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Breeding society gets new Scottish president; Dumfriesshire dairy farmer elected into top position. JACKIE GRANT Jul 23, 2021 304
New rules to benefit dairy farmers, processors and consumers. Jun 5, 2021 1306
Dairy farmers in Nyeri County pocket good prices owing to value addition. May 19, 2021 383
Small-scale dairy farmers face a host of problems. Amjad Mahmood May 4, 2021 889
Dairy farmers hit hard by Covid-19 lockdown in Faridpur. May 2, 2021 401
Sh58m fund set aside to empower Kirinyaga dairy farmers. Apr 7, 2021 448
Dairy farmer had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow, and everywhere the dairy farmer went the lamb was sure to go. SARAH VESTY Apr 6, 2021 213
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin "Cheeselandia". Mar 22, 2021 214
Haleeb Foods partners with Bank of Punjab for financial assistance to its dairy farmers. Mar 21, 2021 362
New rules protect dairy farmers and consumers. Mar 18, 2021 341
Rosamond dairy farmer offers daily dose of education Dairy: Area farmer offers facts and education to online audience. Susan McGrath Pana News Group Editor Mar 17, 2021 946
MANLEFT CRIPPLED BY DELAY OFHIPOP; COVID HALTS CARE FOR EX-DAIRYMAN Robert is left 'frustrated and in pain' by the pandemic-hit NHS Man is left crippled by delay of hip operation. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Mar 5, 2021 522
Dairy farmers in Mt Elgon got Sh115m from milk last year. Feb 25, 2021 580
Fury as police 'threaten to fine' families buying essential milk from farm shop; Visitors at the Mynydd Mostyn facility in Flintshire were told they could be hit with Covid-19 Fixed Penalty Notices unless they left immediately -sparking criticism from dairy farmers Einion and Elliw Jones. By, Andrew Forgrave Jan 24, 2021 875
DepEd Tanjay City partners with dairy farmer coop to supply milk for its feeding program. Jan 18, 2021 320
From deathbed, New KCC rises to restore dairy farmers' hope. Jan 7, 2021 1028
SmARtview new ways of looking at dairy farming; Dairy farmers and vets have enlisted the help of video gaming experts to help enhance cow health in a new study which they hope will be a 'game-changer' for the care and treatment of dairy cattle. Dec 29, 2020 458
Dam plan slated by dairy farmer; Claims move could 'decimate' business and threaten animals. RORY SMITH Dec 12, 2020 307
Dairy farmers call for reducing feed costs. Oct 27, 2020 408
Date for inquiry into death of dairy farmer crushed by wall. Oct 10, 2020 281
Dairy farmers assail raids on milk shops. Sep 3, 2020 254
Dairy farmers' chance to help battle M bovis; Study: Researchers want to measure prevalence. NANCY NICOLSON Clinical report Aug 25, 2020 330
Dairy farmer grows his herd from two to 40 in seven years. Aug 9, 2020 1409
Retailers take dairy farmers to court for selling milk at Rs120 per litre. Jul 17, 2020 237
Retailers take dairy farmers to court for selling milk at Rs120 per litre. Jul 17, 2020 244
Staying safe at 'Spoons; From July 4, many pubs and restaurants have opened their doors to the public. Things are far from back to normal, but it's safe to say most high street favourites are back serving customers. The Wetherspoon chain has more than 15 locations across Essex. Reporter Brad Gray visited The Dairyman in Brentwood to see what had changed. Brad Gray Jul 15, 2020 1329
Dairy farmers dumping milk worldwide on brink of crisis. Jul 6, 2020 880
Inputs sold to dairy farmers must meet standards - Munya. Jul 4, 2020 565
Dairy farmer discussion on set price mechanism; Milk: UK-wide talks launched to help tackle unfair practices in the sector. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jun 25, 2020 299
