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Short Communication - Brucellosis is Significantly Associated with Reproductive Disorders in Dairy Cattle of Punjab, Pakistan. Ullah, Qudrat; Jamil, Huma; Lodhi, Laeeq Akbar; Qureshi, Zafar Iqbal; Ullah, Shakeeb; Jamil, Tariq; Report Oct 19, 2019 1800
Illinois 4-H Dairy Team places fifth at national contest. Submitted by Dave Fischer, Illinois 4-H Dairy Coordinator Oct 18, 2019 229
Evaluation of Ovsynch and CIDR + Ovsynch Protocols to Improve Reproductive Efficiency in Lactating Dairy Cows. Shahzad, Abid Hussain; Sattar, Abdul; Ahmad, Nasim; Ahmad, Ijaz; Nak, Deniz; Nak, Yavuz Report Oct 18, 2019 5115
'Fundamental failure in Welsh processing' FARM&COUNTRYWITH ANDREW FORGRAVE 07900 227511 / In search of the dairy cow clotting gene - P5. ANDREW FORGRAVE Oct 17, 2019 201
Russian Federation : In the Penza region, the winners of professional skills contests in the agricultural sector received valuable awards. Awards list Oct 17, 2019 258
Llyn milk plant fills last bottle; FARM&COUNTRYWITH ANDREW FORGRAVE 07900 227511 / In search of the dairy cow clotting gene - P5. ANDREW FORGRAVE Oct 17, 2019 138
Tomlinsons demise shakes rural Wales; FARM&COUNTRYWITH ANDREW FORGRAVE 07900 227511 / In search of the dairy cow clotting gene - P5 Milk suppliers race to find new buyers - and some are still looking. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Oct 17, 2019 718
Russian Federation : In Udmurtia before the end of the year will launch more than thirty new and updated agricultural buildings. Oct 17, 2019 345
Purchase Of A Profiled Sheet For The Object: Construction Of A Dairy-commercial Farm For 2000 Heads Of The Dairy Stock Near D. Churilovo Orshan District. Oct 16, 2019 175
Reputed Govt./Nongovt. Institutions/Ngos/Charitable Organizations/Voluntary Organizations For Operation And Management Of 875 A.i. Centers In Zone-i (ranchi, Khunti, Lohardaga, Simdega, Gumla, West Singhbhum, Saraikela-kharsawan, East Singhbhum) In J. Oct 16, 2019 162
Russian Federation : Alexei Erzikov - operator of machine milking cows from the Tambov region. Oct 15, 2019 269
Russian Federation : A new livestock complex will be built in the Yaroslavl region. Oct 15, 2019 261
Equipment And Materials For The Implementation Of Project No. 02/17060 dairy Farm For 600 Cows Of The Dairy Herd In The Belshina-agro Branch Of Belshina Ojsc On The Site Of The Village Of Vyazichin, Osipovichsky District With The Reconstruction Of The Ex. Oct 12, 2019 181
Purchase And Installation Of Ventilation Curtains For The Object: construction Of A Dairy Food Farm For 2000 Heads Of The Dairy Stock Near D. Churilovo Orshan District. Oct 11, 2019 184
First-timers leave Holstein dairy herds in rude health. Oct 10, 2019 189
SA FMD outbreak delays opening of Lobatse dairy project. Oct 10, 2019 319
From the archive. Oct 9, 2019 398
Gene-edited Livestock Carry Huge Promise But Major Pitfalls. AFP News Oct 7, 2019 820
Purchase And Installation Of A Light-aeration Skate For The Object: Construction Of A Dairy Food Farm For 2000 Heads Of The Dairy Stock Near D. Churilovo Orshan District. Oct 5, 2019 198
My milk profits have grown, thanks to AI. Oct 4, 2019 727
Purchase Of Technological Equipment For The Manure Removal System. Oct 4, 2019 183
Feed Storage Bin For The Construction Site: construction Of An Innovative Dairy And Commodity Complex For 1000 Dairy Cows With A Closed Cycle At Rpue Ustye of The Nas Of Belarus, Orsha District . Oct 4, 2019 116
Purchase Of Wall And Roofing Panels With Components (items 1, 2) During The Construction Of The Facility Construction Of A Dairy Farm For 2000 Heads Of Dairy Herds Near The Village Of Churilovo, Orsha District. Oct 4, 2019 140
Construction And Installation Work On The Installation Of An Electrical Substation 110/10 Kw. Oct 3, 2019 131
$7.17 Billion Precision Livestock Farming Market - Global Outlook Report 2018-2027. Report Oct 2, 2019 899
Contracting For The Installation Of The Roof Of The Building Of The Cowshed Of Dry Cows (gp-4) And The Construction Of The Manure (gp-5) (a Set Of Works On The Installation Of The Roof, Taking Into Ac. Sep 29, 2019 147
Purchase Of A Storm Sewage Treatment Plant For The Construction Of The Facility: reconstruction Of The Premises Of The Former Pig Farm Under Mtf For 550 Dairy Cows, 700 Heads Of Young Animals In N. N. Sep 29, 2019 102
Purchase Of Equipment And Materials For Heating For A Construction Project: construction Of An Innovative Dairy And Commodity Complex For 1000 Dairy Cows With A Closed Cycle At Rpue Ustye of The National Academy Of Sciences Of Belarus, Orsha District. Sep 28, 2019 143
