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Gevo officially breaks ground on its renewable natural gas project in northwest Iowa. May 1, 2021 240
Polymorphisms in NCF4 and SAA2 Genes and Production and Reproduction Traits of Dairy Cattle. Report Apr 30, 2021 3498
Livestock. Apr 19, 2021 395
Gevo closes $68M +Green Bond' offering to finance construction of its renewable natural gas project in Northwest Iowa. Apr 16, 2021 465
Kirinyaga dairy farming gets Sh58 million boost. Apr 10, 2021 381
Use of dairy calves could be beefed up. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Apr 3, 2021 495
Vinamilk imports more than 2,100 dairy cows from US. Apr 1, 2021 888
Cattle en route to Pakistan among 14 vessels stuck in Suez Canal. Mar 29, 2021 171
Greedy meat inspectors fuel cattle rustling in Ol Kalou. Mar 23, 2021 623
Mash destruction; Climate change could result in severe shortage of spuds & milk. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Mar 20, 2021 269
C & D Auctions held [...]; PRIMESTOCK MART. Mar 19, 2021 306
Agriculture, aquaculture businesses focus on growing their own raw materials. Mar 17, 2021 363
FG Flags Off National Livestock Breed Improvement Programme. Mar 16, 2021 592
FG Flags Off National Livestock Breed Improvement Programme. Mar 15, 2021 547
New online dairy sale is launched. Mar 9, 2021 152
NADMO is not milking cow -Director. Mar 4, 2021 600
Mec Chau Milk target highest ever profit and revenue. Mar 3, 2021 329
Dairy testing could benefit beef farmers. NANCY NICOLSON Feb 26, 2021 320
US supports Nigeria Dairy industry. Feb 23, 2021 464
Fonterra enables access to high-nutrition Mineral Mix packs to uplift smallholder dairy farm productivity. Feb 22, 2021 223
From accidental to full-time: How partners got into dairy farming after helping out a friend. Interview Feb 22, 2021 1147
U.S. Supports Nigeria Dairy Industry, Announces Training Programme For Stakeholders. Feb 19, 2021 213
Cow auction in Uasin Gishu sparks assets row. Feb 18, 2021 392
Software opens up the world of animal emotions. JAMIE HARRIS Science and technology reporter Feb 13, 2021 387
Saline County 4-H Livestock, Management committees elect officers Lambert:. Feb 12, 2021 357
Livestock emotion logged in new app; COUNTRY IN BRIEF. Feb 9, 2021 152
MOOOD MUSIC; Pianist Ben serenades cows to improve milk. ADAM ASPINALL Feb 9, 2021 216
App tracks animals' feelings. JAMIE HARRIS Feb 9, 2021 362
MOOOD MUSIC; Pianist milks audience with cattle prod rock. ADAM ASPINALL Feb 9, 2021 321
PRIMESTOCK SALE. Feb 5, 2021 449
Fonterra distributes value bundle to boost farmers' productivity. Feb 5, 2021 330
Cattle shipment from US arrives. Feb 2, 2021 170
Rift Valley Fever and Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses in Ruminants, Jordan. Obaidat, Mohammad M.; Graziano, James C.; Morales-Betoulle, Maria; Brown, Shelley M.; Chiang, Cheng- Report Feb 1, 2021 1584
Dairy herd numbers drop. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Jan 30, 2021 389
Inclusion of bioclimatic variables in genetic evaluations of dairy cattle. Negri, Renata; Aguilar, Ignacio; Feltes, Giovani Luis; Machado, Juliana Dementshuk; Neto, Jose Bracc Report Jan 27, 2021 5344
Use of condensed molasses fermentation solubles as an alternative source of concentrates in dairy cows. Ma, Jian; Ma, Chen; Fan, Xue; Shah, Ali Mujtaba; Mao, Jiang Report Jan 27, 2021 5821
Metabolomics comparison of rumen fluid and milk in dairy cattle using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Eom, Jun Sik; Kim, Eun Tae; Kim, Hyun Sang; Choi, You Young; Lee, Shin Ja; Lee, Sang Suk; Kim, Seon Report Jan 27, 2021 5747
Gwion carries on family tradition. Jan 19, 2021 665
Vinamilk and GTNFoods to buy 39.2 million shares of Mgc Chau Milk. Jan 14, 2021 350
Hobbit houses proposal approved. Jan 12, 2021 268
Otieno Otieno: Uhuru can still save BBI from Ruto Tsunami. Jan 10, 2021 538
EFFECTS OF PLANT EXTRACTS AS PRE-MILKING DAIRY COW TEAT SANITIZER. S. Mureza, C. J. Smit, M. C. Muya and F. V. Nherera-Chokuda Jan 5, 2021 3550
Dairy alternatives making a big market move. Jan 5, 2021 817
Gene polymorphisms influencing yield, composition and technological properties of milk from Czech Simmental and Holstein cows. Citek, Jindrich; Brzakova, Michaela; Hanusova, Lenka; Hanus, Oto; Vecerek, Libor; Samkova, Eva; Kriz Report Jan 1, 2021 8932
Effects of ruminal administration of soy sauce oil on functional fatty acids in the rumen, blood and milk of dairy cows. Konno, Daiji; Takahashi, Masanobu; Osaka, Ikuo; Orihashi, Takenori; Sakai, Kiyotaka; Sera, Kenji; Ob Jan 1, 2021 4616
