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Dangerous trend dares players to go to extremes.


THE Neck Nominate drinking game is sweeping social media.

Alcohol awareness groups have slammed the craze in which people complete a drinking dare and then nominate someone to do the same.

Participants film themselves rapidly downing the alcohol and then post the footage online.

The trend is believed to have started in Australia and has created a storm here and around the world.

It has seen people trying to outdo each other with more and more extreme versions of the craze.

In one video online a young man drinks a whole bottle of spirits in less than eight seconds.

Another shows a man drinking a bottle of beer while his friends hit him with bats and balls.

The craze caused controversy in Australia where police quizzed a man after a video showed him getting out of the boot of a car, "necking" a drink, then getting back in. It is described as: "Neck your drink. Nominate another. Don't break the chain, don't be a d***.

The social drinking game for social media!"


Down in one: man in Australia takes part
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:8AUST
Date:Feb 2, 2014
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