Is there such a thing as green milk? Western shoppers are turning to new milks. But are the new players better for the planet? Rob Brown Sep 28, 2019 1742
Co-designed Welfare Monitoring Platform for Pig and Dairy Cattle. Sep 28, 2019 350
Purchase Of Fire Tanks (volume 54 M3). Sep 27, 2019 127
Farmer making himself herd. Sep 25, 2019 199
Purchase Of Finished Feed (premixes). Sep 20, 2019 144
Milk robots = happier cows; NEW SCC SUPPLIERS MAKE SWITCH FROM BEEF. Sep 19, 2019 500
Czech Republic : Minister of Agriculture: The welfare of farm animals is important to us, this year we will give 1.6 billion crowns to improve it. Sep 16, 2019 380
Kane County Fair 4-H results Beef Goats Dairy Cattle Milking Derby Horse & Pony Poultry Rabbits Sheep Swine. Sep 11, 2019 1257
Services Of The General Contractor For The Construction Of The Facility: Dairy Farm For 600 Cows Of The Dairy Herd In The Belshina-agro Branch Of Belshina Ojsc On The Site Of The Village Of Vyazichin, Osipovichsky District, With The Reconstruction Of The. Sep 9, 2019 189
Dairy farming Minnesota-style is no cash cow; Focus: Falling milk prices and disappearing herds. Sep 9, 2019 581
Ten things that make dairy farming profitable. Sep 6, 2019 1047
Cops probe pregnant cows theft. Sep 5, 2019 110
Purchase Of Complete Transformer Substation. Sep 5, 2019 147
Contracting For The Installation Of A Roof (gp4) And A Manure Receptacle (gp5). Sep 3, 2019 170
Soil Means Survival. Nichols, Charlie Sep 1, 2019 226
Effects of heat stress on body temperature, milk production, and reproduction in dairy cows: a novel idea for monitoring and evaluation of heat stress--A review. Liu, Jiangjing; Li, Lanqi; Chen, Xiaoli; Lu, Yongqiang; Wang, Dong Sep 1, 2019 6504
Rubber seed oil and flaxseed oil supplementation on serum fatty acid profile, oxidation stability of serum and milk, and immune function of dairy cows. Pi, Yu; Ma, Lu; Wang, Hongrong; Wang, Jiaqi; Xu, Jianchu; Bu, Dengpan Sep 1, 2019 7794
Protein molecular structure, degradation and availability of canola, rapeseed and soybean meals in dairy cattle diets. Tian, Yujia; Zhang, Xuewei; Huang, Rongcai; Yu, Peiqiang Sep 1, 2019 6581
Summer mastitis cases soar. Aug 31, 2019 336
Contracting For The Construction Of The Building Of The Barn (gp1) Floors. Aug 30, 2019 141
Purchase Of Sandwich Panels For The Project Construction Of A Dairy Farm For 2000 Heads Of Dairy Herds Near The Village Of Churilovo, Orsha District. Aug 30, 2019 133
Kyrgyz farmers undertake internship in Switzerland. Aug 28, 2019 309
Purchase Of Premixes, Sunflower Meal, Soybean Meal. Aug 24, 2019 144
Russian Federation : In the Samara region discussed the development of dairy farming in the region. Aug 22, 2019 712
Agriculture Minister announces members of winter grazing taskforce. Aug 19, 2019 263
Leopards and polar bears? No probs after a childhood with cows. Aug 18, 2019 430
Canada : Penitentiary farms officially relaunched. Aug 17, 2019 578
Purchase Of Metal Structures For The Frame During The Construction Of The Facility Construction Of A Dairy Farm For 2000 Heads Of Dairy Herds Near The Village Of Churilovo, Orsha District. Aug 17, 2019 145
City's state-of-the-art auction mart to open. Aug 16, 2019 286
Vet on call: The trouble with growing dairy herd from two cows. Aug 16, 2019 1076
Farmers banking on sustainable growth. Aug 15, 2019 335
Amount of fresh milk supplied by Latvian dairy farmers up 6.7% in July. Aug 13, 2019 222
Farming's a tough game. Tariffs would be the biggest Brexit worry in dairy industry; 350-ACRE SITE OVER BOTH SIDES OF BORDER; Breffni tells of no-deal fears for his fields straddling North and South. Aug 12, 2019 847
Farming's a the biggest tough game. Tariffs would be Brexit worry in dairy industry; 350-ACRE SITE OVER BOTH SIDES OF BORDER; Breffni tells of no-deal fears for his fields straddling North and South. Aug 12, 2019 844
Purchase Of A Cable Of 10kv Power Supply Network During The Construction Of The Facility construction Of A Dairy Farm For 2000 Heads Of Dairy Herds Near The Village Of Churilovo, Orsha District. Aug 8, 2019 149
Houston Firm Invests In Technology To Transform Cow Manure Into Fuel For Heavy Duty Truck Fleets. Aug 7, 2019 299
Town gets ready for thousands of visitors; AGRICULTURE. Aug 3, 2019 150
Annual Dumfries Show rolled out at Park Farm. Aug 2, 2019 172
Bta-miR-124a Affects Lipid Metabolism by Regulating PECR Gene. Shen, Binglei; Yang, Zhuonina; Han, Shuo; Zou, Ziwen; Liu, Juan; Nie, Lian; Dong, Wentao; Li, E.; Li Aug 1, 2019 5523
Utilization of bedded cattle confinement for organic manure of maize crop/ Aproveitamento da cama de confinamento de bovino para adubacao organica do milho. Mota, Vania C.; Andrade, Ednilton T.; Pinto, Sandra M.; de Abreu, Luiz R.; Leite, Daniel F. Aug 1, 2019 4661
