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Danish consumers jittery about the future.

One of the most striking comparisons offered by Denmark's most recent release of its consumer confidence statistics (by Statistics Denmark, December 22, 2006) appears in the "General Economic Situation" subindexes. As is common in confidence analyses offered by many countries, there is a 12 month forward looking index and a 12 month backward looking index.

The December 2006 "General Economic Situation" forward looking index reading was 2.3 points, still positive but down from 5.0 points in November 2006 and 5.4 points in October 2006. The index lost more than half of its value between November 2006 and December 2006. But that's not the most striking comparison. The reading for the "General Economic Situation" over the past 12 months was 22.0-almost 10 times higher than how consumers were feeling about the Danish economy looking ahead 12 months.

A great deal of the difference can be explained by a kind of national psychology of uncertainty. This is best illustrated statistically by the "Savings at Present" sub-index which registered 79.0 points eliciting-by far-the strongest feelings of the whole survey. And, although this is not a very good comparison because of large differences in methodology, the reading is among the strongest indicators of any market in the world with similar confidence reports.
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