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Daisy Runner and Max Walker.

I never thought I'd like using a hands-free leash--until I started regularly walking three dogs at once (*my* dog Otto, Tito the former foster, and Diamond, the foster I worried I'd never find a home for). After a few tangled-leash episodes, I went digging through the box of gear that's been sent to WDJ to test, and came up with Spindrift's Daisy Runner and Max Walker hands-free system. I quickly learned that it's much easier to walk multiple dogs when I connect the leash of the dog with the best on-leash manners to a belt designed for this purpose, leaving my hands free to handle the other dogs' leashes and training treats.

After Diamond found a fantastic forever home (yay!), I found myself continuing to use the Daisy Runner hands-free system--sometimes even when I was walking Otto alone! It's great when you are walking with a cup of coffee or pushing a stroller; it's comfortable when you are running! And it's not just the hands-free concept, it's Spindrift's execution of the concept that makes the system so appealing.

The Daisy Runner is a belt, made of 3/4-inch nylon webbing, which is lined with wider neoprene for chafe-free comfort. Reflective piping offers nighttime visibility. There are quick-release leash attachment points on either side of the belt, so you can fasten two dogs to the belt, or put one dog on either side of you. The Max Walker leash has an internal bungee cord that recoils to a short length as long as your dog is at your side, but stretches to prevent jerking your dog hard if he ranges from that position. It has an adjustable loop at one end, so it can be used as a regular leash or fastened to the Daisy Runner. Spindrift makes the Max Walker available in two lengths (4 or 6 feet) with either a metal or plastic buckle on the dog's end.1 like the 4-foot length; it provides the right amount of slack for Otto to jog close to my side without the leash sagging enough to provide a trip- or tangle hazard. And the bungee material has just enough give to allow him a momentary sniff (no more) or provide him with room to dodge out of my path if I happen to stumble (yes, I sometimes text while walking).

My only complaint: The Daisy Runner comes in just two sizes, medium (29 to 34 inches) and large (35 to 40 inches). A wider selection of sizes, or a revised design that would allow a wide range of adjustment, would enable more people to enjoy the product.


Spindrift American Made Dog Gear

Bend, OR

(541) 280-8283

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Author:Kerns, Nancy
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Date:Jan 1, 2013
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