Bovine urine inhibits microbial function and increases urea turnover in dairy grazed soils. Lambie, S.M.; Mason, N.W.H.; Mudge, P.L. Report Aug 1, 2019 7250
HSBC backs young Welsh farmers with funding deals. Jul 30, 2019 286
Bulgaria : Discussed changes in modulation threshold under Campaign 2020 coupled support schemes. Jul 30, 2019 452
West Pokot farmers get cows to boost milk production. Jul 27, 2019 252
No US meat, animal welfare non-existent. Jul 27, 2019 321
This farm of ours is cosmopolitan mix; From pigs to chickens and donkeys, we have more than just cows. Jul 26, 2019 546
Lactation performance and rumen fermentation in dairy cows fed a diet with alfalfa hay replaced by corn stover and supplemented with molasses. Wei, Zi-Hai; Liang, Shu-Lin; Wang, Di-Ming; Liu, Hong-Yun; Wanapat, Metha; Liu, Jian-Xin Jul 26, 2019 4118
Dairy Herd Health Management Market 2019 Global Key Players, Size, Applications & Growth Opportunities - Analysis to 2024. Jul 25, 2019 662
Cautious welcome for Prime Minister Boris from farmers. Jul 25, 2019 618
Kinangop livestock thieves shift to milking cows at night. Jul 25, 2019 291
Selection Of A Supplier For A Closed Milk Cooling Plant, Total Power Consumption 25kw (2 Milkings) For The Object Reconstruction Of The Premises Of The Former Pig Farm Under The Mtp For 550 Dairy Cows, 700 Heads Of Young Animals In The Village. To Conquer. Jul 23, 2019 167
Mooo-ving on up! Young farmers win competition. Jul 22, 2019 213
Feeding dairy cows from birth to lactation. Jul 19, 2019 1605
Lessons from model school farm. Jul 19, 2019 630
Top of the treats. Jul 18, 2019 370
How UAE dairy farms ensure heat doesn't dry up milk yield. Jul 17, 2019 970
Dairy herd numbers go down, but sizes increase; Statistics: Total numbers of cows and average size of herds are on the rise. Jul 17, 2019 339
Melamchi project still a milking cow for corrupt government officials. Jul 17, 2019 219
Why I'm happy keeping only four dairy cows. Jul 15, 2019 749
Russian Federation : FGIS "Mercury" helped to identify discrepancies in information regarding the volumes of milk sold and the number of dairy herds at the plant in the Voronezh region. Jul 15, 2019 408
Cows happy on locally-sourced soya alternative; Dairy: New feedstuff trialled at north-east farm. Jul 10, 2019 259
Vietnam : Strengthen cooperation to convert livelihoods for ethnic minorities. Jul 8, 2019 528
Students tour for Masters course. Jul 5, 2019 264
Botswana hard hit by milk shortage. Jul 4, 2019 413
Russian Federation : For three days, a delegation of farmers and veterinarians of the Tomsk region worked in the Altai Republic. Jul 4, 2019 667
PS1m dairy expansion shows Aled still has Fferm Ffactor 10 years after his TV triumph. Jul 4, 2019 265
Projected Measures In The Area Of animal Health Of Livestock. Jul 3, 2019 184
Selection Of A Contracting Organization For The Construction Of The Facility: Construction Of A Dairy Farm For 2000 Heads Of Dairy Herds Near The Village Of Churilovo, Orshansky District. Jul 2, 2019 152
Selection Of A Supplier Of Technological Equipment (milking Machines And Equipment For Cooling And Storing Milk) With Installation, Commissioning And Personnel Training For The Construction Of The Facility: building An Innovative Dairy-and-commodity Comp. Jul 2, 2019 176
Family farming in agroecological transition: a look at the marketing of milk and dairy products in municipalities of the Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais State, Brazil/Agricultura familiar em transicao agroecologica: um olhar sobre a comercializacao de leite e derivados em municipios da Zona da Mata de Minas Gerais. Santos, Priscila Alves dos; Bevilacqua, Paula Dias Jul 1, 2019 4822
Control of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Three US Dairy Herds by Culling ELISA-Positive Cows. Ruggiero, Vickie J.; Bartlett, Paul C. Jul 1, 2019 4786
Effect of fermented spent instant coffee grounds on milk productivity and blood profiles of lactating dairy cows. Choi, Yongjun; Rim, Jongsu; Lee, Honggu; Kwon, Hyunchul; Na, Youngjun; Lee, Sangrak Jul 1, 2019 5941
Diagnosis of Late Embryonic Mortality in Dairy Cows by Measuring Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein and Pregnancy-Specific Protein B Levels. Ergene, Osman; Darbaz, Isfendiyar; Sayiner, Serkan; Aslan, Selim Report Jun 30, 2019 4438
Livestock feeds subsidy boon for farmers. Jun 27, 2019 574
Production of Gliricidia leaf meal (supplement feed for dairy cows and poultry birds). Jun 27, 2019 189