Evaluation of liquid and powdered forms of polyclonal antibody preparation against Streptococcus bovis and Fusobacterium necrophorum in cattle adapted or not adapted to highly fermentable carbohydrate diets. Cassiano, Eduardo Cuellar Orlandi; Perna, Flavio, Jr.; Barros, Tarley Araujo; Marino, Carolina Tobia Report Jan 1, 2021 7424
SmARtview new ways of looking at dairy farming; Dairy farmers and vets have enlisted the help of video gaming experts to help enhance cow health in a new study which they hope will be a 'game-changer' for the care and treatment of dairy cattle. Dec 29, 2020 458
BDC to start sourcing dairy cows March 2021. Dec 20, 2020 327
Cows' foot health steps up. Jo Mackenzie Dec 19, 2020 762
Vet on call: Managing silent heat in dairy cattle. Dec 16, 2020 981
Dam plan slated by dairy farmer; Claims move could 'decimate' business and threaten animals. RORY SMITH Dec 12, 2020 307
Kagwe residents foil dairy cow theft, administrator warns thugs. Dec 9, 2020 455
Serum adipokines play different roles in type I and II ketosis. Shen, Liuhong; Zhu, Yingkun; Xiao, Jinbang; Qian, Bolin; You, Liuchao; Zhang, Yue; Yu, Shumin; Zong, Report Dec 1, 2020 6250
Predicting nutrient excretion from dairy cows on smallholder farms in Indonesia using readily available farm data. Zahra, Windi Al; van Middelaar, Corina E.; Boer, Imke J.M de; Oosting, Simon J. Report Dec 1, 2020 8417
Identification of a Novel [alpha]-herpesvirus Associated with Ulcerative Stomatitis in Donkeys. Martella, Vito; Lanave, Gianvito; Camero, Michele; Larocca, Vittorio; Lorusso, Eleonora; Catella, Cr Report Dec 1, 2020 2024
no bull! new environment data revealed EveryWishaw resident generates almost half a tonne of waste each year.That's the same weight as a cow... MICHAEL PRINGLE Nov 11, 2020 529
no bull! new environment data revealed Every Monklands resident generates almost half a tonne of waste each year.The same weight as a cow... MICHAEL PRINGLE Nov 11, 2020 529
Consider soya alternatives - trial suggests. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Nov 11, 2020 346
TH Group aims to have 200,000 cows by 2025. Nov 2, 2020 581
Bovine mastitis: risk factors, therapeutic strategies, and alternative treatments--A review. Cheng, Wei Nee; Han, Sung Gu Report Nov 1, 2020 12000
Association of UDP-galactose-4-epimerase with milk protein concentration in the Chinese Holstein population. Li, Cong; Cai, Wentao; Liu, Shuli; Zhou, Chenghao; Cao, Mingyue; Yin, Hongwei; Sun, Dongxiao; Zhang, Report Nov 1, 2020 4853
Genetic parameters for milk yield in imported Jersey and Jersey-Friesian cows using daily milk records in Sri Lanka. Samaraweera, Amali Malshani; Boerner, Vinzent; Cyril, Hewa Waduge; van der Werf, Julius; Hermesch, S Report Nov 1, 2020 10343
Assessing metabolic properties of dairy cows fed low quality straws by integrative arterial and venous metabolomics. Wang, Bing; Yu, Zhu; Liu, Jianxin Nov 1, 2020 5575
Effect of ruminai administration of soy sauce oil on rumen fermentation, milk production and blood parameters in dairy cows. Konno, Daiji; Takahashi, Masanobu; Osaka, Ikuo; Orihashi, Takenori; Sakai, Kiyotaka; Sera, Kenji; Ob Report Nov 1, 2020 6325
Coordinated alteration of mRNA-microRNA transcriptomes associated with exosomes and fatty acid metabolism in adipose tissue and skeletal muscle in grazing cattle. Muroya, Susumu; Ogasawara, Hideki; Nohara, Kana; Oe, Mika; Ojima, Koichi; Hojito, Masayuki Report Nov 1, 2020 8232
An investigation of seasonal variations in the microbiota of milk, feces, bedding, and airborne dust. Nguyen, Thuong Thi; Wu, Haoming; Nishino, Naoki Report Nov 1, 2020 4707
Fatty Acid Profiles from Routine Milk Recording as a Decision Tool for Body Weight Change of Dairy Cows after Calving. Dettmann, Franziska; Warner, Daniel; Buitenhuis, Bart; Kargo, Morten; Kjeldsen, Anne Mette Hostrup; Report Nov 1, 2020 7021
Administering an Appeasing Substance to Gir x Holstein Female Dairy Calves on Pre-Weaning Performance and Disease Incidence. Angeli, Beatriz; Cappellozza, Bruno; Vasconcelos, Jose Luiz Moraes; Cooke, Reinaldo Fernandes Report Nov 1, 2020 3696
Genetic Diversity in the Portuguese Mertolenga Cattle Breed Assessed by Pedigree Analysis. Carolino, Nuno; Vitorino, Andreia; Pais, Ines Carolino Jose; Henriques, Nuno; Silveira, Manuel; Vice Nov 1, 2020 11451