Increase budget allocation to Tk5,000cr, dairy farmers urge govt. Jun 25, 2020 501
No spilled milk for Nueva Ecija dairy farmers during pandemic. Jun 23, 2020 362
Dairy farmers to miss out on recovery funds as criteria is changed. Kevin White Jun 13, 2020 258
Firm pledges support for local dairy farmers. Jun 4, 2020 364
MA(c)rieux NutriSciences Acquires Chestnut Labs from Dairy Farmers of America. Jun 3, 2020 163
Bigger virus impact on English and Welsh dairy farmers. GEMMA MACKENZIE May 13, 2020 209
Competition law change lifeline for dairy farmers. JAMES PUGH May 12, 2020 271
Milk surplus, lower prices threaten NH's dairy farmers. Mowry, Matt May 8, 2020 1133
End of an era as dairy farmer packs up. May 7, 2020 354
Support growing for dairy farmers at 'rock bottom'. ATHWENNA IRONS @DEVONLIVENEWS May 7, 2020 482
Dairy farmers urged to record their daily losses; Money: Sector could be 'irreversibly damaged' as demand for milk drops. EMILY BEAMENT Apr 21, 2020 357
Dairy farmers struggle with 90% milk unsold. Apr 16, 2020 539
As pandemic drives down milk demand, dairy farmers face uncertain future. John Starks Apr 16, 2020 583
Lack of sale frustrates Rajbari dairy farmers. Apr 16, 2020 452
Covid-19: Dairy farmers struggle with 90% milk unsold. Apr 16, 2020 518
As pandemic drives down milk demand, dairy farmers face uncertain future. John Starks Apr 15, 2020 585
Chittagong dairy farmers struggle for survival. Apr 10, 2020 455
Woes of dairy farmers. Apr 9, 2020 397
Imported dry milk poses threat to local dairy farmers. Hassan Naqvi Apr 7, 2020 749
Dean Foods Receives Court Approval for USD 433m Sale to Dairy Farmers of America. Apr 6, 2020 299
Dean Foods Receives Court Approval for USD 433m Sale to Dairy Farmers of America. Apr 6, 2020 332
Dairy Farmers of America as Winning Bidder for Dean Foods Assets. Apr 3, 2020 386
Dairy Farmers of America as Winning Bidder for Dean Foods Assets. Apr 3, 2020 416
Dean Foods sells substantial portion of assets to Dairy Farmers for $433M. Mar 31, 2020 160
Dairy farmers applauded for efforts in crisis; Covid-19: Supply chain urged to recognise work. GEMMA MACKENZIE Mar 26, 2020 346
Dairy farmers struggle to find market for their milk. Mar 17, 2020 1210
Munya steps in to cushion dairy farmers. Mar 6, 2020 671
M bovis research needs dairy farmers. NANCY NICOLSON Feb 29, 2020 214
Dairy Farmers of America to Acquire Portion of Dean Foods Assets/Business for USD 425m. Feb 20, 2020 201
Dairy Farmers of America to Acquire Portion of Dean Foods Assets/Business for USD 425m. Feb 20, 2020 229
Lyantonde dairy farmers get new market for milk. Feb 15, 2020 1295
Kilifi dairy farmers to use aluminum cans, not plastic. Feb 2, 2020 530
Hyderabad dairy farmers to raise milk price by Rs10 a litre. Jan 31, 2020 473
Dairy farmers back imports directive. Jan 15, 2020 192
Dairy farmers on brink of plant breakthrough; Milk: 14 north-east producers had faced spectre of being left without buyer. NANCY NICOLSON Jan 14, 2020 386
Don't blame milk processors, counties have failed dairy farmers. Jan 8, 2020 1015
NZ dairy farmers producing more milk from fewer cows. Dec 8, 2019 149
Coles to pay Norco dairy farmers around $5.25 million following ACCC investigation. Dec 5, 2019 792
This dairy farmer from Manipur aims to bring white revolution! ANI Nov 21, 2019 502
We shred animal fodder for dairy farmers and get good income out of it. Nov 15, 2019 488
North-east dairy farmers hit as Muller announces efforts to cut milk surplus. Nov 10, 2019 166