Montgomery County 4-H show results. Jun 26, 2019 465
Russian Federation : The Ministry of Agriculture of the Penza region announced the start of accepting applications for competitive selection of participants supporting family farms and agricultural cooperation. Jun 26, 2019 202
Udderly fresh: A Capel farm has started to sell raw milk direct from the gate; 'My grandmother died aged 108 and she had been drinking it all her life'. Jun 24, 2019 499
Dairy herds from north of Forth punch above weight. Jun 22, 2019 341
RumenShield Dairy - Non-Medicated Feed Additive to Improve Milk Yield in Dairy Cows. Jun 22, 2019 372
Farmer Sam's banking on help sees his dairy herd expand to 160. Jun 21, 2019 335
Russian Federation : Sausage Products of the Largest Agricultural Holding Passed Tests at Gost. Jun 20, 2019 396
Reputed Govt./Non-govt. Institutions/Ngos/Charitable Organizations/Voluntary Organizations For Operation And Management Of 3000 A.i. Centers At Panchayat Level To Provide Breeding Services (through Artificial Insemination With Frozen Semen), Technica. Jun 19, 2019 163
Purchase Of Sandwich Panels. Jun 18, 2019 104
Tehran to Abu Dhabi: US' Milking Cows Unfit to Comment on Iranian Officials Credibility. Jun 15, 2019 1075
Provision Of Services For The Integrated Management Of Construction Activities On The Project: construction Of The Khanchitsy Dairy Farm For 400 Head Of Dairy Cattle With Engineering Communications And Access Roads To Them In The Area Of The Village Of B. Jun 15, 2019 162
Vet on call: Do cows really die of heart failure? Jun 14, 2019 1054
Construction Of A Playground In The Dairy Cattle Park In 2019. Jun 14, 2019 242
Security guard who built village road is gifted a cow. Jun 13, 2019 406
Provision Of Different Insurance Companies Working In Bihar Fixation Of Premium For One Year Risk Management And Livestock Insurance Coverage Of Animals. Jun 12, 2019 102
GARGUNNOCK SHOW. Jun 7, 2019 1961
Moo! Jun 4, 2019 533
United States : Gov. Ricketts Proclaims June as Dairy Month in Nebraska. Jun 4, 2019 351
Vrebac: Incentives for veterinary medicine will enable testing of dairy cattle. Jun 3, 2019 298
IoT-based measurement system for classifying cow behavior from tri-axial accelerometer/Sistema de medicao baseado em IoT para classificar o comportamento de vacas atraves de acelerometro tri-axial. Wang, Jun; He, Zhitao; Jiu, Jiangtao; Zhao, Kaixuan; Zhang, Haiyang Jun 1, 2019 6740
Gargunnock Show marks 225 years. May 31, 2019 177
Farmer counts losses as cows stolen, slaughtered at night. May 31, 2019 411
Livestock. May 31, 2019 455
Purchase Of Stall Equipment. May 31, 2019 147
Latvia : New rules for the monitoring and performance testing of dairy cows and dairy goats. May 30, 2019 371
Thousands of cows' lives will be transformed as dairies commit to higher welfare. May 29, 2019 709
Govt livestock subsidy effective July 1. May 26, 2019 167
Dubai responds to rumours of Al Marai, Nadec and Al Safi milk. May 21, 2019 214
Elderly Nyandarua farmer gets back his stolen cows. May 20, 2019 703
Kisii police recover five cows stolen in Nyandarua. May 18, 2019 262
Germany : Stressed farm animals. May 17, 2019 857
VET ON CALL: Why your dairy cows are not becoming pregnant. May 17, 2019 1044
Use app to help spot threat of lameness. May 17, 2019 431
Selection Of Contractor Organizations For Construction And Installation Work On The Power Supply And Gas Supply Of The Object: reconstruction Of The Itf With Expansion Up To 1000 Head Of Dairy Herd I. May 16, 2019 205
President Jeenbekov visits milk farm in Issyk-Kul region. May 16, 2019 220
First cow ever to summit Snowdon; NOW BESSIE'S PLANNING NEXT ADVENTURE. May 16, 2019 444
Rising number across several classes; ENTRIES. May 15, 2019 215
Purchase Of Feed Additives For Cattle. May 14, 2019 135
Selection Of A Subcontractor For Construction And Installation Work On The Stormwater Pumping Station Of The Stormwater Pumping Station (position 41), The Storm Drainage Chamber (position 42) And The. May 11, 2019 187
Vihiga invests in agribusiness to fight poverty. May 11, 2019 426
Moo-ving appeal for safety on the road; Campaigners dress as cows to promote cycling on A75. May 3, 2019 294
DELIVERY MILK COW. Peters, Steve May 1, 2019 440
Effect of reduced energy density of close-up diets on metabolites, lipolysis and gluconeogenesis in Holstein cows. Huang, Wenming; Wang, Libin; Li, Shengli; Cao, Zhijun May 1, 2019 6558
Effects of ambient temperature and rumen-protected fat supplementation on growth performance, rumen fermentation and blood parameters during cold season in Korean cattle steers. Kang, Hyeok Joong; Piao, Min Yu; Park, Seung Ju; Na, Sang Weon; Kim, Hyun Jin; Baik, Myunggi May 1, 2019 6205
