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Dana's Intelligent Cooling System Uses Real-Time Data To Improve Engine Performance, Fuel Economy.

TOLEDO, Ohio -- Convergence 2002, Booth # 520 -- Dana Corporation's Intelligent Cooling(TM) system improves engine performance and fuel economy by regulating coolant flow based on real-time engine temperature, rather than engine speed.

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Dana's new Intelligent Cooling system allows the engine to operate at higher temperatures, with more uniformity and significantly greater control. The system combines a high performance electric water pump, a multi-port, proportional flow control valve to replace the thermostat, a speed- controllable cooling fan, a "smart" cylinder head gasket with embedded temperature sensors, and system control capability. The Intelligent Cooling system is designed for greater fuel and emissions efficiency, a significantly faster engine warm-up from cold start and afterboil protection after key-off.

"Many other engine systems are electronically controlled, but the engine cooling system has changed very little since the birth of the automobile," said Mike Laisure, president of Dana's Engine and Fluid Management Group. "Intelligent Cooling is an underestimated opportunity to improve engine performance, fuel economy and occupant comfort."

Real-time thermal data for Intelligent Cooling comes from a "smart" cylinder head gasket developed by Dana. The smart gasket features embedded sensors, making it possible for microprocessors to monitor the environment inside the heart of the engine and make needed adjustments. The head gasket is the only independent component in intimate contact with the engine combustion process, lubrication system and coolant system. Dana's smart gaskets, equipped with miniature temperature, pressure and flow-rate sensors, provide the engine control unit with real-time, reliable information about engine operation.

A high-performance electric water pump varies coolant flow rate independent of engine speed, reducing engine parasitic loss and enhancing performance in low-speed, high-load operating conditions, such as uphill trailer towing or off-road driving. It also provides heat soak protection after key-off.

A multi-port, proportional flow control valve controls coolant flow to the heater core or other secondary cooling circuits. The valve replaces the traditional wax thermostat, which only reacts to water temperature at its location, not real-time thermal conditions inside the heart of the engine. Other disadvantages to the thermostat include limiting dynamic control and restricting coolant flow even when fully open, which increases water pump power consumption. The multi-port, proportional flow control valve receives electric signals from microprocessors based on data from gasket sensors, resulting in more precise regulation of coolant flow.

System control of the pump, valve and a speed-controlled fan can be packaged into the components themselves, into a single remote unit that controls all three, into the pump-mounted control unit, or into the vehicle engine control unit.

In addition to its fuel economy and engine performance improvements, Intelligent Cooling also allows the packaging benefits of using a smaller radiator. Traditionally, the radiator takes up an excess amount of space because it is sized to compensate for worst-case engine temperature conditions, a job the Intelligent Cooling system eliminates.

Founded in 1904, Dana Corporation is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of value-added products and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers and their related aftermarkets. The company employs approximately 70,000 people worldwide, all dedicated to achieving innovation through close collaboration with customers. Based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates hundreds of technology, manufacturing, and customer service facilities in 34 countries. The company reported sales of $10.3 billion in 2001.

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