North-east dairy farmers hit with 'hammer blow' ? Muller gives suppliers 12 months' notice to find new milk buyer LIVESTOCK. GEMMA MACKENZIE FARMING EDITOR Nov 1, 2019 561
Dairy farmers are being hit by price rises. Oct 31, 2019 274
Dairy farmers are hit by price rises; Union calls for urgent investigation into the milk market. SUE AUSTIN Oct 31, 2019 288
Dairy farmers in bold bid to buy local creamery. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 12, 2019 259
Dairy farmers bank on plan to stem milk imports to stay afloat. Sep 22, 2019 769
Nyandarua dairy farmers express frustration over milk prices. Sep 18, 2019 327
CONTAMINATED MICHIGAN THE PBB CRISIS: It was the summer of 1973, and Michigan dairy farmer Frederic Halbert knew something was wrong. None of his cows were chewing cud, and streaks near their eyes made them look as if they were crying. It took nine months for him to discover the truth about his poisoned cattle. The crisis sparked by that moment would never truly end. Parish, Claire Sep 1, 2019 2838
Dairy farmers leading a dog's life. Aug 24, 2019 928
Dairy farmers increase milk price by Rs16 a litre. Aug 22, 2019 176
Dairy farmers increase milk price by Rs16 a litre. Aug 22, 2019 186
Indian court acquits 6 of killing Muslim dairy farmer in cow vigilante case. Aug 16, 2019 424
Indian court acquits 6 of killing Muslim dairy farmer in cow vigilante case. Aug 16, 2019 472
Amount of fresh milk supplied by Latvian dairy farmers up 6.7% in July. Aug 13, 2019 222
Dairy farmers want rate of milk increased. Jul 20, 2019 245
Strategies dairy farmers can adopt during harsh conditions. Jul 20, 2019 792
Uasin Gishu dairy farmers urged to adopt mechanisation. Jul 16, 2019 353
Odisha: Dairy farmers spill gallons of milk on road in protest against OMFED. Jul 14, 2019 160
Dairy farmers get empowered. Jun 29, 2019 597
Dairy farmers urged to enter key discussion; Union: Talks 'once in a generation opportunity'. Jun 25, 2019 309
Dairy farmers share their strategies for getting more milk. Jun 22, 2019 1567
My plan to turn around dairy farmers' fortunes. Interview Jun 7, 2019 771
Dairy farmers fault URA officials. May 27, 2019 598
Vegan and dairy farmer meet to talk. May 11, 2019 621
Dairy farmer and vegan try to find common ground. May 10, 2019 646
Empowering small dairy farmers. May 8, 2019 145
Voice for dairy farmers. May 6, 2019 194
Dairy farmers increase milk price by Rs23 a litre. Apr 11, 2019 424
Roberts and Priestland enjoy Bath time, but it's gone sour for Dairymen. Apr 9, 2019 1430
Engaging Dairy Farmers in Safety Messages: Values, Moral Norms, Barriers, and Implications for Communication. Wilmes, Emily; Swenson, Rebecca Report Mar 1, 2019 9065
Kerala Govt launches Gau Samridhi scheme for dairy farmers. Nov 15, 2018 214
Dairy farmers seek increase in price of milk. Nov 13, 2018 349
'Must-attend' event for all dairy farmers; SCOTTISH CONFERENCE International speaker line-up. Conference notes Nov 2, 2018 512
Canadian dairy farmer profits suffer under trade deal Trade: United States has 'another dumping ground for their surplus product'. Oct 3, 2018 886
Haleeb Foods provides support to dairy farmers. Sep 29, 2018 526
Haleeb Foods Ltd. provides support to Dairy Farmers. Sep 29, 2018 514
Haleeb Foods supports dairy farmers. Sep 28, 2018 238
Ministry seeks budget proposals to safeguard dairy farmers. Aug 31, 2018 454
Dairy farmer ignored bovine TB restrictions. Aug 30, 2018 266
Lady putting a smile on the faces of dairy farmers. Aug 10, 2018 636
Some don't like it hot; DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DAIRY COW. Jul 27, 2018 519
Milk oversupply pushes dairy farmers to innovate. Jul 20, 2018 757