Effects of a tunnel ventilation system within the tie-stall barn environment upon the productivity of dairy cattle during the winter season. Sarentonglaga, Borjigin; Sugiyama, Tatsuhiro; Fukumori, Rika; Nagao, Yoshikazu May 1, 2019 5788
Synchronization and Resynchronization as a Novel Approach for Improving Reproductive Performance of Postpartum Dairy Cows. Shahzad, A.H.; Sattar, A.; Husnain, A.; Ahmad, I.; Ahmad, N.; Nak, D.; Nak, Y. Report Apr 30, 2019 5777
Crossbred Dairy Cattle is the Answer to Improve Environment Dependent Productive and Physiological Responses - A Review. Hernandez-Rivera, Juan Augusto; Molina-Ochoa, Jaime; Garcia-Marquez, Luis Jorge; Prado-Rebolledo, Om Report Apr 30, 2019 11674
Farmers urged to use free BVD tests. Apr 30, 2019 583
THE PEDALLING COOS. Apr 26, 2019 257
Dairy judges vie in youth contest; S E&S BRIEFING. Apr 26, 2019 152
Vet on call: The hidden costs in livestock keeping. Apr 26, 2019 881
BVD plea as testing initiative stutters; Farmers, vets and unions urged to push cattle screening programme. Apr 25, 2019 561
Netherlands : Animal breeding reduces environmental impacts with one percent per year. Apr 25, 2019 644
David's the cream of the crop. Apr 19, 2019 279
Aetiopathogenesis and genomic architecture of resistance to claw horn disruption lesions in dairy cattle. Apr 17, 2019 435
Vet on call: Why some cows produce very little milk. Apr 12, 2019 1223
Delivery Of Food, Non-food Goods, Fruit And Vegetables For The Needs Of Kindergartens On The Territory Of Svishtov Municipality By Lot. Apr 11, 2019 458
Year-round supply of feeds for livestock under study. Apr 6, 2019 422
Cow fertility advice for dairy herds. Apr 4, 2019 107
>> Levy dispute over cull cows. Apr 4, 2019 108
Fastest dairy cow in Britain gets a moo-ve on. Apr 4, 2019 416
Eat cake if you don't have ugali. Apr 3, 2019 742
A moo-ving day for the cows on tour; NEW RIDE. Apr 2, 2019 156
United States : Dairy Producers Previously Enrolled in the Livestock Gross Margin Program Now Eligible for 2018 Margin Protection Program. Apr 1, 2019 338
Evaluation of genotype by environment interactions on milk production traits of Holstein cows in southern Brazil. Moreira, Raphael Patrick; Pinto, Luis Fernando Batista; Valloto, Altair Antonio; Pedrosa, Victor Bre Report Apr 1, 2019 4804
Pathway enrichment and protein interaction network analysis for milk yield, fat yield and age at first calving in a Thai multibreed dairy population. Laodim, Thawee; Elzo, Mauricio A.; Koonawootrittriron, Skorn; Suwanasopee, Thanathip; Jattawa, Danai Report Apr 1, 2019 7253
Risk factors limiting first service conception rate in dairy cows and their economic impact. Kim, Ill Hwa; Jeong, Jae Kwan Report Apr 1, 2019 5727
Russian Federation : Labor people: Ivanovo farmer Alexander Soldatenkov. Mar 31, 2019 252
Expert advice on cows; Castle Douglas farm to host special event aimed at better quality milking. Mar 29, 2019 370
We spent S.7m on 27 cows, Kisumu County tells Ouko. Mar 29, 2019 397
Why flagging off cows is actually a good idea. Mar 28, 2019 756
Milk Afric project nears completion. Mar 27, 2019 444
Bayer--Bayer presents global dairy cattle health experts at 2nd Dairy Summit--5/3/2019. Mar 20, 2019 243
Successive Supply Of Granules, Milk Replacers And Vitamin And Mineral Preparations For Calves And Dairy Cows To The Irzibz Pan Research Station In Popielno. Mar 9, 2019 296
Vet on Call: Beware, that beloved dairy cow could kill you. Mar 8, 2019 1322
Purchase Of Feed Additives For Cattle. Mar 8, 2019 128
Milk herds that are at top of the game; Denbigh& Flint awards marked by 'uniform excellence' across herds. Mar 7, 2019 628
Two firms to bid for dairy project in Bohol-Pinol. Mar 7, 2019 588
Philippines : Bidding for Bohol Dairy Project, signed. Mar 6, 2019 222
Farmers ring their cowsheds with nets to beat tsetse flies. Mar 1, 2019 674
Farmer finds formula to grow fodder crops in semi-arid Baringo. Mar 1, 2019 519
Estimation of the genetic milk yield parameters of Holstein cattle under heat stress in South Korea. Lee, SeokHyun; Do, ChangHee; Choy, YunHo; Dang, ChangGwon; Mahboob, Alam; Cho, Kwanghyun Report Mar 1, 2019 3766
Altering undigested neutral detergent fiber through additives applied in corn, whole barley crop, and alfalfa silages, and its effect on performance of lactating Holstein dairy cows. Hosseini, Seyed Mohsen; Mesgaran, Mohsen Danesh; Vakili, Ali Reza; Naserian, Abbas Ali; Khafipour, E Report Mar 1, 2019 10683
Effects of transport stress on physiological responses and milk production in lactating dairy cows. Hong, Heeok; Lee, Eunchae; Lee, In Hyung; Lee, Sang-Rak Report Mar 1, 2019 6089