Influence of Genotype and Slaughter Age on the Content of Selected Minerals and Fatty Acids in the Longissimus Thoracis Muscle of Crossbred Bulls. Momot, Martyna; Nogalski, Zenon; Pogorzelska-Przybylek, Paulina; Sobczuk-Szul, Monika Report Nov 1, 2020 8611
Associations between Mammary Gland Echotexture and Milk Composition in Cows. Schwarz, Tomasz; Scheeres, Nelia; Malopolska, Martyna M.; Murawski, Maciej; Agustin, Tristan D.; Ahm Nov 1, 2020 6459
Twins in Dairy Herds. Is It Better to Maintain or Reduce a Pregnancy? Lopez-Gatius, Fernando Medical condition overview Nov 1, 2020 3199
Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal Susceptibility Loci for Digital Dermatitis in Holstein Cattle. Lai, Ellen; Danner, Alexa L.; Famula, Thomas R.; Oberbauer, Anita M. Nov 1, 2020 11762
Association Analysis of Polymorphisms in the 5' Flanking Region of the HSP70 Gene with Blood Biochemical Parameters of Lactating Holstein Cows under Heat and Cold Stress. Abbas, Zaheer; Hu, Lirong; Fang, Hao; Sammad, Abdul; Kang, Ling; Brito, Luiz F.; Xu, Qing; Wang, Yac Nov 1, 2020 8816
GWAS-Based Identification of New Loci for Milk Yield, Fat, and Protein in Holstein Cattle. Liu, Liyuan; Zhou, Jinghang; Chen, Chunpeng James; Wen, Juan Zhang Wan; Tian, Jia; Zhang, Zhiwu; Gu, Nov 1, 2020 8093
Relationships between Selected Physiological Factors and Milking Parameters for Cows Using a Milking Robot. Kuczaj, Marian; Mucha, Anna; Kowalczyk, Alicja; Mordak, Ryszard; Czerniawska- Piatkowska, Ewa Nov 1, 2020 7311
Changes in Saliva Analytes Associated with Lameness in Cows: A Pilot Study. Contreras-Aguilar, Maria D.; Vallejo-Mateo, Pedro Javier; Zelvyte, Rasa; Tecles, Fernando; Rubio, Ca Report Nov 1, 2020 5661
Influence of Days in Milk and Parity on Milk and Blood Fatty Acid Concentrations, Blood Metabolites and Hormones in Early Lactation Holstein Cows. Van, Quynh Chau Dang; Knapp, Emilie; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Dufrasne, Isabelle Nov 1, 2020 9088
Mammary Cistern Size during the Dry Period in Healthy Dairy Cows: A Preliminary Study for an Ultrasonographic Evaluation. Bonelli, Francesca; Orsetti, Chiara; Turini, Luca; Meucci, Valentina; Pierattini, Alessio; Sgorbini, Report Nov 1, 2020 4970
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio Nov 1, 2020 8154
Changes in Fatty Acid and Volatile Compound Profiles during Storage of Smoked Cheese Made from the Milk of Native Polish Cow Breeds Raised in the Low Beskids. Dopieralska, Patrycja; Barlowska, Joanna; Teter, Anna; Krol, Jolanta; Brodziak, Aneta; Domaradzki, P Nov 1, 2020 10194
D-Lactate Increases Cytokine Production in Bovine Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes via MCT1 Uptake and the MAPK, PI3K/Akt, and NF[kappa]B Pathways. Manosalva, Carolina; Quiroga, John; Teuber, Stefanie; Cardenas, Sebastian; Carretta, Maria Daniella; Nov 1, 2020 9087
Role of the JAK-STAT Pathway in Bovine Mastitis and Milk Production. Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Khan, Adnan; Xiao, Jianxin; Ma, Yulin; Ma, Jiaying; Gao, Jian; Cao, Zhijun Nov 1, 2020 9773
Enhancing Drug Efficacy against Mastitis Pathogens--An In Vitro Pilot Study in Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Rajamanickam, Karthic; Yang, Jian; Chidambaram, Saravana Babu; Sakharkar, Meena Kishore Report Nov 1, 2020 7620
Effect of Heat Stress on Dairy Cow Performance and on Expression of Protein Metabolism Genes in Mammary Cells. Corazzin, Mirco; Sacca, Elena; Lippe, Giovanna; Romanzin, Alberto; Foletto, Vinicius; Da Borso, Fran Nov 1, 2020 7854
Molecular Typing and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profile of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Recovered from Bovine Mastitis and Nasal Samples. Santos, Renata P.; Souza, Fernando N.; Oliveira, Ana Claudia D.; de Souza Filho, Antonio F.; Aizawa, Nov 1, 2020 4269
Propylene Glycol and Maize Grain Supplementation Improve Fertility Parameters in Dairy Cows. Mikula, Robert; Pruszynska-Oszmalek, Ewa; Kolodziejski, Pawel Antoni; Nowak, Wlodzimierz Nov 1, 2020 6347
Environmental Factors and Genetic Parameters of Beef Traits in Fleckvieh Cattle Using Field and Station Testing. Filipcik, Radek; Falta, Daniel; Kopec, Tomas; Chladek, Gustav; VeCera, Milan; Reckova, Zuzana Nov 1, 2020 9990
Exploring the Diversity of Active Ureolytic Bacteria in the Rumen by Comparison of cDNA and gDNA. Liu, Sijia; Zheng, Nan; Zhao, Shengguo; Wang, Jiaqi Nov 1, 2020 5108
Twin Pregnancies in Dairy Cattle: Observations in a Large Herd of Holstein- Friesian Dairy Cows. Lopez-Gatius, Fernando; Garcia-Ispierto, Irina; Hunter, Ronald H.F. Nov 1, 2020 5287
