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Damage control.

* Submarines surveyed have at least one OBA out of commission (unknown to the crew) due to bent guide rods, latches grossly out of adjustment, or canister baskets bent to the point that a canister cannot be inserted.

Solution: Train the crew in the proper use and care of the OBA. Store the OBAs in their authorized locations. Periodically spot-check OBAs for proper latch adjustment.

Which OBA do you grab during a casualty?

* The range guard system is not being maintained correctly. For example, the APC bottle is overdue for hydro, foil seals are missing from the appliance nozzles, and fusible links are overdue for replacement. This system is vital for fire protection in the galley and compliance with PMS is the only acceptable answer.

Solution: Perform maintenance in strict accordance with MIP 5556/004 and the tech manual applicable the ship's class. We also recommend incorporating range guard PMS in the command monitoring and/or PMS spot check programs.

* The portable oxygen/acetylene cutting and brazing kit is inoperable due to missing equipment. Also, the ship's welders are not familiar with the safety precautions associated with acetylene.

Solution: Using AEL 2-880043004, inventory and replace the missing/damaged equipment. Also review NSTM 550-2.11.4

* The safety screens on the red devil blowers are damaged due to storage locations. Due to space considerations, changing the storage locations is not practical.

Solution: Manufacture and install protective covers as directed by NAVSEA letter Ser 03G1/30 dated 6 Jan 94. See our website for manufacturing instructions.

* NFTI boxes do not contain all the required items. Specifically, the boxes do not contain the required six battery packs (one in the unit and five spares). Also, the boxes do not have the required five red chemical lights.

Reference: AEL 2-930094090

* Fire extinguisher brackets do not contain all the required rubber bumpers. This condition allows the extinguisher to sit loosely and vibrate in the bracket causing premature deterioration of the extinguisher shell.

Solution: Obtain PKP extinguisher bumpers by calling ANSUL at (800) 862-6785 and AFFF extinguisher bumpers by calling AMEREX at (205) 655-3217.
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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