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Damien Lane: Equally clear as mud.

Byline: Damien Lane

THE Government is handing out a fortune each year to spin doctors in a bid to get their "message" across.

Imagine shelling out taxpayers' cash for this beauty.

On behalf of the Equality Tribunal, Carr Communications is attempting to explain the difference between the Tribunal and the Equality Authority.

This is what they got for their money: "To assist accuracy in future reportage, there follows a brief description of the Equality Tribunal.

"The Equality Tribunal is an impartial quasi-judicial forum which mediates or decides claims of alleged discrimination. It operates essentially as an 'equity court' and its decisions are legally binding. It has no advocacy or policy functions.

"The similarity in titles between the Equality Tribunal and the Equality Authority has led to confusion in the past.

"The Tribunal is a quasi-judicial body and the Equality Authority is an advocacy body. In the interest of accuracy going forward - and for the sake of parties to claims - the Tribunal hopes that this clarification is helpful."

It's as clear as mud.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2005
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