The Effect of Frequency of Fresh Pasture Allocation on Pasture Utilisation and the Performance of High Yielding Dairy Cows. Pollock, Jessica G.; Gordon, Alan W.; Huson, Kathryn M.; McConnell, Deborah A. Nov 1, 2020 8272
Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns in Organic and Conventional Dairy Herds in Sweden. Sjostrom, Karin; Hickman, Rachel A.; Tepper, Viktoria; Antillon, Gabriela Olmos; Jarhult, Josef D.; Nov 1, 2020 10275
Big break that could get you on farming ladder; Dairy industry opportunity is a'chance to return the favour'. FARM&COUNTRY WITH ANDREW FORGRAVE 07900 227511 / Oct 29, 2020 490
Research into cow-with-calf milking data. NANCY NICOLSON Oct 22, 2020 331
Every defeat is still a scar on my heart, says Wenger. Oct 20, 2020 1198
My cow is producing very little milk. Oct 17, 2020 312
Applying a Mathematical Model to Compare, Choose, and Optimize the Management and Economics of Milking Parlors in Dairy Farms. Chiumenti, Alessandro; Borso, Francesco da; Chiumenti, Roberto; Kic, Pavel Oct 1, 2020 4587
Starch-Rich Diet Induced Rumen Acidosis and Hindgut Dysbiosis in Dairy Cows of Different Lactations. Neubauer, Viktoria; Petri, Renee M.; Humer, Elke; Kroger, Iris; Reisinger, Nicole; Baumgartner, Walt Oct 1, 2020 10606
Metabolomics Approach Explore Diagnostic Biomarkers and Metabolic Changes in Heat-Stressed Dairy Cows. Yue, Shuangming; Ding, Siyan; Zhou, Jia; Yang, Chao; Hu, Xiaofei; Zhao, Xiaonan; Wang, Zhisheng; Wan Oct 1, 2020 10145
Effects of Dietary Substitution of Alfalfa Silage with Virginia Fanpetals Silage in Lactating Polish Holstein Friesian Dairy Cows. Purwin, Cezary; Nogalski, Zenon; Starczewski, Maciej; Czurgiel, Sylwia; Fijalkowska, Maja; Momot, Ma Oct 1, 2020 10112
Should Dairy Cattle Be Trained to a Virtual Fence System as Individuals or in Groups? Colusso, Patricia I.; Clark, Cameron E.F.; Lomax, Sabrina Oct 1, 2020 10449
Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis: A Disease Burden on the Dairy Industry. Garvey, Mary Oct 1, 2020 6282
Silage Fermentation, Bacterial Community, and Aerobic Stability of Total Mixed Ration Containing Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Corn Stover Prepared with Different Additives. Zhang, Guangning; Fang, Xinpeng; Feng, Guanzhi; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen Oct 1, 2020 9672
Dynamic Changes in Antimicrobial Resistance in Fecal Escherichia coli from Neonatal Dairy Calves: An Individual Follow-Up Study. Oh, Sang-Ik; Ha, Seungmin; Roh, Jae-Hee; Hur, Tai-Young; Yoo, Jae Gyu Report Oct 1, 2020 5871
Organic Dairy Cattle: Do European Union Regulations Promote Animal Welfare? Duval, Eugenie; von Keyserlingk, Marina A.G.; Lecorps, Benjamin Oct 1, 2020 14833
Fecal Cortisol Metabolites in Dairy Cows: A Cross-Sectional Exploration of Associations with Animal, Stockperson, and Farm Characteristics. Ebinghaus, Asja; Knierim, Ute; Simantke, Christel; Palme, Rupert; Ivemeyer, Silvia Oct 1, 2020 9818
The Rumen Specific Bacteriome in Dry Dairy Cows and Its Possible Relationship with Phenotypes. Chuang, Shih-Te; Ho, Shang-Tse; Tu, Po-Wen; Li, Kuan-Yi; Kuo, Yu-Lun; Shiu, Jia-Shian; Wang, Sheng-Y Oct 1, 2020 6412
The Effect of Selected Factors on the Content of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Macro-Elements in Raw Milk from Holstein-Friesian and Simmental Cows and Acid Curd Cheese (Tvarog). Krol, Jolanta; Wawryniuk, Agnieszka; Brodziak, Aneta; Barlowska, Joanna; Kuczynska, Beata Oct 1, 2020 12595
Animal-Based Measurements to Assess the Welfare of Dairy Cull Cows during Pre-Slaughter. Romero, Marlyn H.; Rodriguez-Palomares, Magali; Sanchez, Jorge Alberto Oct 1, 2020 10691
Dihydropyridine Enhances the Antioxidant Capacities of Lactating Dairy Cows under Heat Stress Condition. Yu, Meng-Fei; Zhao, Xin-Mao; Cai, Hang; Yi, Jian-Ming; Hua, Guo-Hua Oct 1, 2020 7061
Targeting the Hindgut to Improve Health and Performance in Cattle. Sanz-Fernandez, M. Victoria; Daniel, Jean-Baptiste; Seymour, Dave J.; Kvidera, Sara K.; Bester, Zeno Oct 1, 2020 10270
Impact of Nutrients on the Hoof Health in Cattle. Langova, Lucie; Novotna, Ivana; Nemcova, Petra; Machacek, Miroslav; Havlicek, Zdenek; Zemanova, Moni Report Oct 1, 2020 14350
Outcomes from Experimental Testing of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) Administration during the Transition Period of Dairy Cows. Trimboli, Francesca; Ragusa, Monica; Piras, Cristian; Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Britti, Domenico Oct 1, 2020 8064