NEW TECHNOLOGY. Bauer, Abby Mar 1, 2019 453
Immucell submits manufacturing technical section for its purified Nisin product. Feb 28, 2019 254
Purchase Of Licks For Cattle. Feb 26, 2019 131
How to tell good from bad silage. Feb 22, 2019 881
No drought pain on this dairy farm. Feb 22, 2019 1411
Sale days revamp at Beeston market. Feb 21, 2019 218
At The Choice Of Contracting Organizations To Perform Construction And Installation Work On The Power Supply And Gas Supply Of The Object: reconstruction Of The Itf With The Extension To 1000 Head Of Dairy Herd In The Village Of Minkovichi, Kamenetsky Di. Feb 19, 2019 200
Palace: Strengthened coconut levy bill prone to corruption. Feb 10, 2019 603
On The Object Reconstruction Of The Itf With The Expansion Of Up To 1000 Heads Of Dairy Herds In The Village Of Minkovichi, Kamenetsky District, To Carry Out The Construction Of Reinforced Concrete Frames. Feb 5, 2019 139
Canada : 13 projects have also received funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Feb 1, 2019 298
Effects of preselection of genotyped animals on reliability and bias of genomic prediction in dairy cattle. Togashi, Kenji; Adachi, Kazunori; Kurogi, Kazuhito; Yasumori, Takanori; Tokunaka, Kouichi; Ogino, At Report Feb 1, 2019 8041
Assessment of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship of Limousin herds in Hungary using microsatellite markers. Szucs, Marton; Szabo, Ferenc; Ban, Beata; Jozsa, Csilla; Rozsa, Laszlo; Zsolnai, Attila; Anton, Istv Report Feb 1, 2019 3646
The effect of nanoemulsified methionine and cysteine on the in vitro expression of casein in bovine mammary epithelial cells. Kim, Tae-Il; Kim, Tae-Gyun; Lim, Dong-Hyun; Kim, Sang-Bum; Park, Seong-Min; Lim, Hyun-Joo; Kim, Hyun Report Feb 1, 2019 4335
Biofilm formation by Prototheca zopfii isolated from clinical and subclinical bovine mastitis in distinct growth conditions under different dyes/Formacao de biofilme por Prototheca zopfii isolados de mastite bovina clinica e subclinica em distintas condicoes de crescimento sob diferentes corantes. Ely, Valessa Lunkes; Gressler, Leticia Trevisan; Sutili, Fernando Jonas; Ribeiro, Marcio Garcia; da Feb 1, 2019 4814
Molecular Epidemiology and Risk Factors Assessment of Anaplasma spp. on Dairy Cattle in Southwest of Iran. Noaman, Vahid; Moradi, Morteza Jan 1, 2019 4939
Physiochemical characteristics and fermentation ability of milk from Czech Fleckvieh cows are related to genetic polymorphisms of [beta]-casein, [kappa]-casein, and [beta]-lactoglobulin. Kyselova, Jitka; Jecminkova, Katerina; Matejickova, Jitka; Hanus, Oto; Kott, Tomas; Stipkova, Milosl Report Jan 1, 2019 10801
Changes in the ruminal fermentation and bacterial community structure by a sudden change to a high-concentrate diet in Korean domestic ruminants. Lee, Mingyung; Jeong, Sinyong; Seo, Jakyeom; Seo, Seongwon Report Jan 1, 2019 7842
The effect of water restriction on physiological and blood parameters in lactating dairy cows reared under Mediterranean climate. Benatallah, Amel; Ghozlane, Faissal; Marie, Michel Report Jan 1, 2019 5405
Etnografia del productor araucano de la sabana inundable, Colombia. Rodriguez-Quenza, Luis Ernesto; Correa-Toro, Alonso; Hernandez-Rodriguez, Milena; Salamanca C., Arce Jan 1, 2019 5440
Evaluacion de la calidad composicional, microbiologica y sanitaria de la leche cruda en el segundo tercio de lactancia en vacas lecheras/Evaluation of the compositional, microbiological and sanitary quality of raw milk in the second third of lactation in dairy cows. Gamez, H. Jurado; Dominguez, L. Munoz; Montenegro, D. Quitiaquez; Argoti, C. Fajardo; Santacruz, E. Jan 1, 2019 5388
Evaluacion de los indicadores de estres calorico en las principales localidades de lecheria intensiva del departamento de Lima, Peru. Ruiz G., Luis Felipe; Carcelen C., Fernando; Sandoval-Monzon, Rocio Jan 1, 2019 4984
Our yoghurt plant runs on milk from four cows. Dec 14, 2018 725
Ahdb Dairy Improvement Programme Genomics. Dec 14, 2018 210
Germany : Bayer Animal Health and ParaTheraTech sign global license agreement. Dec 13, 2018 376
Russian Federation : Milk productivity increased in the Tomsk region. Dec 7, 2018 301
Russian Federation : Large agricultural holding may appear in Bashkortostan. Dec 7, 2018 249
MILK PRODUCTION TRAITS AMONG INDIGENOUS AND CROSSBRED DAIRY CATTLE IN SENEGAL. Ngono Ema, P.J.; Lassila, L.; Missohou, A.; Marshall, K.; Tapio, M.; Tebug, S.F.; Juga, J. Report Dec 1, 2018 5484
Hallazgos clinico-patologicos compatibles con intoxicacion con ionoforos en bufalas: primer reporte en Argentina. Bence, A.R.; Garcia, J.; Fernandez, E.; Morrell, E.; Canton, G. Dec 1, 2018 2251