Farmers in crisis mofodder supplies dwiode as water and indle in drought; DAIRY FARMERS GO TO EXTRAORDINARY LENGTHS TO KEEP CATTLE FED AND WATEERED. Jul 19, 2018 933
Dairy farmer protest: Truck set on fire in Malegaon. Jul 16, 2018 372
Dairy farmers feed milk to stray dogs. Jul 16, 2018 371
State's dairy farmers plan "Dairy Weekend" events for June 30. Penkunas , Leslie Jun 29, 2018 357
Dairy farmer tracking his cows' wellbeing. Jun 28, 2018 562
Lone dairy farmer does lucrative business. Jun 16, 2018 496
Is love in the air down on the farm? DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DAIRY COW. Jun 8, 2018 568
Engro Foods empowers Dairy farmers with Big Push project. May 27, 2018 325
Love in the Countryside's sexy dairy farmer Ed impressed as his potential new squeeze reveals a very special talent; She showed off her skills for the sexy dairy farmer - but is it enough to bring them together for good? May 23, 2018 405
Engro Foods empowers Dairy farmers with Big Push project for developing Dairy Sector. May 16, 2018 328
Engro Foods empowers Dairy farmers with developing Dairy Sector. May 16, 2018 326
Engro Foods empowers dairy farmers. May 15, 2018 326
Ministry seeks budget proposals to safeguard dairy farmers. Apr 30, 2018 433
Dairy Farmers Urge Ban on Import of Dry Milk Powder. Apr 30, 2018 217
Dairy farmers ask govt for incentives. Apr 17, 2018 518
Dairy farmers for ban on import of dry milk powder. Apr 17, 2018 701
Dairymen men step back to go forward. Apr 10, 2018 649
Engro Foods, JS Bank sign MoU to empower dairy farmers. Mar 30, 2018 372
Firm launches app to help dairy farmers. Mar 25, 2018 287
Vet on Call: An eye-opening visit, chat with ambitious dairy farmer. Mar 16, 2018 1296
Skilled dairy farmer's top pedigree gets confirmation. Mar 13, 2018 359
Uncertainty over school milk future; Concerns over 'vital' regular market for Welsh dairy farmers. Mar 8, 2018 349
Dairy farmers need to adapt to changing environment. Feb 28, 2018 1097
Dairy farmers face financial loss on selling milk at Rs.85 per liter, SHC told. Feb 23, 2018 312
Dairy farmers face financial loss on selling milk at Rs.85 per liter, SHC told. Feb 23, 2018 322
Dairy farmers share strategies to cope with biting dry spell. Feb 23, 2018 1630
Till the cows come home: Irish dairy farmers fret over Brexit border talks. Feb 21, 2018 599
Dairy farmers say commissioner's unavailability may worsen milk crisis. Feb 17, 2018 485
Dairy farmers protest for milk price hike. Feb 16, 2018 241
Dairy farmers protest for milk price hike. Feb 16, 2018 241
Glass is class as more get milk delivered to doorstep; BLAST OF PAST Dairyman David sees big rise in customers. Feb 14, 2018 644
Karianne Fallow, CEO, United Dairymen of Idaho. Feb 13, 2018 568
Dairy farmers seek time to implement SC ban on hormonal injections. Jan 10, 2018 862
Farm mission: To havincome equal or bettve a lifestyle and ter than quitting; Herd overhaul and management tweaks have earned Flintshire dairy farmer David Williams a place in the final six of the NMR RABDF Gold Cup. Jan 4, 2018 1156
How Rural America Got Milked. Douglas, Leah Jan 1, 2018 3650
Perceptions of Factors Affecting Milk Quality and Safety among Large- and Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Zimbabwe. Paraffin, Annah Shingirai; Zindove, Titus Jairus; Chimonyo, Michael Jan 1, 2018 4761
BOP, Nestle sing MoU to productivity of dairy farmers. Dec 31, 2017 197
Chile's dairy farmers opt for greener milk. Dec 19, 2017 274
Ministry buys dairy farmers Sh2.2 billion milk coolers. Dec 12, 2017 532
Honoring PH dairy farmers: Nueva Ecija buffalo cited in 'Kalabaw Cup'. Dec 5, 2017 460