The Effect of Low-Temperature Crystallization of Fish Oil on the Chemical Composition, Fatty Acid Profile, and Functional Properties of Cow's Milk. Bodkowski, Robert; Czyz, Katarzyna; Sokola-Wysoczanska, Ewa; Janczak, Marzena; Cholewinska, Paulina; Report Oct 1, 2020 12445
The Impact of Ammoniation Treatment on the Chemical Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Rice Straw in Chinese Holsteins. Ma, Yulin; Chen, Xu; Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Xiao, Jianxin; Liu, Shuai; Wang, Jingjun; He, Zhiyuan; L Oct 1, 2020 7533
Relationship between Vitamin B12 and Cobalt Metabolism in Domestic Ruminant: An Update. Gonzalez-Montana, Jose-Ramiro; Escalera-Valente, Francisco; Alonso, Angel J.; Lomillos, Juan M.; Rob Oct 1, 2020 22849
Copper Supplementation, A Challenge in Cattle. Lopez-Alonso, Marta; Miranda, Marta Oct 1, 2020 12517
Intensified Use of Reproductive Technologies and Reduced Dimensions of Breeding Schemes Put Genetic Diversity at Risk in Dairy Cattle Breeds. Doublet, Anna-Charlotte; Restoux, Gwendal; Fritz, Sebastien; Balberini, Laura; Fayolle, Guillaume; H Oct 1, 2020 11977
Strategies for Feeding Unweaned Dairy Beef Cattle to Improve Their Health. Devant, Maria; Marti, Sonia Oct 1, 2020 12981
Animal Welfare Assessment: Can We Develop a Practical, Time-Limited Assessment Protocol for Pasture-Based Dairy Cows in New Zealand? Sapkota, Sujan; Laven, Richard; Muller, Kristina; Kells, Nikki Oct 1, 2020 9010
Using Lactic Acid Bacteria as Silage Inoculants or Direct-Fed Microbials to Improve In Vitro Degradability and Reduce Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows. Huyen, Nguyen Thi; Martinez, Ines; Pellikaan, Wilbert Oct 1, 2020 10396
Dear Agrimarketers. Becker, Cliff Oct 1, 2020 329
Trim dairy cow number to cut emissions: AHDB; Environment: Farm levy body says public need not reduce consumption. GEMMA MACKENZIE Sep 28, 2020 320
TH Group rolls out largest dairy cow project in Central Highlands. Sep 21, 2020 264
The Big Interview: Robert Graham, MD of Graham's The Family Dairy; Robert Graham, managing director, Graham's The Family Dairy, hopes that careful planning and targeted growth - plus plenty of tasty new offerings - will keep the business going for generations to come. Sep 21, 2020 1593
Yogurt firm to double staff as it whips up sales abroad. Sep 17, 2020 239
ANDREW CONNON. Sep 12, 2020 495
PRIME STOCK AUCTION. Sep 11, 2020 321
AUCTIONS ROUND-UP. Sep 4, 2020 775
Estimation of genetic parameters and trends for production traits of dairy cattle in Thailand using a multiple-trait multiple-lactation test day model. Buaban, Sayan; Puangdee, Somsook; Duangjinda, Monchai; Boonkum, Wuttigrai Sep 1, 2020 8217
Folic acid supplementation regulates key immunity-associated genes and pathways during the periparturient period in dairy cows. Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Zhang, Zhichao; Liu, Lei; Wang, Di; Mi, Siyuan; Liu, Xueqin; Liu, Gang; Guo, Sep 1, 2020 6542
Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Capacity of Chitosan Nanoparticles against Wild Type Strain of Pseudomonas sp. Isolated from Milk of Cows Diagnosed with Bovine Mastitis. Aguayo, Paula Rivera; Larenas, Tamara Bruna; Godoy, Carlos Alarcon; Rivas, Bernardita Cayupe; Gonzal Report Sep 1, 2020 7529
Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance of Maltose-Negative Staphylococcus aureus in South African Dairy Herds. Karzis, Joanne; Petzer, Inge-Marie; Donkin, Edward F.; Naidoo, Vinny; Etter, Eric M.C. Report Sep 1, 2020 7896
MiR-143 Regulates Milk Fat Synthesis by Targeting Smad3 in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells. Zhang, Li; Wu, Zhang-Qing; Wang, Yu-Juan; Wang, Meng; Yang, Wu-Cai Report Sep 1, 2020 3685
The Milk Microbiota of the Spanish Churra Sheep Breed: New Insights into the Complexity of the Milk Microbiome of Dairy Species. Esteban-Blanco, Cristina; Gutierrez-Gil, Beatriz; Marina, Hector; Pelayo, Rocio; Suarez-Vega, Aroa; Report Sep 1, 2020 5748
Impact of a Ration Negative in Dietary Cation-Anion Difference and Varying Calcium Supply Fed before Calving on Colostrum Quality of the Dams and Health Status and Growth Performance of the Calves. Rajaeerad, Abbas; Ghorbani, Gholam Reza; Khorvash, Mohammad; Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi, Ali; Mahdavi, Amir Report Sep 1, 2020 10938