AI has improved our dairy herd. Nov 30, 2018 698
Multistate Infestation with the Exotic Disease--Vector Tick Haemaphysalis longicornis--United States, August 2017-September 2018. Beard, C. Ben; Occi, James; Bonilla, Denise L.; Egizi, Andrea M.; Fonseca, Dina M.; Mertins, James W Nov 30, 2018 2634
President Rouhani: Iran Ready to Support S. Arabia without Expectations. Nov 24, 2018 386
Dumfries dairy and cattle sales; Market reports. Financial report Nov 23, 2018 362
Small dairy farm with moo lessons. Nov 23, 2018 729
Getting young people engaged with farming. Nov 20, 2018 766
Purchase And Installation Of Process Equipment. Nov 20, 2018 158
UPLB cattle herd killed to stop spread of bovine TB. Nov 19, 2018 309
Dairy Cattle Feed Market to Perceive Substantial Growth During 2017-2027. Nov 14, 2018 651
Use of lethal Oxytocin to milk cattle continues unabated. Nov 12, 2018 495
Services Of The General Contractor To Perform Work On The Object: Mtf For 600 Dairy Herd Cows In The Belshina-agro Branch Of Belshina Jsc. 1st Start-up Complex. Nov 12, 2018 130
Dairy farm that's turning the tide in dry Mandera. Nov 9, 2018 779
Russian Federation : Consuls of the APR countries got acquainted with the projects of the TOR of Primorsky Krai. Nov 8, 2018 534
Electrical Work At The Facility Branch Of Ojsc Belaz - Managing Company Of The Holding Company Spk Pervomaysky Construction Of A Dairy Farm For 774 Heads Of Dairy Herds In Ag. Sloboda Smolevichsky District Minka Region. Power Supply 10kv. Nov 8, 2018 132
Cost of farm animals in the regions of Kyrgyzstan. Nov 6, 2018 220
Purchase Of Equipment For The Transformer Substation. Nov 6, 2018 116
Selection Of A Subcontractor To Perform A Complex Of Works On The Construction Of A Water Tower For The Object Construction Of An Innovative Dairy-commodity Complex For 1000 Dairy Cows With A Closed Cycle In Rpup Uste Of The National Academy Of Sciences O. Nov 5, 2018 107
Daisy's going all organic; FROM THE VET A day in the life of a dairy cow. Nov 2, 2018 474
Aled's 'outstanding service' rewarded by FUW. Nov 1, 2018 281
Identification and antimicrobial suceptibility profile of bacteria causing bovine mastitis from dairy farms in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul/Identificacao e perfil de suscetibilidade antimicrobiana de bacterias causadoras de mastite bovina em propriedades leiteiras de Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Freitas, C.H.; Mendes, J.F.; Villarreal, P.V.; Santos, P.R.; Goncalves, C.L.; Gonzales, H.L.; Nascen Nov 1, 2018 4094
Effect of condensed tannins from Leucaena leucocephala on rumen fermentation, methane production and population of rumen protozoa in heifers fed low-quality forage. Pineiro-Vazquez, Angel T.; Canul-Solis, Jorge R.; Jimenez-Ferrer, Guillermo O.; Alayon-Gamboa, Jose Report Nov 1, 2018 7210
A Dairy Destination: South Dakota's dairy industry is booming thanks to adept planning and a growing number of processors, including Agropur, Bel Brands USA and more. Schug, Debra Industry overview Nov 1, 2018 3164
Vietnam : HCM City specifies key agricultural products. Oct 30, 2018 204
Fodder Yeast For Dairy Cows (poland-pawlowice: Yeast). Oct 30, 2018 171
Complementary Mineral-vitamin Mixture For Milk Cows Km (1.0%) (poland-pawlowice: Animal Feedstuffs). Oct 30, 2018 271
Supplementary Mineral-vitamin Mixture For Milk Cows Km (1. 0)%. Oct 28, 2018 208
Fodder Yeast For Dairy Cows. Oct 28, 2018 199
Afbi - Robotic Milking System For Dairy Cows, Associated Building Works And Ancillary Equipment. Oct 26, 2018 160
Robotic Milking System For Dairy Cows, Associated Building Works And Ancillary Equipment. Oct 25, 2018 109
Dumfries primestock. Oct 19, 2018 350
Arthur gets reward for spoiling his dairy cows. Oct 18, 2018 259
Russian Federation : On Sakhalin, dairy cows are transferred to the winter-stall period of keeping. Oct 17, 2018 313
Cow auction like no other. Oct 12, 2018 913
1% Premix P60-3 For Dairy Cows Premix Should Contain All Of The Listed Components In An Amount Not Less Than Indicated Below: 1. Vitamin A Content Is 1,500,000 Iu/Kg 2. Vitamin D3 Content Is 200,000. Oct 7, 2018 156
Purchase Of Concrete On The Object: reconstruction Of The Premises Of The Former Pig Complex Under The Itf For 550 Dairy Cows, 700 Heads Of Young Stock In Win The Narovlya District. Oct 7, 2018 145
1% Premix P60-3 For Dairy Cows Premix Should Contain All Of The Listed Components In An Amount Not Less Than Indicated Below: 1. Vitamin A Content Is 1,500,000 Iu/Kg 2. Vitamin D3 Content Is 200,000 Iu/Kg 3. Vitamin E Content Is 8,000 Mg/Kg 4. Iron. Oct 6, 2018 155
