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Danielle Lineker's Beauty blog; OUR SEARCH FOR SECRETS OF ANTI-AGEING.

Byline: Danielle Lineker

Beware bearer of gloom I COULDN'T contain my excitement when I got my hands on a bottle of Lancome's new Visionnaire cream this week.

Tipped as an anti-ageing and skincare miracle, it's been flying off the shelves - impressive considering it's pounds 57.

It sold out online at Debenhams and John Lewis, proving women won't stop in their quest for an antiageing cream that actually works.

The science that's got everyone excited is the LR 2412 molecule that seems to have multiple effects: refining skin texture, reducing wrinkles and pigmentation irregularities and tightening pores.

Tests proved this cream is as effective on pigmentation as Retin A creams, but without the side effects and you also don't need a prescription.

I am only one week into my trial but so far my skin feels amazing. Emmy-winning actress Kate Winslet, below, is an ambassador for Lancome and her skin is flawless. If it's good enough for her...

Another launch that has got everyone talking is Superdrug's Optimum Eye Cream that promises to protect against sun-induced ageing.

Key ingredient, PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis, is formulated to regenerate, replenish and stimulate collagen production.

The same ingredients are found in expensive top-end creams, so at pounds 9.99 ( this is a bargain.

Beauty school 3 GREAT FIRMING CREAMS 1Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream, pounds 35.55, 200ml, Helps the synthesis of collagen fibres for 2 Palmer's Cocoa Butter Firming Butter, pounds 6.49, Ginseng and Vitamin E boost tired skin and co-enzyme Q10 will tone and smooth it.

3M&S Tess Daly Spa Tums and Bums Silhouette Smoother, pounds 12, Gives immediate tightened effect.

Q&A Dear Danielle, I'VE heard that matte nail varnish is a big trend for autumn. Is this true? If so, how can I get the look? I can't seem to find any in the shops!

AMY, 29, BIRMINGHAM Danielle says, YOU'RE right. Nail trends do seem to be changing with the seasons these days and yes, it's all about matte nails for autumn.

But fear not, CND has brought out a nail coat that you can simply apply over your favourite polish to give it the matte effect you're looking for.

It really couldn't be easier and you don't need to splash your cash out on lots of new nail colours.

CND Super Matte Top Coat, pounds 9.95 (call 0113 217 3813 to find out more).

Cheaptreat 2True Krazy Kracked Silver Nail Polish, pounds 1.99 These crackled silver nail polishes are causing a bit of a stir and are a great way to update your beauty regime.

2True Krazy Kracked Silver Nail Polish, pounds 1.99,
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Date:Sep 20, 2011
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