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Dairy Fresh to launch healthy ice cream in Canada.

Dairy Fresh Farms, an Ontario-based maker of regular and lactose reduced milk beverages, has announced that it plans to launch a "healthy" decadent ice cream. According to the company, the preliminary taste tests were completed in early December, and it will begin targeted taste tests in three major markets: Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, over the next four months. Dairy Fresh Farms plans to have the ice cream on the shelves of retailers by this summer.

Rob Harrison, President of Dairy Fresh Farms, stated: "We anticipate that the ice cream will be quickly accepted by the market as the best choice in terms of its rich taste, choice of flavors, and mouth watering ingredients, as well as being the one and only healthy ice cream with virtually no saturated fat. Having been personally responsible for the successful launch of other leading brands in Canada, such as Ben & Jerry's, I believe the market has been awaiting a healthy ice cream that offers no compromise in terms of taste and feel. That is exactly what our dairy technology has been able to achieve."

The Dairy Fresh process takes regular whole milk and skims off the saturated fat. It then adds 1% naturally sourced monounsaturated fat from GMO Free canola oil, along with four other all natural ingredients, to produce a milk beverage that is nutritionally equivalent to 2% regular milk, but additional health benefits. Canola oil was chosen as the fat substitute because it contains a very low level of saturated fatty acids while adding a relatively high level of monounsaturated and Omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E and K, all without compromising the taste.

Dairy Fresh also notes canola oil complements the mouth feel of a much higher fat level milk product without adding cholesterol to the drinker's diet. Dairy Fresh milk has been available for purchase since January 2005 in approximately 205 Safeway stores located throughout Western Canada, and has targeted a full national expansion through most major retailers by the coming summer.
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Date:Feb 20, 2006
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