New Zealand : Have your say on the dairy herd improvement regulatory regime. Oct 1, 2018 280
Can the body composition of crossbred dairy cattle be predicted by equations for beef cattle? Neves, Maria Luciana Menezes Wanderley; Souza, Evaristo Jorge Oliveira de; Veras, Robson Magno Liber Report Oct 1, 2018 5492
Dairy Sector Consolidation, Scale, Automation and Factor Biased Technical Change: Working through "Get Big or Get Out". Feng, Hongli; Hennessy, David A.; Jia, Yanan; McKendree, Melissa G.S.; Wolf, Christopher A. Survey Oct 1, 2018 4128
Seroprevalencia y factores de riesgo de neosporosis bovina en el valle del Mantaro-Region Junin, Peru. Arauco Villar, Fernando Oct 1, 2018 4516
Seroprevalencia de diarrea viral bovina en hatos lecheros del Valle del Mantaro, Region Junin, Peru. Arauco Villar, Fernando; Lozano Salazar, Elias Oct 1, 2018 5868
Still on at the theatre. Sep 28, 2018 479
Officers called to catch runaway on the mooove. Sep 26, 2018 205
Immucell receives fourth complete letter of NADA for Nisin treatment for cows. Sep 25, 2018 129
Immucell looks to bring mastitis treatment to market in 2020. Sep 25, 2018 224
Dumfries primestock; Market reports. Sep 21, 2018 318
Germany : Bayer announces Care4Cattle grant recipients in celebration of advancing cattle well-being. Sep 21, 2018 261
4-H sheep, dairy cattle show results. Sep 21, 2018 311
Netherlands : Compound feed costs for dairy cattle rise by local sourcing. Sep 18, 2018 494
Automootic milking the way forward. Sep 16, 2018 117
Farming latest. Sep 14, 2018 1260
Dumfries primestock sale; Market report. Sep 14, 2018 363
Renovation Of Existing Dairy Cattle Shelter In Different Districts Of Wb In Approx. 221 Nos. Of Different Blocks- 2nd Call. Sep 14, 2018 156
Farm drought? Recycle slurry; EXTRACTING WATER COULD SAVE THOUSANDS. Sep 13, 2018 575
Dairy Herd Management Market worth $3.55 Billion by 2022. Sep 7, 2018 550
Dumfries primestock sale; Market reports. Sep 7, 2018 333
Dairy Herd Management Market worth $3.55 Billion by 2022. Sep 6, 2018 550
Dairy Herd Management Market worth $3.55 Billion by 2022. Sep 6, 2018 550
Use of welfare outcome information in three types of dairy farm inspection reports. Lin, Yi-Chun; Mullan, Siobhan; Main, David C.J. Report Sep 1, 2018 6671
Productividad y eficiencia de ganaderias lecheras especializadas en el Valle del Cauca (Colombia). Morales-Vallecilla, F.; Ortiz-Grisales, S. Sep 1, 2018 8209
Efecto del nivel de complementacion con metionina-colina en vacas Holstein durante el periodo de transicion sobre las concentraciones hepaticas de trigliceridos, colina y carnitina. Galvis, R.D.; Montoya, J.A.; Madrid, L.V. Sep 1, 2018 6050
Dumfries primestock; Market report. Aug 31, 2018 342
Russian Federation : Leningrad region on "Agrorusi-2018" signed agreements on construction of dairy complexes. Aug 28, 2018 286
Russian Federation : Tomsk Oblast has a modern center for training cattle breeders. Aug 28, 2018 327
Supplementary Mineral-vitamin Mixture For Milk Cows Km (1.0%). Aug 26, 2018 257
HOW COULD THEY? SHOCK PROBE INTO ORGANIC FARM CRUELTY; Calves roughly force fed at just a few days old; Cows with their hind legs shackled together; A helpless calf dragged across its pen by its legs; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 25, 2018 816
Dumfries primestock sale; Market reports. Aug 24, 2018 391
Russian Federation : Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan: Milk rating for 7 months of the year compiled. Aug 24, 2018 235
Russian Federation : Leningrad region will provide a breeding herd of Russian cows. Aug 24, 2018 171
Russian Federation : Andrei Razin will get acquainted with the construction of a new dairy farm in the urban district of Ozory. Aug 23, 2018 386
Feed Additives For Cattle And Pigs. Aug 22, 2018 161
Calves Of Large-horned Dairy Cattle Up To 1 Year Old. Aug 22, 2018 210
Dumfries primestock; Market report. Aug 17, 2018 434
Renovation Of Existing Dairy Cattle Shelter In Different Districts Of Wb In Approx. 221 Nos. Of Different Blocks. Aug 17, 2018 152
Echos of the past; FIVE years. Aug 14, 2018 275
Dumfries weekly primestock sale; Market reports. Aug 10, 2018 388
Vet on call: Diseases that will lock your animals out of export market. Aug 10, 2018 1036
Russian Federation : In the Ryazan region agrarians are given subsidies in the amount of 1 251.1 million rubles. Aug 8, 2018 193
Russian Federation : Belgorodchina strengthens genetic independence in dairy cattle breeding. Aug 8, 2018 633
Echos of the past. Aug 7, 2018 329
FOOD & DRINK. Recipe Aug 4, 2018 315
Primes sale at C&D. Aug 3, 2018 298

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