Dairy farmers' European workers warning. Oct 6, 2017 283
SMEDA organizes Help Desks for KP dairy farmers. Oct 3, 2017 246
Dubai children play dairy farmer for a day. Sep 26, 2017 525
Dairy farmers' vital contribution highlighted at Pembrokeshire County Show. Aug 22, 2017 301
Deadline for dairy farmers to qualify for EU support. Aug 15, 2017 273
Dairy farmers advised to apply for a milk recording grant. Aug 8, 2017 245
Dairy farmer dies in field. Aug 2, 2017 322
New yoghurt aims for top of the pots; ANGLESEY DAIRY FARMERS SPOT GAP IN NORTH WALES MARKET. Jul 28, 2017 476
Dairy farmer is man of many parts but horses are a passion; turf talk. Jul 11, 2017 729
Time running out for dairy farmers to apply for EU financial hardship fund. Jun 27, 2017 303
Government gives Rs 7115.2 million to dairy farmers. May 14, 2017 444
Dairy farmers meet to discuss challenges facing the industry. Apr 25, 2017 214
We didn't want to do it but we had to; Anglesey dairy farmers accused of defying planners aim to appeal. Apr 13, 2017 716
Check cow condition, dairy farmers advised. Nov 19, 2016 344
Welsh milk sector losing out on PS220k every day; Dairy farmers being'bled dry'by price disparities. Oct 27, 2016 485
Dairymen to face County side in celebration game. Oct 25, 2016 267
Farmers feel the squeeze: dairies are big part of Whatcom County's history. But what about the future? Hamann, Emily Oct 1, 2016 2193
New Hampshire's dairy farmers need our help: economic factors and drought are devastating the industry. Haefner, Bob; Sad, Tara Sep 30, 2016 609
Dairymen determined to rise from the ashes for 125th anniversary; Local rugby WITH IAN MITCHELMORE. Sep 13, 2016 510
Call on milk industry to help plight of dairy farmers. Sep 6, 2016 346
Telenor, Engro to facilitate dairy farmers. Aug 31, 2016 348
Dairy farmers turn back clock and sell their milk to community. Aug 16, 2016 903
Govt supporting dairy farmers to exploit vibrant market: Bosan. Aug 16, 2016 423
Finnish dairy farmers uneasy about increasing milk import from Baltics. Jul 28, 2016 227
Sharing best practice with dairy farmers; milk matters Louise Thomas. Jul 12, 2016 395
Welsh dairy farmers' income set to plummet by 40%, according to report. Jul 5, 2016 285
Stronger. Together. After 100 years, Michigan Milk Producers Assoc. still taking care of business for producer-members. Jul 1, 2016 2455
Kenya dairy farmer perception of moulds and mycotoxins and implications for exposure to aflatoxins: a gendered analysis. Kiama, T.N.; Lindahl, J.F.; Sirma, A.J.; Senerwa, D.M.; Waithanji, E.M.; Ochungo, P.A.; Poole, E.J.; Report Jul 1, 2016 5532
He's lovin' it - dairy farmer turned McDonald's manager; He runs 15 McDonald's franchises across South Wales, generating sales of PS36m. But what makes Ron Mounsey tick? Katie Sands explores. Jun 22, 2016 979
10 Oh, dairy! Brief article May 1, 2016 106
Trends in the dairy industry. Mar 1, 2016 2002
The prospect of biogas among small-holder dairy goat farmers in the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania. Grimsby, L.K.; Gulbrandsen, L.; Eik, L.O.; Msalya, G.; Kifaro, G.C. Report Mar 1, 2016 4937
Easy does it: Maryland dairy farmers work to improve estuaries, ease environmental impact. Lister, Genevieve Cover story Mar 1, 2016 766
Farming smart: Prairie Farms Co-op, McDonald's "test drive" online toolbox to reduce greenhouse gases. Mar 1, 2016 826
Legacy of leadership: National Milk Producers Federation celebrates 100 years of service to dairy farmers, co-ops. Mar 1, 2016 2189
Dairymen count cost of rapid player turnover. Feb 16, 2016 541
Advent calendar with Moo factor; WELSH DAIRY FARMER UNVEILS THE '12 MOOS OF CHRISTMAS'. Dec 31, 2015 493
