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Dairy-Free and Delicious.

by Brenda Davis, RD, Bryanna Clark Grogan, and Joanne Stepaniak

Many people avoid dairy products; some common reasons are an inability to digest dairy products (also called lactose intolerance), an allergy to animal milk protein, and personal choice. A new cookbook, Dairy-Free and Delicious, features over 100 recipes for foods that are commonly made with dairy products. Recipes for dairy-free spreads, "uncheeses," soy yogurt, dairy-free "cream," breakfast foods, soups, main dishes, and desserts provide lots of options for those who want to avoid dairy products. Brenda Davis, RD, has written an introductory section that explores issues like lactose intolerance, milk allergy, and meeting nutrient needs without dairy products. Many of the recipes are old friends from other cookbooks by Bryanna Clark Grogan and Joanne Stepaniak. I can heartily recommend Muenster Cheeze, Butter-notmilk Biscuits and Golden Gravy, Ultimate Chocolate Pudding, and Vegan Eggnog, among others. This book is an excellent resource for someone who is trying to avoid dairy products. All recipes are vegan and include nutritional information. If you already own cookbooks by Clark and Stepaniak, you may not find a lot of new recipes, but for those who haven't encountered these gifted authors before, this cookbook will provide lots of creative ideas.

Dairy-Free and Delicious (ISBN 157067-124-9) is published by Book Publishing Company. It is 160 pages and retails for $12.95. Look for this book in your local bookstore.
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Author:Mangels, Reed
Publication:Vegetarian Journal
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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