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Daly, Cathleen (text) Stephen Michael King (illus.): Prudence Wants a Pet.

** DALY, Cathleen (text) Stephen Michael King (illus.) Prudence Wants a Pet Scholastic, 2011 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9781741699654 SCIS 1523857


In an age-old dilemma for many parents, daughter Prudence really, really, really wants a pet. Despite their well-meaning arguments that there is not enough space or that it is too expensive, noisy or messy to keep a pet, Prudence adopts a variety of unexpected objects.

First up is Branch, an outdoor pet that unfortunately trips Dad up several times and gets broken into little bits as a result. After Twig goes missing, Prudence acquires Formal Footwear, a shoe which gets dragged around the block on the end of a leash and is used for tricks. Mum and Dad draw the line at her little brother Milo being a pet and a car tyre is a bit too big and heavy. Even the sea buddies which arrive via mail order are disappointing so Prudence decamps to inside a cupboard.

While the ending is easily foreseen by the adult reader, it is nonetheless satisfying for its predictability. The story is told with flair and humour and Prudence is a girl of great ingenuity. The illustrations are a good match for the tone of the book, with the pictures using perspective at Prudence's level. There is also a restricted use of colour with page backgrounds being almost exclusively white, with a couple of exceptions, and tints used selectively to highlight clothes or details. The unusual Kitsu XD typeface used for the text suits the illustrations admirably. A good collaboration has resulted in a cohesive combination of text and illustrations that hopefully will be a worldwide success. (American edition has a different cover!)

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Author:Babbage, Lynne
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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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