Texas, New Mexico producers lose more than 30K dairy cows. Dec 31, 2015 255
Dairy farmers get EU support payments to ease problems; FARMING. Nov 18, 2015 664
Assessment exposure to Escherichia coli among Halal cattle abattoir workers in Malaysia. Adamu, Muhammed T.; Shamsul, Bahri M. Tamrin; Desa, Mohd N.; Khairani-Bejo, S.; Irwan Syah, Mdy Report Nov 1, 2015 3428
Dairyman Sam milks applause. Oct 22, 2015 209
Extension services increase productivity of dairy farmers. Oct 15, 2015 284
Free-range milk brand offers hope to dairy farmers. Oct 3, 2015 919
Call for labels to show how much dairy farmers paid. Oct 3, 2015 516
North East Euro-MP calls for new labels that show how much dairy farmers are paid; Labour's Paul Brannen has written to the Red Tractor Assurance group to call for changes to ensure the region's farmers get a better deal. Oct 3, 2015 494
Stocksfield farmer's free range milk brand offers hope to dairy farmers; Led by Peter Crawford, of Peepy Farm, Stocksfield, Free Range 180 will use milk from cows grazing outside at grass for 180 days. Oct 2, 2015 1085
EU crisis package for Welsh dairy farmers. Sep 29, 2015 669
Prince Charles seeking help for dairy farmers; Free business advice offered for milk herds. Sep 3, 2015 440
Smart moove; Dairy farmer's direct approach to falling prices. Aug 28, 2015 619
Graeme Whitfield column: Are you prepared to pay more for your milk; Most people back efforts to boost dairy farmers but aren't as keen to help out oil producers. Column Aug 21, 2015 429
Dairy farmers need support; Letters. Letter to the editor Aug 17, 2015 326
Asda's boost for North dairy farmers. Aug 14, 2015 208
Asda to pay more for milk in support of UK dairy farmers. Aug 14, 2015 317
We're paid 22p for a litre of milk that costs 29p to produce; Dairy farmers express fear for future "It is the surplus being created around the world that is forcing prices down". Aug 13, 2015 545
Don't milk our farmers dry; FAIR TRADE WHY PAYING A FEW PENCE MORE PER PINT CAN SAVE PRODUCERS As dairy farmers are driven out of business by a price war, journalist and food champion Stephen Jardine says it's time we paid more for pints. Aug 12, 2015 676
Farmer leaders to meet supermarket bosses to discuss falling milk prices; National Farmers Union say dairy farmers may be forced to leave industry in next few weeks as they struggle to pay bills and face rising debts. Aug 11, 2015 493
Morrisons remains defiant in face of dairy farmer rage. White, Kevin Aug 8, 2015 402
Spilled milk: a brief history of the dairy lobby's unwholesome influence on the U.S. Supreme Court. Root, Damon Aug 1, 2015 1391
'Help our dairy farmers in crisis' - plea to Hogan. Jul 21, 2015 654
Busy time for dairy farmers with twin events. Jul 14, 2015 407
Fury as dairy farmers take new milk hit. Jun 25, 2015 108
Import of milk powders not hurting local dairy farmers. Jun 4, 2015 469
Low milk prices, glutted market put strain on region's dairy farmers. Esch, Mary May 4, 2015 460
Tackling trade: how two dairy cooperatives function in world markets. Liebrand, Carolyn B. May 1, 2015 2223
Welsh dairy farmers are at a 'crisis point'. Apr 7, 2015 650
Dairy farmers' protest. Apr 1, 2015 180
W.D. Hoard & Sons Co., publisher of Hoard's Dairyman magazine, acquires certain intellectual property assets of Hay & Forage Grower, including its database. Mar 1, 2015 140
DAIRY FARMERS FORM CO-OP. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 168
Dairy farmers block key road over factory closures. Feb 23, 2015 185
Financial help for struggling dairy farmers. Feb 21, 2015 328
