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Dancer's dairy moves forwarded by Assembly.

Byline: Gabrielle Saulsbery

Assemblyman Ronald Dancer, R-16th District, sponsored the bills, calling on the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Commerce to increase New Jersey dairy exports, Assembly Resolution 156, and establishing the last week of June as a "dairy week" promoting the consumption of dairy as part of a healthy lifestyle, Assembly Joint Resolution 113.

Dancer said there are fewer than 100 dairy farms remaining in New Jersey but worldwide demand for dairy products has quadrupled.

"The razor-thin profit margin for dairies is dictated by commodity prices set at the federal level. We can help [the farms] survive by promoting the industry, and expanding the market," he said. "New Jersey exported $3 million indairyproducts in 2016. Shipping more milk product to hungry markets in Mexico, China and South America will create jobs for New Jersey workers and invigorate the state economy."

Assembly Joint Resolution 113 next heads to the Senate. Assembly Resolution 156, which doesn't require Senate approval as it is a single-house resolution, will be transmitted to the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce, the Governor of New Jersey, and the New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture, as per the text of the bill.View the full article from NJBIZ at Copyright 2018 BridgeTower Media. All Rights Reserved.

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Author:Saulsbery, Gabrielle
Publication:NJ Biz
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Date:Jun 22, 2018
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