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Daily Wellness Company Unveils FertilityBlend Optimization System at 60th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- The Daily Wellness Company presents its innovative new FertilityBlend(TM) Optimization System at the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), October 16-20, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A non-profit organization, the ASRM is nationally and internationally recognized as the leader for multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of reproductive medicine.

The first of its kind, FertilityBlend(TM) Optimization System is an all-in-one first-line approach developed in collaboration with leading physicians at Stanford University School of Medicine to help couples enhance their chances for conception. The System will be on exhibit in ASRM Booth Number 1013, where experts will be on hand to explain how the system works, answer questions, and discuss their significant research in reproductive health for men and women.

The FertilityBlend(TM) Optimization System contains a three month supply of FertilityBlend(TM) for Women, a clinically validated nutritional supplement that helps support fertility health by enhancing hormonal and menstrual cycle balance; a three month supply of FertilityBlend(TM) for Men, a scientifically validated nutritional blend that enhances sperm count, motility, and quality; instructions on how to track basal body temperature (BBT thermometer and charts included) to help determine exact ovulation date; a kit with five ovulation predictor tests to optimize conception timing; and a set of three home pregnancy tests to confirm pregnancy. Fertility Advisor, Dr. Aileen Trant, explains how to use Basal Temperature Charts, Ovulation Predictor Tests and home pregnancy tests in a detailed booklet and instructional DVD, also included.

"This FertilityBlend(TM) System combines everything in one package," says Mary Lake Polan, M.D., MPH, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of OB-Gyn at Stanford University School of Medicine(b), and co-author of the scientific study on FertilityBlend(TM). "I would term this System one-stop shopping," Dr. Polan ends.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled study on FertilityBlend(TM) offers surprising results and an interesting alternative for women. The pilot study was published in the April 2004 issue of the peer-reviewed, Journal of Reproductive Medicine (Volume 49, Issue 4). Conducted with investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the study found a statistically significant increase in pregnancy rate, following nutritional supplementation with FertilityBlend(TM), as well as improvement in women's mid-luteal phase progesterone levels, and basal body temperatures. "I think that FertilityBlend(TM) provides another alternative for therapy. It's very good for people who don't want to take medication, or undergo invasive procedures, and it has data behind it," says Dr. Polan.

Thirty (30) women, age 24-46 years, who had tried unsuccessfully to conceive for six to 36 months completed the study. After five months, five of the 15 women in the supplement group were pregnant (33%), and none of the 15 women in the placebo group were pregnant (statistically significant at p (less than) 0.01). Measurements performed at 3 months showed the supplement group (N=15) with a significant increase in the average number of days in cycle with basal temperatures over 37(degrees)C (98(degrees)F) during luteal phase (6.8 to 9.7 days, p=0.04) and, a trend toward an increase in mean mid-luteal phase progesterone level (from 8.2 to 12.8 ng/ml, p=0.08). The placebo group (N=15) did not show any notable changes after treatment, in any of the parameters studied. No significant side effects were noted.

The FertilityBlend(TM) pilot study has been expanded to a larger study and nearly 100 have enrolled in the FertilityBlend(TM) Women's study so far. "We are seeing a consistent trend of improved pregnancy rate using FertilityBlend(TM) in the expanded study," says Dr. Lynn Westphal, Assistant Professor of OB-Gyn, Stanford University School of Medicine and co-author of the FertilityBlend(TM) study. "It's too early to reveal the data, but we are happy to see the percentages holding," Dr. Westphal ends.

In a similar 3 month study of FertilityBlend(TM) for Men, sperm counts increased by 55 percent and motility increased by 34 percent. Linearity was also significantly enhanced in the treatment group. The placebo group did not show any significant changes. "We're finding in our preliminary results, that the sperm motility and concentration is improving, and supplementation with L-Carnitine (along with the other nutrients in FertilityBlend) seems to be beneficial for men with low sperm count," says Dr. Westphal.

"It's as simple as taking a daily vitamin," claims 42-year old study participant, Laura Murphy, who after nearly two years of trying to get pregnant was told by her doctor that her hormone levels suggested she was simply too old to conceive. "We always wanted kids and were devastated when it wasn't happening. We didn't want to do the invasive procedures, and it simply seemed too good to be true when I got pregnant, not once, but twice using the FertilityBlend(TM)!" exclaims Laura.

"This is not a drug," states Dr. Aileen Trant, Director of Research and Development, Daily Wellness Company, and co-author of the FertilityBlend(TM) study. "It's a supplement sold over the counter that enhances hormone balance in your body, and only changes things that need to be changed," explains Dr. Trant. "So, essentially it very subtly and naturally rebalances your hormones."

Another study participant, Natasha Wilson, faced major reproductive roadblocks as she had been diagnosed with PCOS, a disease whereby most of the time, the woman does not ovulate. If she does, her eggs are not released and as a result, they turn into cysts on her ovary. "Even though I had gotten used to the fact that I had this medical condition, it was very depressing and shocking to hear my doctor predict that I would not be able to have a baby without major medical procedures, and even then, my chances were low," explains 33-year-old Natasha. After reading an article on the Stanford FertilityBlend(TM) study in her local newspaper, Natasha decided she had nothing to lose and everything to gain. "For the first time in my life, my cycle miraculously regulated and my hormone levels crawled into the normal range, and six months later I was pregnant!" exclaims Natasha.

FertilityBlend(TM) for Women ingredients includes: Vitex agnus-castus (chasteberry herb) that supports good hormone balance and normal ovulation. The Antioxidants: green tea, vitamin E, and selenium help maintain overall reproductive system health. The amino acid, L-arginine, helps maintain healthy uterine lining, Vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, iron, magnesium and zinc also help support fertility health, and Folic acid may reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects when consumed as part of a healthy diet, before and during pregnancy(a).

FertilityBlend(TM) for Men enhances sperm quality and quantity. Ingredients include: L-Carnitine: an amino acid that has been shown to help produce healthy, active sperm; Ferulic acid: an antioxidant found in Dong quai, that has also been shown to help maintain good sperm quality; the Antioxidants: vitamins C and E, green tea and selenium which enhance overall reproductive system health. Zinc and B vitamins (B6, B12 and folate) are nutrients that help maintain proper male hormone metabolism, sperm formation and motility(a).

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent 6,497,885 to the Daily Wellness Company for FertilityBlend(TM) covering both "Method and Compositions Improving Fertility Health in Female and Male Animals and Humans." FertilityBlend(TM) Optimization System is available now on our web site at, or by calling 1-866-BabyToB at an introductory price of $289.99 (normally $350). They will also be at select GNC stores within the next month.

Interviews with medical experts and FertilityBlend(TM) study participants are available.

(a) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

(b) Dr. Mary Lake Polan is a member of Daily Wellness Company's Scientific Advisory Board.
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