150 dairy farmers attend annual conference. Conference news Feb 17, 2015 196
Dairymen are cream of the crop with record win. Feb 10, 2015 410
Unions call for more support for farmers in wake of milk crisis; The milk price crisis has dominated the headlines since the start of the year. It has made dairy farmers realise how volatile the market is and it has made consumers aware of the true value of Welsh milk and how life wouldn't be the same without it. Now unions are urging the Government to offer farmers more support, writes Farming Editor Sally Williams. Feb 10, 2015 1026
Fourteen tries help Dairymen leapfrog relegation rivals SWALEC LEAGUES; Swalec Championship. Feb 8, 2015 705
DAIRYMEN CREAM OFF [euro]35m MILK DEAL. Feb 3, 2015 110
Ukip's solution for dairy farmers. Jan 24, 2015 170
Call goes out to help protect dairy farmers. Jan 20, 2015 417
Dairy farmer numbers have halved in a decade; FARMING. Jan 13, 2015 643
Dairymen cut down Blackwood; SWALEC CUP. Jan 12, 2015 231
Young chefs compete for top junior chef award Don't panic! - dairy farmers can improve cashflow for 2015. Jan 6, 2015 433
W.D. Hoard & Sons Co., the publisher of Hoard's Dairyman magazine, announced today they have completed an agreement to acquire certain intellectual property assets related to the publication Hay & Forage Grower, including its database. Jan 1, 2015 111
Dairy farmer elected RoyalWelsh president. Dec 23, 2014 191
Triumph of a dairyman. Nov 23, 2014 648
Dairy farmer awarded FUW contribution prize. Oct 28, 2014 530
Dairymen still feel they have the bottle to avoid the drop; Local rugby. Oct 28, 2014 759
Support for dairy farmers vital. Oct 13, 2014 511
Bargoed's Blue army have six appeal as they crush Dairymen; Swalec Championship. Sep 28, 2014 661
Ironmen prove too strong for Dairymen; SWALEC ROUND-UP. Sep 7, 2014 859
Dairy farmers welcome EU help. Aug 29, 2014 653
Special training course for future dairy farmers; daIry. Jul 28, 2014 608
Grasim'slivestock development programme helps dairy farmers increase income. Jul 1, 2014 378
Educating the dairy farmers of tomorrow; Educating the next generation of UK dairy farmers is back on the agenda. BRUCE JOBSON recently visited a new educational facility in Northern Ireland. May 17, 2014 918
Educating the dairy farmers of tomorrow; Educating the next generation of UK dairy farmers is back on the agenda. BRUCE JOBSON recently visited a new educational facility in Northern Ireland. May 17, 2014 1281
UVAS conducts workshop on commercial dairy farming. Mar 2, 2014 152
Dairy industry is back on a roll. Frericks, Sadie Mar 1, 2014 1591
Helping hand for dairy farmers to boost trade; DAIRY. Feb 17, 2014 338
Cashflow is improving for dairy farmers in competitive milk arena. Jan 14, 2014 514
Dairy farmer numbers fall. Jan 6, 2014 114
What leads to satisfied co-op members? Surveys of dairy farmers show management and pricing are key. Liebrand, Carolyn B. Jan 1, 2014 1975
Impact of Dairy Industry on Milk Market Value and Production: A Comparative Study of Dairy Industrial and Non Industrial Regions of Sindh. Dec 31, 2013 4093
Economic grounds trump an inspector's No to super-dairy; OPPONENTS SAY IT IS 'A DARK DAY FOR WELSH DAIRY FARMERS'. Nov 1, 2013 673
National Farmers Union endorses raw milk. Hartke, Kimberly Nov 1, 2013 507
ADB partial credit guarantee facility to small dairy farmers. Oct 31, 2013 101
Llanharan put Steel through the mill to sit in third; Dairymen look to maintain a high standard. Oct 15, 2013 662
'I went past my cage, not thinking my hen had won' Best in show win for former dairy farmer. Jul 24, 2013 586
Dairy farmers protests. Jun 1, 2013 358
