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Danube Expected to Reach Critically High Level in Bulgaria.

The level of the river Danube is high in the Bulgarian section and is expected to increase still in the next few days, announced the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment.

The Danube is expected to reach its highest level in the beginning of next week, according to authorities.

On Wednesday the level at Vidin is expected at 680 cm, with the top of the local levee measuring 760 cm.

All regional governors and responsible agencies have been notified of the situation, said the Ministry of Environment.

The Ministry also said that water levels in Bulgaria's reservoirs are also very high due to snow melting, and dams are accordingly strictly monitored.

In some cases, controlled evacuation of water is being performed to avoid overflow.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Geographic Code:4EXBU
Date:Apr 6, 2013
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