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Dalkey, Kara. Transformation.

(Water, Bk. 3) HarperCollins, Avon. 234p. c2002. 0-06-440810-8. $4.99. J *

In this conclusion to a trilogy, Nia and Corwin must work together to save their worlds from the evil Ma'el, who would like to rule both earth and water worlds. Corwin, who has discovered that he is half merman, must learn how to use the gills that lie underneath his skin. He, Nia, and Gobaith, the Farworlder King, travel back to Atlantis to recover a sword that can be used to defeat Ma'el. Defeating Ma'el comes at a cost: Nia must give most of her life force to help Corwin manage the power of the sword. She becomes the Lady of the Lake, the keeper of Excalibur, and Corwin becomes Merlin, waiting for the right human to wield the Farworlder sword.

I enjoyed how this series managed to lead into the Arthurian legend. Each book can stand alone but the picture is complete if you read all three. Girls will especially like these fantasies, but if you start boys at book number two in the series, Reunion (see review above), they too can get hooked.

Stacey Conrad, Middle School Reading Teacher, Palmyra, MO
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Author:Conrad, Stacey
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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