Prepartum Fat Mobilization in Dairy Cows with Equal Body Condition and Its Impact on Health, Behavior, Milk Production and Fertility during Lactation. Rodriguez, Alfredo; Mellado, Ricardo; Bustamante, Hedie Report Sep 1, 2020 7081
Feeding Calves with Pasteurized Colostrum and Milk Has a Positive Long-Term Effect on Their Productive Performance. Armengol, Ramon; Fraile, Lorenzo Report Sep 1, 2020 7987
Claw Trimming as a Lameness Management Practice and the Association with Welfare and Production in Dairy Cows. Sadiq, Mohammed Babatunde; Ramanoon, Siti Zubaidah; Mansor, Rozaihan; Syed-Hussain, Sharifah Salmah; Report Sep 1, 2020 10247
Internal Teat Sealant Administered at Drying off Reduces Intramammary Infections during the Dry and Early Lactation Periods of Dairy Cows. Freu, Gustavo; Tomazi, Tiago; Monteiro, Camylla Pedrosa; Barcelos, Melina Melo Report Sep 1, 2020 9282
Effects of Propylene Glycol on Negative Energy Balance of Postpartum Dairy Cows. Zhang, Fan; Nan, Xuemei; Wang, Hui; Zhao, Yiguang; Guo, Yuming Report Sep 1, 2020 9700
Luteal Presence and Ovarian Response at the Beginning of a Timed Artificial Insemination Protocol for Lactating Dairy Cows Affect Fertility: A Meta-Analysis. Borchardt, Stefan; Pohl, Alina; Heuwieser, Wolfgang Report Sep 1, 2020 8158
Monitoring and Characteristics of Major Mastitis Pathogens from Bulk Tank Milk in Korea. Yun, Mun-Jo; Yoon, Sunghyun; Lee, Young Ju Report Sep 1, 2020 7079
The Effect of Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp. and Enterobacteriaceae on the Development of Whey Protein Levels and Oxidative Stress Markers in Cows with Diagnosed Mastitis. Puppel, Kamila; Kalinska, Aleksandra; Slosarz, Magdalena Kot Jan Report Sep 1, 2020 4512
Residual Feed Intake in Dairy Ewes: An Evidence of Intraflock Variability. Gonzalez-Garcia, Eliel; Santos, Joao Paulo Dos; Hassoun, Philippe Report Sep 1, 2020 6321
Congenital Malformations in a Holstein-Fresian Calf with a Unique Mosaic Karyotype: A Case Report. Uzar, Tomasz; Szczerbal, Izabela; Serwanska-Leja, Katarzyna; Gogulski, Maciej; Bugaj, Szymon; Switon Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 3320
Bacterial Load of the Teat Apex Skin and Associated Factors at Herd Level. Hohmann, Maria-Franziska; Wente, Nicole; Zhang, Yanchao; Kromker, Volker Report Sep 1, 2020 10732
Effect of GH p.L127V Polymorphism and Feeding Systems on Milk Production Traits and Fatty Acid Composition in Modicana Cows. Bordonaro, Salvatore; Tumino, Serena; Marletta, Donata; Angelis, Anna De; Paola, Fortunato Di; Avond Report Sep 1, 2020 6441
Evaluating the Suitability of Hazelnut Skin as a Feed Ingredient in the Diet of Dairy Cows. Renna, Manuela; Lussiana, Carola; Malfatto, Vanda; Gerbelle, Mathieu; Turille, Germano; Medana, Clau Report Sep 1, 2020 14188
Genetic Parameters of Different FTIR-Enabled Phenotyping Tools Derived from Milk Fatty Acid Profile for Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle. Bittante, Giovanni; Cipolat-Gotet, Claudio; Cecchinato, Alessio Report Sep 1, 2020 11489
Development of a Benchmarking Tool for Dairy Herd Management Using Routinely Collected Herd Records. Warner, Daniel; Vasseur, Elsa; Robichaud, Marianne Villettaz; Adam, Steve; Pellerin, Doris; Lefebvre Report Sep 1, 2020 5511
Genomic Evaluation of Primiparous High-Producing Dairy Cows: Inbreeding Effects on Genotypic and Phenotypic Production-Reproductive Traits. Gutierrez-Reinoso, Miguel A.; Aponte, Pedro Manuel; Cabezas, Joel; Rodriguez-Alvarez, Lleretny; Garc Sep 1, 2020 9595
Metabolic Profiling of Plasma in Different Calving Body Condition Score Cows Using an Untargeted Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Approach. Wang, Jian; Zhang, Chuang; Zhao, Qingyao; Li, Congcong; Jin, Shuang; Gu, Xianhong Report Sep 1, 2020 5525
Anti-Biofilm Effect of Tea Saponin on a Streptococcus agalactiae Strain Isolated from Bovine Mastitis. Shang, Fei; Wang, Hui; Xue, Ting Report Sep 1, 2020 3868
Genome-Wide Association Study towards Genomic Predictive Power for High Production and Quality of Milk in American Alpine Goats. Tilahun, Y.; Gipson, T.A.; Alexander, T.; McCallum, M.L.; Hoyt, P.R. Report Aug 31, 2020 5041
Prevalence, Etiology, and Risk Factors of Mastitis in Dairy Cattle in Embu and Kajiado Counties, Kenya. Mbindyo, Christine M.; Gitao, George C.; Mulei, Charles M. Aug 31, 2020 8850
Isolation and Identification of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from Milk in Shire Dairy Farms, Tigray, Ethiopia. Girmay, Weldemelak; Gugsa, Getachew; Taddele, Habtamu; Tsegaye, Yisehak; Awol, Nesibu; Ahmed, Meselu Aug 31, 2020 5731
