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Damage control.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. With that thought in mind, I have decided to bring up past discrepancies that are still applicable. These are items discovered during a safety surveys or INSURV inspections on a regular basis. Even though many of these items should have been corrected long ago they could use a fresh look.

PKP extinguisher hoses--Recent INSURV results show that many boats have improper, or defective, PKP hoses in service. Inspect the discharge hoses of your PKPs and replace the hose if the following conditions exist:

(1) There is no identification criteria printed on the hose or the printing is illegible, or

(2) The hose is EX-607, and the date code is between 1Q77 and 4Q83. If dated before 1Q77 or after 4Q83 the hose is good, or

(3) The hose is EX-589, check the nut between the hose and nozzle assembly. If the hose nut does NOT have a notch or the part number is not preceded by an "H" (example 6305 vice H-6305) replace the hose.

4 MC Handsets--There are two marking procedures to follow for the 4MC handset.

The first is A&I B-505 / N-545 dated Dec 1970. This A&I requires placing a 3/8" X 2" piece of plexiglass on the back of the handset.

Second, two pieces of red reflective tape (each two inches long) on each side of the plexiglass length-wise down the back of the handset. Photoluminescent marking A&I N-3104/T-0089 requires placing a strip of photoluminescent tape on the holder.

AFFF without charging connection--In 2002, Amerex Corporation changed the manufacturing process for AFFF extinguishers constructing them without the charging valve at the handle. After a couple of months, Amerex started adding the valve back to the extinguishers supplied to the Navy. However, some of these extinguishers may be sitting in a supply warehouse somewhere. If you receive extinguishers without the charging valve you must use an adapter to charge the extinguisher with air. Free adapters are available from Amerex representative Janice Price at (205) 655-3271 or e-mail her at The other option is to turn the extinguisher back into the supply system with a Quality Deficiency Report.

MMCS (SS) Morrow
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Author:Morrow, Bob
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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