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Danes do it right.

THAT DENMARK IS a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy, especially wind, is not news. But the extent of the country's success is remarkable. Despite almost a doubling of the economy and about a 10 per cent population increase since 1980, Denmark's gross energy consumption has flat-lined.

Danish Minister of Energy Flemming Hansen explained to the audience of a meeting organized by the Conservation Council of Ontario in April that his nation's tremendous track record is due to an increase in end-use energy efficiency, a huge expansion of combined heat and power production (co-generation), and a shift from oil and coal to natural gas and renewables that dates back to the energy price shocks of the 1970s. These gains have been nudged along with the help of regulations and taxes.

Meanwhile, since 1980, the Canadian gross domestic product has slightly more than doubled, and the population has grown by over 30 per cent. The result of Canada's efforts to curb energy use? Since 1990 alone, energy consumption has increased by 28 per cent, making this country one of the highest per capita energy users in the world.

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