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Dandra Veiga: Ballet Hispanico company dancer.

Living in New York City, Brazil native Dandara Veiga might be far away from home, but she brings a touch of her culture with her wherever she goes. "I always like to have clothes with bright colors," Veiga says of the "Brazilian vibes" they give her. Sporting bold hues when she's off-duty relaxing, Veiga also opts for colorful studio wear--if her rehearsal schedule at Ballet Hispanico allows for it. "For class, I can get creative with leotards, but for rehearsal, I try to wear something that matches the original costume so that I can get used to the movement."

Her most relatabie role: "My favorite work is Con Brazos Abiertos, choreographed by Michelle Manzanales. It's about being suspended between two cultures as a Mexican American. I can identify with the theme as an immigrant. It's amazing to be able to not just express her history, but also have space to express myself in another culture." Personal goal: "I want to study English because the language is still hard for me sometimes. When I first came to America, I didn't speak English at all. Even though I'm getting better, I want to learn more." Preshow ritual: "I listen to music while I'm doing my hair and makeup. I focus on good thoughts and positive energy, then take an hour to warm up." What's on her playlist: "Currently loving the work of IZA, a Brazilian artist. If you haven't heard Brazilian funk beats yet, it will 'wow' you."

Her beauty must-haves: "Face masks. My favorites are the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask and Yes To's Grapefruit line because they are easy to travel with and help keep my face bright and clear."

"I 'ove to have Chimarrao, a traditional drink from my state, Rio Grande do Sul. There's a local Brazilian community in New York City that I get it from."

"I really like how these colors highlight my skin tone It gives me Brazilian vibes--bright colors remind me of the energy of my country."

"I love to try different things with my hair, especially different kinds of braids."

"I come from a simple family, and sometimes we couldn't buy clothes, so people would give us clothing. That was an important lesson--to understand that simple can also be beautiful."

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