Dairy farmers' chance to help battle M bovis; Study: Researchers want to measure prevalence. NANCY NICOLSON Clinical report Aug 25, 2020 330
A farmer bucking trends by taking on a dairy herd; Gordon Whiteford is moving into the industry as others leave. Gemma Mackenzie finds out more. Aug 22, 2020 691
Farmers get preview of new auction mart. Aug 19, 2020 286
Small ruminant sector targeted by PLF project; Research: TechCare scheme secures EU funding Professor Davy McCracken of SRUC offers an insight into work at the rural college's hill and mountain research centre. Aug 17, 2020 409
Fish farms generate 0.5 per cent of man-made climate emissions; Fish farming around the world generates around the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as the sheep industry, according to new international research. Ilona Amos Aug 13, 2020 513
Farm shop put on the market; Sale: Popular business on offer for nearly PS1m. GEMMA MACKENZIE Aug 11, 2020 288
Kenya Power to pay man Sh150,000 for electrocuted cow. Aug 11, 2020 285
Two charged at Kibera Court for assaulting a cow. Aug 9, 2020 283
Kano pastoral project to revive animal insemination. Aug 9, 2020 425
Future of Kenya's economy relies on agriculture. Aug 6, 2020 837
Relationship of dairy heifer reproduction with survival to first calving, milk yield and culling risk in the first lactation. Fodor, Istvan; Lang, Zsolt; Ozsvari, Laszlo Aug 1, 2020 6947
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A Review of Welfare Indicators of Indoor-Housed Dairy Cow as a Basis for Integrated Automatic Welfare Assessment Systems. Leliveld, Lisette M.C.; Provolo, Giorgio Aug 1, 2020 11259
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24 per cent rise in dairy margins; The increase comes despite surge in purchased feed costs. JAMES PUGH Jul 28, 2020 318
Classifying Milk Yield Using Deep Neural Network. Boga, Mustafa; Cevik, Kerim Kursat; Burgut, Aykut Report Jul 28, 2020 4438
Schools will be inhabitable on reopening, say principals. Jul 27, 2020 455
Effects of Feeding Management on Milk Yield and Composition Traits in Crossbred Jersey Cows. Atasever, Savas; Garipoglu, Ali Vaiz; Erdem, Huseyin Report Jul 23, 2020 4471
Triplet calves defy the odds at Allerston farm; A dairy cow at Carr House Farm, Allerston, has given birth to healthy triplet calves. Jul 21, 2020 205
PRIME STOCK. Jul 17, 2020 308
Kingdom's stores to welcome local fresh milk vendor soon. Jul 16, 2020 893
Scotland's dairy herds reduce by 17 in six months; Cattle: Producers hope for better price structure. NANCY NICOLSON Jul 16, 2020 318
Vet on call: Ignore washing cattle against ticks at your own peril. Jul 10, 2020 1166
Livestock. Jul 10, 2020 338
Animals remain at Wagner Farm during pandemic. Joe Lewnard Jul 2, 2020 595
Effects of Lonicera japonica extract on performance, blood biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress during perinatal period in dairy cows. Zhao, Yiguang; Tang, Zhiwen; Nan, Xuemei; Sun, Fuyu; Jiang, Linshu; Xiong, Benhai Jul 1, 2020 5211
Unburdened by refrigeration. Johnson, Dale Jul 1, 2020 202
Food Insecurity among Small-Scale Farmersin Poland. Poczta-Wajda, Agnieszka; Sapa, Agnieszka; Stepien, Sebastian; Borychowski, Michal Report Jul 1, 2020 12320
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Machine-Learning Techniques Can Enhance Dairy Cow Estrus Detection Using Location and Acceleration Data. Wang, Jun; Bell, Matt; Liu, Xiaohang; Liu, Gang Jul 1, 2020 8917
Diet Composition Affects Liver and Mammary Tissue Transcriptome in Primiparous Holstein Dairy Cows. Gao, Shengtao; Zhou, Zheng; Wang, Jiaqi; Loor, Juan; Bionaz, Massimo; Ma, Lu; Bu, Dengpan Jul 1, 2020 6109
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Lessons from top cattle breeder. Jun 26, 2020 1473
Extra time to star in show; Entry deadline extended for all classes in virtual agricultural showcase. GEMMA MACKENZIE FARMING EDITOR Jun 20, 2020 348
CATTLE MARTS. Jun 19, 2020 168
PRIMESTOCK. Jun 19, 2020 220
MP's 24 dairy cows die after consuming imported feed. Jun 13, 2020 186
Why grain-rich diet is not great for dairy cows. Jun 12, 2020 648
Obado gives out cows and bulls. Jun 8, 2020 227
I make my own dairy meal for more milk. Jun 5, 2020 706
Partial replacement of soybean meal by white lupine seeds in the diet of dairy cows. Joch, Miroslav; Kudrna, Vaclav Jun 1, 2020 6021
Detecting Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle Using Neck-Mounted Activity Collars. Davison, Christopher; Michie, Craig; Hamilton, Andrew; Tachtatzis, Christos; Andonovic, Ivan; Gilroy Jun 1, 2020 4581
