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Daily Record against drugs: Kids join 'No No' gang.

CHILDREN in Scotland have come up with their own comic to prevent youngsters taking drugs.

No No Kids is a sequel to a series called the No No Squad unveiled in 1987 by Princess Diana.

Devised by Scots schoolchildren, the story follows a group of kids, led by sensible John Roland, who play games, draw and sing instead of taking drugs.

The comic was launched yesterday by Scotland Against Drugs director Alistair Ramsay at St Martins Primary School in Castlemilk, Glasgow.

It's backed by the Glasgow Association of Family Support Groups.


Donations to our fighting fund should be sent to - Daily Record Anti Drugs Campaign, PO Box 3957, Glasgow G51 2YN. Or at any Royal Bank of Scotland. Acc No 00787145. Sort Code: 83 44 00
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 25, 2001
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