Mastitis prevention guidelines for dairy farmers of the central region of Rio Grande do Sul/Orientales tecnicas sobre mastite para estabelecimentos de producao leiteira da regiao central do Rio Grande do Sul. Balzan, Claudia; Ziech, Rosangela Estel; Espindolad, Julia Pires; Tasca, Caiane; Farias, Luana D'Avi Jun 1, 2013 1150
Prevalence of contagious pathogens among dairy herds from minas Gerais Holstein dairy farmers association, 2011-201/Prevalencia de patogenos contagiosos em rebanhos da associacao dos criadores de gado Holandes do estado de minas Gerais, 2011-2012. de Oliveir, Eduardo F.; Brito, Maria Aparecida V.; Lange, Carla Cristine; Mendonga, Leticia Caldas; Jun 1, 2013 829
Dairy farmers offered business support in prince's initiative for small herds. May 14, 2013 552
New and improved milk powder dryer in Lynden expect to boost business for dairy farmers. May 1, 2013 210
Thatcher legacy still affects dairy farmers; Margaret Thatcher continues to divide opinion and her legacy is no more keenly felt than within the farming sector, where a number of her controversial policy changes left a lasting impact. RUTH LOGNONNE reports. Apr 13, 2013 1206
Redsky proves to be the dairyman's delight. Mar 15, 2013 572
Trends in the dairy industry. Mar 1, 2013 1664
Dairy farmers throughout Serbia dump milk in streets in protest over aflatoxin scare. Feb 25, 2013 274
Tries by McGovern and Jones churn over the Dairymen; Local rugby WITH HOWARD EVANS. Feb 12, 2013 429
Kerala dairy farmer suspects foul play in mass death of cows. Feb 7, 2013 312
Moo U: connecting America's Dairy Farm Colleges. Martin, James; Samels, James E. Feb 1, 2013 382
Milking the situation: dairy operation rebuilds after barn burns. Cowan, Liz Feb 1, 2013 655
I've spent PS300k ... and nothing to show for it; 'SUPER DAIRY' PRODUCER BITTER AT FALSE RUMOURS. Jan 24, 2013 466
I've spent PS300k ... and nothing to show for it; 'SUPER DAIRY' PRODUCER BITTER AT FALSE RUMOURS. Jan 24, 2013 584
Dairy co-op will pay $158.6 million in antitrust settlement. Jan 23, 2013 311
TRIBUTES TO FARM MILK CAMPAIGNER; Sudden death of farmer who fought for fair prices. Dec 29, 2012 354
Bikash Bharali - a progressive dairy farmer from Jorhat. Dec 28, 2012 344
Dairymen warm up for Newbridge clash. Dec 18, 2012 440
Fund to help dairy farmers; DAIRY. Dec 13, 2012 439
Safety net gone; Congress fails to approve dairy farm subsidies. Dec 11, 2012 1072
Increase in prices for dairy farmers. Dec 4, 2012 207
Dairy code of conduct 'should be voluntary'. Nov 28, 2012 364
Pak-US working to improve dairy farming: PM. Conference notes Nov 28, 2012 274
European Dairy Farmers Protest over Low mik Prices. Nov 27, 2012 140
Milky Day: Farmers Dump Thousands of Liters of Milk on Brussels Police, European Parliament. Nov 27, 2012 337
European Parliament Sprayed with Milk. Nov 27, 2012 212
Crisis-hit Welsh farming sector sees 40% decrease over the past 10 years; LONG-TERM PROSPECTS HAMPERED BY PRICE CUTS. Nov 20, 2012 462
US helps Flood-Affected dairy farmers double their incomes. Nov 15, 2012 319
Income of 22,000 flood-hit dairy farmers doubled with US assistance: Embassy. Nov 15, 2012 308
Dairy pays farmers 3p more a litre to keep milk production in Wales; TESCO ABSORBS INCREASE TO TRY TO GROW THE BRAND. Nov 1, 2012 603
Dairy farmers' victory over 'smaller' mast. Oct 26, 2012 224
'Passion for dairy' wins top accolade for Eifion. Oct 23, 2012 249
Fight continuing for sustainable dairy industry. Oct 22, 2012 284
SOS Dairy crucial 'to how industry develops'. Oct 16, 2012 289
Project for dairy farms. Oct 10, 2012 124

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