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Danger man Bronson gets life.

One of Britain's most dangerous prisoners was yesterday jailed for life after being convicted of holding a teacher hostage for nearly two days during a jail siege.

Charles Bronson (47) tied a skipping rope around 37-year-old Phil Danielson's neck and tugged him around for 44 hours at knifepoint during the siege at Hull Prison in January last year.

Mr Danielson, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, was the latest in a series of people Bronson has taken hostage or attacked in prison.

Prison Service sources say Bronson, a former unlicensed boxer who holds world press-up and sit-up titles, is one of the 12 most dangerous inmates in the Britain.

Bronson, who was guarded by at least five prison officers throughout the trial, was originally jailed for seven years after being convicted of armed robbery in 1974.

He has had a series of sentences added to that term over the years as a result of attacking people in prison. His anticipated release date prior to yesterday's sentence was 2006.

Judge Ronald Moss said the prison population and the public at large had to be protected from Bronson, who was born Michael Peterson but changed his name by deed poll.

Bronson, who comes from Luton, Bedfordshire, and is now held in a special segregation unit at Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes, told the judge before sentencing: "Just crack on and give me some more porridge. Why don't you shoot me?"Judge Moss told Bronson: "It cannot be denied that you have committed serious offences. You have kept your word to me that you would behave during this trial and I appreciate that.

"I still cannot shrink from my public duty and note that these are serious crimes. You are dangerous and unpredictable, especially when you are upset and angry. I consider that you will continue to be a danger which is why I have to pass a sentence of life imprisonment."

Bronson was convicted of false imprisonment and causing criminal damage.

Earlier in the three-day trial, Bronson was cleared of making threats to kill and assault after the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence.

The prisoner, who weighs around 14st and stands around 6ft tall, appeared in court sporting dark glasses and a black T-shirt with the emblem XXXL across the chest.

Jurors heard that Bronson, a published poet and cartoonist who has won a series of prison educational awards, had lost three stone during a 40-day hunger strike last year.

Bronson represented himself during the trial. Initially he was advised by a solicitor but yesterday announced that he had "sacked" the lawyer.

Mr Danielson, a community education officer with Hull City Council who was visiting Hull jail to teach another inmate when he was grabbed, was unavailable for comment.
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Author:Farmer, Brian
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 18, 2000
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