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Daniel's Bookshelf.

Cold Vengeance

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Grand Central Publishing

c/o Hachette Book Group

237 Park Avenue, New York NY, 10017

9780446554985 $26.99

I noticed this book shortly after finishing reading Gideon's Sword. I have enjoyed reading their novels, since their first novel of Relic featuring Pendergast. I have been a fan ever since that novel. They also write good solo novels with interesting stories dominantly in the adventure genre' including science fiction, thriller, or horror.

Special Agent Pendergast is seeking his wife Helen's betrayers, which takes him first through the wild moors in Scotland. He is following a stag with his wife's brother, Judson Esterhazy, up on the Beinn Dearg near Cairn Barrow, Scotland . The two are down in the Foul mire between the dangerous bog quicksand and an unknown enemy that soon becomes apparent. Pendergast disappears after being shot, and he ends up trapped in the quicksand. The brother reports his brother in law as being shot to the local community. The chief inspector police constable Balfour drags Judson along with the gamekeeper, tracker, handler, and two bloodhounds go in the bogs to track down the scent of Pendergast. The dogs discover his scent, proceed to advance into the bog to verify Judson's account. The police proceed to drag a number of pools looking for Pendergast's body. Esterhazy is ordered to remain in the area until Balfour can figure out what happened. Shortly after Esterhazy notices that Lieutenant Vincent D' Agosta is roaming around the area in Scotland. He figures Agosta is not there for any other reason than to search for Pendergast. Pendergast learned by confession from Estyhazy before his vanishing in the bogs that his wife was alive. This brings about more deception that goes further back in the family history, and Pendergast learns the lies carry horrible ratifications. The real danger will be learned, if anything is true about his wife. The hidden enemies are lurking in the shadows, and they threaten later when that information becomes known.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have written many stand alone bestselling novels together, and eighteen solo offerings between the two authors. They have an upcoming novel, that will follow this current reviewed book with the main character Pendergast. They decided to write a new series with a new character named Gideon. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will now go back and forth collaborating on both series, which gives their fans a wealth of good stories continuing in the two series. This book will follow the story line after Fever Dream, so Cold Vengeance is best read next in this book sequence. I understand their next novel will be Gideon's Corpse to be released on January 10, 2012.

American Assassin

Vince Flynn

Atria Books

c/o Simon & Schuster, Inc.

1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020

9781416595182, $27.99,

I read so many different type of books, and I was encouraged by my pro active manager friend to read Vince Flynn. I also worked for him in two jobs, and we discussed different authors reflecting our opposite tastes in book reading. Sometimes he liked my selections, but we were both on different crossroads to spread our own separate horizons. I found out through many readings that authors who love their work, and enjoy telling a good story will capture more diverse readers. I guess I am the lucky one as I have learned what type of books the vast audience likes the best. He is more subjective with his narrower selection, but with good tastes in books too. I am glad I listened to him, and Vince Flynn does give us an equal comparison of Jason Bourne. I am thankful for both, as they both have been great reads in the CIA thrillers.

Once upon a time, Mitch Rapp was enjoying being a gifted athlete, and his life without a care in his young world. This first changed, when he was young teenager of thirteen where his father died of a massive heart attack. The second tragedy of his life at sixteen during a Christmas break period. His love of his life, Mary died when the plane she was on was blown up over the skies. The plane exploded killing 259 passengers and crew with 11 people on the ground in Lockerbie, Scotland. Both of these events changed his outlook and perspective on what priorities would be in his possible life's vocation.

Mitch Rapp was searching for comfort after the Lockerbie tragedy, but more to his mind set he was from that moment on seeking retribution for Mary. He is older now, when Irene Kennedy finds a well trained and resourceful fighting man of Jason Bourne stock who one of the best candidates for the CIA to bring America back to battle against the terrorists. She places him a site to get the physical training and expertise, that he will need to help to become an American Assassin. His training after six months of intensity have prepared him for the mission to bring the war at the enemy's doorstep. He does with by assassinating a Turkish arms dealer who sold the explosives uses in the Pam Am attack of Lockerbie. He moves on with his team to Hamburg and then to the place where all the roads lead to Beirut. Rapp doesn't know that the enemy is aware of his existence and now the hunter is to become the hunted. Rapp will need all his skill set and cunning, if he is to survive in this war zone with all the terrorist groups.

Vince Flynn is the New York Times bestselling author of eleven previous CIA thrillers, this being his most recent book along with Pursuit of Honor and Extreme Measures. I eagerly await his new one which is slated for early February entitled Kill Shot.

Daniel Allen

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