employs 112 employees, its sales operations covering the regions of Bavaria, Thuringia, and Saxony, as well as the gastronomy in Austria.

In 1991 Burkhardt & Imhof set up a daughter company Burkhof Kava s.r.o. in Marianske Lazne of the Czech Republic.

J.j Darboven dates back until 1866. Today, it has become a whole group consisting, besides the Hamburg-based parent company, of the Dutch J.J. Darboven B.V. in Amersfoort, Maison Warca S.A. in France, Burkhof Kava s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, and the IDEE Kaffee sales company in Austria, as well as the Germany-based IDEE Office Coffee Service GmbH and Costei Kaffee and Tee GmbH & Co. All together the group sells some 20,000 tons of roasted coffee per year of which 10% is exported into 30 countries-worldwide.

The group's turnover lies around US $250 million. The Hamburg company has 860 employees. Though they only rank as number seven in the league of ro-asters in Germany, Darboven is the number one concerning its market share in the high class gastronomy and hotel business. The non-household sector accounts for roughly one fourth of the total coffee consumption in Germany.

Most famous is Darboven's traditional brand "IDEE Kaffee," a caffeine-containing low irritant coffee, the name of which is almost synonymous for an easy digestible coffee. Produced under license is the "Movenpick" brand, a high premium coffee. A decaffeinated version of it has been launched at the beginning of this year. Darboven also delivers the Italian specialties espresso and cappuccino, both with growing sales volume, as well as the Swiss specialty "Schiimli."

Besides coffee, the company is currently engaged in tea, drinking chocolate, and alcoholic beverages with coffee.
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