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Virus or no virus, run a profitable dairy farm. May 30, 2020 986
Cabinet approves proposal to import 2500 dairy cattle. May 28, 2020 300
Vet on call: Trouble with running a mixed livestock farm. May 23, 2020 1118
I built my 13-cow farm and milk shop from single calf. May 23, 2020 808
I built my 13-cow farm and milk shop from single calf. May 22, 2020 781
Friend's mum was house keeper. May 20, 2020 244
Dairy farm's bid to exploit genomic testing for heifer calves. STAFF REPORTER May 19, 2020 464
FARMING TALK. May 18, 2020 190
Kipruto survives virus crisis through dairy farming. May 14, 2020 462
Nyeri to increase free AI services by 75 per cent. May 10, 2020 539
AN AMERICAN ARCADIA: Chapel Hill Creamery uses an old-fashioned, small-scale approach to handling its dairy COWS. Walls, Kathleen May 1, 2020 913
Experimental Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis Infection Model by Teat Dipping in Bacterial Culture Suspension in Dairy Cows. Dego, Oudessa Kerro; Pacha, Paulina A.; Gillespie, Barbara E.; Pighetti, Gina M. Report May 1, 2020 6587
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Competition Strategies of Metritic and Healthy Transition Cows. Foris, Borbala; von Keyserlingk, Marina A.G.; Weary, Daniel M. May 1, 2020 5963
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Can We Observe Expected Behaviors at Large and Individual Scales for Feed Efficiency-Related Traits Predicted Partly from Milk Mid-Infrared Spectra? Zhang, Lei; Gengler, Nicolas; Dehareng, Frederic; Colinet, Frederic; Froidmont, Eric; Soyeurt, Helen May 1, 2020 7337
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Maximising Lucerne (Medicago sativa) Pasture Intake of Dairy Cows: 2--The Effect of Post-Grazing Pasture Height and Mixed Ration Level. Ison, Kieran A.D.; Benvenutti, Marcelo A.; Mayer, David G.; Quigley, Simon; Barber, David G. May 1, 2020 10308
Effects of Aloe arborescens Whole Plant Homogenate on Lipid Metabolism, Inflammatory Conditions and Liver Function of Dairy Cows during the Transition Period. Mezzetti, Matteo; Minuti, Andrea; Bionaz, Massimo; Piccioli-Cappelli, Fiorenzo; Trevisi, Erminio May 1, 2020 8538
Antibiotic Consumption on Dairy and Beef Cattle Farms of Central Italy Based on Paper Registers. Ferroni, Laura; Lovito, Carmela; Scoccia, Eleonora; Dalmonte, Gastone; Sargenti, Marta; Pezzotti, Gi May 1, 2020 11977
HERITABILITY ESTIMATES OF SOME BODY MEASUREMENTS IN NILI RAVI BUFFALOES. R. H. Mirza, M. A. Khan, A. Waheed, M. Akhtar, S. M.Raihan-dilshad, Asim Faraz, H. M. Ishaq and Z. H Apr 24, 2020 5996
Got milk: 'There's no pause button' on cows. John Starks Apr 16, 2020 572
Got milk: 'There's no pause button' on cows Milk: Farms' costs remain because animals still need care and food. John Starks Apr 16, 2020 572
As pandemic drives down milk demand, dairy farmers face uncertain future. John Starks Apr 16, 2020 583
As pandemic drives down milk demand, dairy farmers face uncertain future. John Starks Apr 15, 2020 585
RamiA: We'll help returnees in Bijeljina region with spring and fall sowing. Apr 15, 2020 180
Influence of Natural Zeolites Supplemented with Inorganic Selenium on the Productive Performance of Dairy Cows. Marin, Monica Paula; Pogurschi, Elena Narcisa; Marin, Iuliana; Nicolae, Carmen Georgeta Report Apr 14, 2020 5360
Short Communication - Early Pregnancy Diagnosis using Pregnancy-Associated Glycoproteins in the Serum of Pregnant Ruminants. Khan, Doulat; Khan, Hamayun; Ahmad, Nazir; Tunio, Muhammad Tarique; Tahir, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Report Apr 14, 2020 2054
'It's worse now than the war' - farmer fears for the future. laura clements Reporter Apr 7, 2020 755
'Worse than the war' - future as he dum' - farmer fears for his 11,500l of fresh milk. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Apr 7, 2020 947
ASSOCIATION BETWEEN LINEAR TRAITS OF LEGS AND LONGEVITY OF UKRAINIAN BROWN DAIRY COWS. V. I. Ladyka, L. M. Khmelnychyi, S. L. Khmelnychyi, A. M. Salohub and V. V. Vechorka Apr 3, 2020 3352
Advances in Breeding of Dairy Cattle. Book review Apr 1, 2020 164
Antimicrobial Resistance in Farm Animals in Brazil: An Update Overview. Rabello, Renata F.; Bonelli, Raquel R.; Penna, Bruno A.; Albuquerque, Julia P.; Souza, Rossiane M.; Report Apr 1, 2020 25145

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